Perform the initial renaming of the Bridging API
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / bridging_basic.c
2013-07-24 Matthew JordanPerform the initial renaming of the Bridging API
2013-07-23 Jonathan Rosefunc_channel: dtmf_features setting
2013-07-23 Mark MichelsonMake DTMF attended transfer support feature-complete.
2013-07-12 Mark MichelsonPrevent potential race condition in multiparty basic...
2013-06-18 Richard MudgettRemove stub comment on function that is not a stub.
2013-06-17 Matthew JordanUpdate Asterisk's CDRs for the new bridging framework
2013-06-05 Mark MichelsonRemove remaining traces of remove_on_pull from hooks...
2013-05-21 Richard MudgettMerge in the bridge_construction branch to make the...