oops.. Fix the logic of the last commit.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / asterisk.c
2007-05-11 Jason Parkeroops.. Fix the logic of the last commit.
2007-05-11 Jason ParkerBetter fallback method for autosystemname.
2007-05-11 Jason ParkerAdd autosystemname setting to asterisk.conf
2007-04-30 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 62369 via svnmerge from
2007-04-28 Russell BryantMerge changes from team/russell/events
2007-04-11 Dwayne M. Hubbardfixed the '-e' command line option for minmemfree....
2007-04-11 Dwayne M. Hubbardchanged #if HAVE_SYSINFO to #if defined(HAVE_SYSINFO)
2007-04-11 Dwayne M. Hubbardadded HAVE_SYSINFO preprocessor directives for portabil...
2007-04-11 Dwayne M. Hubbardadded option_minmemfree for use in asterisk.conf to...
2007-04-09 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 60850 via svnmerge from
2007-03-11 Kevin P. Fleminggrammatical errors are bad, mmmkay?
2007-03-11 Jason ParkerAdd CLI command "marko show birthday" to show "birthday...
2007-02-26 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 56783 via svnmerge from
2007-02-26 Russell BryantRemove redundant check to ensure that LOW_MEMORY is...
2007-02-23 Russell BryantMerged revisions 56505 via svnmerge from
2007-02-16 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 54886 via svnmerge from
2007-02-14 Olle JohanssonShow version in "core show settings"
2007-02-14 Olle JohanssonNew CLI command "Core show settings" to list some core...
2007-02-13 Russell BryantUse spaces instead of tabs in the help text for a CLI...
2007-02-13 Russell BryantSimplify WELCOME_MESSAGE to be a single function call...
2007-02-13 Russell Bryant- Constify the format string passed to ast_cli()
2007-02-01 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 53072 via svnmerge from
2007-01-30 Russell BryantMerged revisions 52904 via svnmerge from
2007-01-23 Joshua ColpCosmetic changes. Make main source files better conform...
2007-01-19 Russell BryantMerged revisions 51302 via svnmerge from
2007-01-04 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 49553 via svnmerge from
2006-12-27 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 49006 via svnmerge from
2006-12-27 Kevin P. Flemingapparently we need an explicit message to warn people
2006-12-27 Kevin P. Flemingmake the 'languageprefix' option default to on, and...
2006-12-27 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 48998 via svnmerge from
2006-12-06 Russell BryantConstify a bunch of the usage strings for CLI commands.
2006-11-22 Joshua ColpAdd support to set the maximum number of files open...
2006-11-09 Russell BryantMerged revisions 47352 via svnmerge from
2006-11-07 Luigi Rizzofix "core show profile" parsing.
2006-11-04 Russell BryantMerged revisions 47195 via svnmerge from
2006-11-02 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 47051 via svnmerge from
2006-10-30 Olle JohanssonIssue 8246 Doxygen updates (kshumard)
2006-10-29 Olle JohanssonSmall formatting changes
2006-10-27 Russell BryantMerged revisions 46363 via svnmerge from
2006-10-18 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 45595 via svnmerge from
2006-10-04 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 44378 via svnmerge from
2006-10-04 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 44322 via svnmerge from
2006-10-02 Kevin P. Flemingclean up formatting and conformance to code guidelines
2006-10-02 Mark SpencerUhm yah, not sure who committed this into trunk......
2006-09-29 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 44053 via svnmerge from
2006-09-27 Joshua ColpAdd ability to set high ToS bits as non-root on Linux...
2006-09-26 Russell BryantMerged revisions 43710 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherRemove deprecated CLI apps from the core
2006-09-19 Matt O'Gormansimilar patch for verbose vs debug with minor changes
2006-09-18 Kevin P. Flemingalways use fork() when available
2006-09-18 Kevin P. Flemingmerge qwell's CLI verbification work
2006-09-16 Kevin P. Flemingmerge markster's usersconf branch with some slight...
2006-08-25 Russell BryantIdentify what the columns mean in the output of "show...
2006-08-22 Jason ParkerSolaris didn't like this.
2006-08-21 Kevin P. Flemingrestore 'preload' functionality in loader
2006-08-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse a customized configure macro to tell the script...
2006-08-21 Kevin P. Flemingmerge new_loader_completion branch, including (at least):