core: fix getopt(3) usage
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / asterisk.c
2018-03-26 Guido Falsicore: fix getopt(3) usage
2018-03-20 Jenkins2Merge "channel.c: Allow generic plc then channel forma...
2018-03-20 Jenkins2Merge "core: Minor cleanup of ast_el_read_char."
2018-03-19 George Josephchannel.c: Allow generic plc then channel formats...
2018-03-17 Corey Farrellcore: Minor cleanup of ast_el_read_char.
2018-03-14 Corey Farrellloader: Convert reload_classes to built-in modules.
2018-03-13 Corey Farrellcore: Remove non-critical cleanup from startup aborts.
2018-02-28 Richard Mudgettpjproject: Add cache_pools debugging option.
2018-02-14 Jenkins2Merge "main/asterisk.c: Remove silly usage of RAII_VAR."
2018-02-13 Corey Farrellmain/asterisk.c: Remove silly usage of RAII_VAR.
2018-02-12 Corey Farrellcore: Remove embedded editline.
2018-01-29 Jenkins2Merge "core: Fix unused variable error in handle_show_s...
2018-01-27 Alexander Traudcore: Fix unused variable error in handle_show_sysinfo.
2018-01-26 Corey Farrellcore: Tweak startup order.
2017-12-20 Corey Farrellcore: Fix unused variable error in handle_show_sysinfo.
2017-12-19 Corey FarrellCLI: Address multiple issues.
2017-12-18 George JosephMerge "CLI: Remove special handling of 'core set verbos...
2017-12-13 Corey FarrellCLI: Remove special handling of 'core set verbose'...
2017-12-12 Corey FarrellCLI: Fix 'core show sysinfo' function ordering.
2017-12-08 Sean Brightutils: Add convenience function for setting fd flags
2017-12-06 Corey Farrellsounds_index: Avoid repeatedly reindexing.
2017-11-27 Corey FarrellCLI: Remove compatibility code.
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Finish conversion of completion handling to vectors.
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Refactor cli_complete.
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Rewrite ast_el_strtoarr to use vector's internally.
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Refactor ast_cli_display_match_list.
2017-11-14 Joshua ColpMerge "core: Fix configuration of remote console socket...
2017-11-14 Joshua ColpMerge "core: Use ast_alertpipe for Asterisk signal...
2017-11-13 Corey Farrellcore: Use ast_alertpipe for Asterisk signal monitoring...
2017-11-13 Corey Farrellcore: Fix configuration of remote console socket path.
2017-11-11 Richard Mudgettcore: Add cache_media_frames debugging option.
2017-11-10 Corey Farrellcore: Remove disabled code.
2017-08-30 Corey FarrellAST-2017-006: Fix app_minivm application MinivmNotify...
2017-08-01 Corey FarrellFix compiler warnings on Fedora 26 / GCC 7.
2017-07-26 Jenkins2Merge "Core: Add support for systemd socket activation."
2017-07-12 Joshua ColpMerge "Avoid setting maxfiles for a remote asterisk"
2017-07-11 Tzafrir CohenAvoid setting maxfiles for a remote asterisk
2017-07-05 Sean Brightcore: Remove 'Data Retrieval API'
2017-06-19 Corey FarrellCore: Add support for systemd socket activation.
2017-04-12 George Josephmodules: change module LOAD_FAILUREs to LOAD_DECLINES
2017-03-22 Kevin Harwellrtp_engine: allocate RTP dynamic payloads per session
2017-01-24 Richard MudgettPJPROJECT logging: Fix detection of max supported log...
2016-11-30 Richard MudgettPJPROJECT logging: Made easier to get available logging...
2016-11-26 Michael Kuronchan_sip: Fix segfault during module unload
2016-11-14 George Josephcli: Fix ast_el_read_char to work with libedit >= 3.1
2016-11-02 Alexander Traudrtp_engine: Allow more than 32 dynamic payload types.
2016-10-28 Corey FarrellFix shutdown crash caused by modules being left open.
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2016-09-29 Corey Farrellcore: Remove ABI effects of LOW_MEMORY.
2016-09-21 Joshua ColpMerge "logger: Always enable verbose for console channel."
2016-09-21 zuulMerge "core: Fix LOW_MEMORY missing symbol ast_pbx_uuid...
2016-09-21 zuulMerge "asterisk.c: Non-root users also get the astcanar...
2016-09-20 Corey Farrellcore: Fix LOW_MEMORY missing symbol ast_pbx_uuid_get.
2016-09-20 Corey Farrelllogger: Always enable verbose for console channel.
2016-09-20 zuulMerge "sd_notify (systemd status notifications) support"
2016-09-19 zuulMerge "Fix showing of swap details when sysinfo() is...
2016-09-19 Walter Doekesasterisk.c: Non-root users also get the astcanary after...
2016-09-19 Walter Doekesasterisk.c: When astcanary dies on linux, reset priorit...
2016-09-15 Tzafrir Cohensd_notify (systemd status notifications) support
2016-09-15 Timo TeräsFix showing of swap details when sysinfo() is available
2016-08-15 Alexei Gradinaricore: Entity ID is not set or invalid
2016-08-12 Corey FarrellRun mandatory cleanup when startup fails.
2016-08-03 Corey FarrellAdd missing checks during startup.
2016-07-23 George Josephasterisk.c: Add auto generation and persistence of...
2016-06-10 Alexander Traudcore: Not the configured but granted number of possible...
2016-06-02 Niklas Larssoncore/manager: Add uptime field to FullyBooted
2016-05-15 Matt Jordanlogger: Support JSON logging with Verbose messages
2016-04-08 George Josephlock: Add named lock capability
2016-03-24 Mark MichelsonRestrict CLI/AMI commands on shutdown.
2016-03-01 George Josephbuild-system: Allow building with static pjproject
2016-01-20 Diederik de Grootmain/asterisk.c: ast_el_read_char
2016-01-06 Joshua ColpMerge topic 'pbx-split'
2016-01-05 Matt JordanMerge "main/pbx: Move variable routines to pbx_variable...
2016-01-05 Corey Farrellmain/pbx: Move hangup handler routines to pbx_hangup_ha...
2016-01-05 Corey Farrellmain/pbx: Move dialplan application management routines...
2016-01-05 Corey Farrellmain/pbx: Move switch routines to pbx_switch.c.
2016-01-04 Corey Farrellmain/pbx: Move variable routines to pbx_variables.c.
2016-01-01 Corey Farrellmain/pbx: Move custom function routines to pbx_functions.c.
2016-01-01 Rodrigo Ramírez... Happy new year 2016.
2015-12-31 George Josephmain/pbx: Move pbx_builtin dialplan applications to...
2015-11-25 Walter Doekesmain: Slight refactor of main. Improve color situation.
2015-11-04 Corey FarrellFix cli display of build options.
2015-07-13 Matthew Jordanmedia cache: Add a core API and facade for a backend...
2015-07-08 Ashley SandersDNS: Create a system-level DNS resolver
2015-05-12 Corey FarrellAllow command-line options to override asterisk.conf.
2015-05-12 Corey FarrellFix processing of asterisk.conf debug=yes.
2015-05-03 Rodrigo Ramírez... main/asterisk.c: Update Asterisk copyright year
2015-05-01 Corey FarrellAstobj2: Fix initialization order of refdebug and AO2_D...
2015-04-27 Corey FarrellAstobj2: Allow reference debugging to be enabled/disabl...
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2015-04-09 George Josephloader/main: Don't set ast_fully_booted until deferred...
2015-03-26 Corey FarrellReplace most uses of ast_register_atexit with ast_regis...
2015-03-22 Matthew JordanFix compilation issues for OpenBSD
2015-03-17 Scott GriepentrogVarious: bugfixes found via chaos
2015-02-21 Corey Farrellmain/asterisk.c: Reverse #if statement in listener...
2015-02-11 Richard MudgettHTTP: Stop accepting requests on final system shutdown.
2015-01-26 David M. LeeVarious fixes for OS X
2014-12-22 Richard Mudgettqueue_log: Post QUEUESTART entry when Asterisk fully...
2014-12-09 Scott Griepentrogcore: avoid possible asterisk -r crash from long id
2014-07-20 Matthew Jordanmedia formats: re-architect handling of media for perfo...