Remove unneeded linux-gnueabi*
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / Makefile
2013-02-26 Tzafrir CohenRemove unneeded linux-gnueabi*
2013-01-18 David M. LeeUp the minimum OS X version to 10.6.
2013-01-18 David M. LeeSpecify the -rpath linker flag when prefix != /usr.
2013-01-11 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378915,378918 via svnmerge from
2013-01-11 David M. LeeAdd JSON API for Asterisk.
2012-12-17 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378072,378074 via svnmerge from
2012-12-17 Jason ParkerMake symlink use a relative path.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd automerge property back after conflict.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd UUID support to Asterisk.
2012-10-14 Andrew LathamTitle update
2012-09-13 David M. LeeFixed make clean when configured --disable-asteriskssl
2012-09-12 David M. LeeFixed r372696 when configured --disable-asteriskssl...
2012-09-08 David M. LeeAdd OPENSSL_INCLUDE to the CFLAGS for ssl.c and tcptls.c.
2012-07-25 Kevin P. FlemingRepair editline builds using in-tree editline sources.
2012-07-25 Kevin P. FlemingUse an absolute path when referring to the embedded...
2012-07-25 Kevin P. FlemingEnable usage of system-provided NetBSD editline library...
2012-06-25 Mark MichelsonMultiple revisions 369323-369324
2012-06-14 Mark MichelsonRevert Makefile change to remove embedding
2012-06-13 Mark MichelsonRemove forced linking of res_adsi.o
2012-01-30 Kevin P. FlemingAddress OpenSSL initialization issues when using third...
2011-09-19 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 336734 via svnmerge from
2011-08-03 Kinsey MooreMerged revisions 330763 via svnmerge from
2011-07-11 Tzafrir CohenMerged revisions 327411 via svnmerge from
2011-07-06 Terry WilsonReplace Berkeley DB with SQLite 3
2010-12-18 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 298960 via svnmerge from
2010-08-15 Tzafrir CohenSupport for GNU/kFreeBSD
2010-08-02 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 280628 via svnmerge from
2010-08-02 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 280624 via svnmerge from
2010-07-16 Tilghman LesherFix build on FreeBSD
2010-07-15 Tilghman LesherFix linking asterisk on CentOS 5, which is using gcc...
2010-07-14 Tilghman LesherRemove the old stub files, preferring the optional_api...
2010-06-02 Russell BryantEnsure the -Wno-strict-aliasing flag makes it, even...
2010-04-02 Kevin P. FlemingAllow symbol export filtering to work properly on platf...
2010-03-23 Kevin P. FlemingChange per-file debug and verbose levels to be per...
2010-03-08 Tilghman LesherChange needed to make Mac OS X 10.6 happy
2010-02-08 Tilghman LesherActually use _ASTLDFLAGS in the main/ and channels...
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242969 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242852 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242728 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242683 via svnmerge from
2010-01-13 Tilghman LesherCode previously added to ast_expr2f.c warranted a chang...
2009-11-03 Jason ParkerFix some build issues on Solaris.
2009-09-02 Tilghman LesherClose up to the soft open file limit (same on Linux...
2009-08-01 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 209759 via svnmerge from
2009-07-21 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 207647 via svnmerge from
2009-06-15 Kevin P. FlemingRedesigned 'optional API' support.
2009-06-01 Eliel C. SardanonsDo not add say.o in a separate line.
2009-05-31 Eliel C. SardanonsFilter the say.o object, it is being added later.
2009-05-29 Eliel C. SardanonsSimplify the Makefile and avoid needing to specify...
2009-04-24 Russell BryantConvert the ast_channel data structure over to the...
2009-04-09 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 187300-187301 via svnmerge from
2009-04-02 Joshua ColpMerge in the RTP engine API.
2009-03-18 Russell BryantMerged revisions 182810 via svnmerge from
2009-03-18 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 182808 via svnmerge from
2009-03-05 Joshua ColpMerge phase 1 support for the new bridging architecture.
2009-02-19 Steve MurphyMerged revisions 177540 via svnmerge from
2009-02-17 Russell BryantAdd an implementation of the heap data structure.
2008-12-13 Tilghman LesherMerge ast_str_opaque branch (discontinue usage of ast_s...
2008-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingwe can now build with -Wformat=2, which found a couple...
2008-11-10 Eliel C. SardanonsMove all the XML documentation API from pbx.c to xmldoc.c.
2008-11-04 Sean BrightFix build errors.
2008-11-01 Russell BryantMerge changes from team/group/appdocsxml
2008-09-27 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 144924-144925 via svnmerge from
2008-08-05 Kevin P. Flemingmake datastore creation and destruction a generic API...
2008-08-03 Sean BrightMerge in changes that allow Asterisk to be built agains...
2008-07-28 Mark MichelsonThis commit compensates for buggy poll(2)
2008-07-21 Russell BryantRemove libresample from the Asterisk source tree. ...
2008-07-18 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 131921 via svnmerge from
2008-06-25 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 125132 via svnmerge from
2008-06-12 Kevin P. Flemingadd infrastructure so that timing source can be a loada...
2008-05-14 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 116352 via svnmerge from
2008-05-03 Dwayne M. HubbardA taskprocessor is an object that has a name, a task...
2008-04-04 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 112711 via svnmerge from
2008-03-17 Terry WilsonReplace minimime with superior GMime library so that...
2008-03-11 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 107408 via svnmerge from
2008-03-11 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 107352 via svnmerge from
2008-02-28 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 104868 via svnmerge from
2008-01-29 Russell BryantMerged revisions 100932 via svnmerge from
2008-01-23 Jason ParkerMove code from res_features into (new file) main/features.c
2008-01-18 Russell BryantMerge changes from team/group/sip-tcptls
2008-01-10 Steve MurphyMerged revisions 97849 via svnmerge from
2008-01-05 Russell BryantNow that the version.h file was getting properly regene...
2008-01-02 Russell BryantFor some odd reason, the last set of libresample build...
2008-01-02 Kevin P. Fleminggo back to including libresample in the main Asterisk...
2008-01-02 Russell BryantInstead of linking libresample into the main Asterisk...
2007-12-31 Russell BryantMerge changes from team/russell/codec_resample
2007-12-04 Russell BryantFix a silly little typo :)
2007-12-04 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 90735 via svnmerge from
2007-11-20 Luigi Rizzoinitial makefile changes to build loadable modules...
2007-11-17 Luigi Rizzoconditional targets for building the windows version
2007-11-17 Luigi Rizzomore cygwin/mingw32 compatibility fixes
2007-11-17 Luigi Rizzouse poll as detected by configure
2007-11-09 Steve MurphyThis is the perhaps the biggest, boldest, most daring...
2007-11-05 Luigi RizzoMove the last instance of AST_LIBS to the only place...
2007-10-23 Steve MurphyMerged revisions 86881 via svnmerge from
2007-08-29 Russell BryantMerged revisions 81342 via svnmerge from
2007-08-22 Russell BryantMerged revisions 80362 via svnmerge from
2007-08-08 Joshua ColpMerge audiohooks branch into trunk. This is a new API...
2007-07-02 Steve MurphyMerged revisions 72933 via svnmerge from
2007-06-29 Luigi RizzoMake sure that we properly recurse in subdirectories to