Merged revisions 321211 via svnmerge from
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / features.c
2011-05-27 Alec L DavisMerged revisions 321211 via svnmerge from
2011-05-25 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 320823 via svnmerge from
2011-05-25 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 320796 via svnmerge from
2011-05-20 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 320059 via svnmerge from
2011-05-20 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 320057 via svnmerge from
2011-05-20 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 320007 via svnmerge from
2011-05-20 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 319997 via svnmerge from
2011-05-19 Jonathan RoseMerged revisions 319866 via svnmerge from
2011-05-13 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 318868 via svnmerge from
2011-05-12 Alec L DavisMerged revisions 318671 via svnmerge from
2011-05-09 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 318282 via svnmerge from
2011-05-09 Jonathan RoseMinor change to 318141 to improve parsing behavior.
2011-05-09 Jonathan RoseAllows ParkedCall application to specify a parkinglot.
2011-05-03 Russell BryantMerged revisions 316265 via svnmerge from
2011-04-26 Terry WilsonMerged revisions 315644 via svnmerge from
2011-04-07 Jonathan RoseMerged revisions 313048 via svnmerge from
2011-03-16 Terry WilsonMerged revisions 310902 via svnmerge from
2011-02-09 Jeff PeelerAllow parkedmusicclass to be settable for non-default...
2011-02-09 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 307228 via svnmerge from
2011-02-07 Richard MudgettPass a MCID request to the bridged channel.
2011-02-07 Terry WilsonMerged revisions 306674 via svnmerge from
2011-02-04 Paul BelangerReplace ast_log(LOG_DEBUG, ...) with ast_debug()
2011-02-03 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 306124 via svnmerge from
2011-02-03 David VosselAsterisk media architecture conversion - no more format...
2011-01-26 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 304339 via svnmerge from
2011-01-25 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 304007 via svnmerge from
2011-01-24 Russell BryantMerged revisions 303549 via svnmerge from
2011-01-20 Shaun RuffellMerged revisions 303107 via svnmerge from
2011-01-19 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 302713 via svnmerge from
2011-01-19 Sean BrightMerged revisions 302552 via svnmerge from
2011-01-18 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 302318 via svnmerge from
2011-01-18 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 302174 via svnmerge from
2011-01-03 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 300166 via svnmerge from
2010-12-20 Leif MadsenMerged revisions 299088 via svnmerge from
2010-12-09 Terry WilsonMerged revisions 297952 via svnmerge from
2010-09-29 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 289340 via svnmerge from
2010-09-21 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 287897 via svnmerge from
2010-09-15 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 287020 via svnmerge from
2010-09-15 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 286931 via svnmerge from
2010-09-13 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 286558 via svnmerge from
2010-09-13 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 286528 via svnmerge from
2010-09-11 Olle JohanssonWhitespace cleanup and reformatting with { and }
2010-09-07 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 285371 via svnmerge from
2010-09-02 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 284597 via svnmerge from
2010-07-21 Russell BryantUpdate documentation for 'comebacktoorigin' in featuers...
2010-07-20 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 278167 via svnmerge from
2010-07-19 Jean GalarneauMerged revisions 277906 via svnmerge from
2010-07-16 Tim RingenbachMerged revisions 277625 via svnmerge from
2010-07-14 Richard Mudgettast_callerid restructuring
2010-07-13 Russell BryantMerged revisions 276123 via svnmerge from
2010-07-13 Russell BryantMerged revisions 275994 via svnmerge from
2010-07-09 Russell BryantFix some issues related to dynamic feature groups in...
2010-07-09 Russell BryantAdd missing ao2_iterator_destroy().
2010-07-09 Tilghman LesherKill some startup warnings and errors and make some...
2010-06-22 David Vosselfixes attended transfer behavior when both transferee...
2010-06-08 Leif MadsenFix some doxygen warnings.
2010-06-02 Richard MudgettGeneric Advice of Charge.
2010-05-17 Mark MichelsonEnhancements to connected line and redirecting work.
2010-04-22 Matthew NicholsonMerged revisions 193391,258670 via svnmerge from
2010-04-19 Terry WilsonFix incomplete CDR merge from r195881
2010-04-14 Tilghman LesherYet another issue where the conversion of the applicati...
2010-03-22 Matthew NicholsonMerged revisions 253799 via svnmerge from
2010-03-20 Russell BryantResolve more compiler warnings on FreeBSD.
2010-03-10 Jeff PeelerFix ParkAndAnnounce not respecting parking options.
2010-03-02 Leif MadsenAdd missing description of the PARKINGLOT variable...
2010-02-26 Mark MichelsonSend a manager event when the manager BridgeAction...
2010-02-18 Matthew NicholsonMerged revisions 247651 via svnmerge from
2010-02-17 David Vosseladdition of dynamic parkinglots feature
2010-02-03 Jeff PeelerAdd some additional option support for non-default...
2010-01-26 David VosselMerged revisions 243390 via svnmerge from
2010-01-18 Jeff PeelerExtend max call limit duration from 24.8 days to 292...
2010-01-15 Tilghman LesherAdd pickup event to AMI. Also, fix AMI documentation.
2010-01-15 Sean BrightConvert a few places to use ast_calloc_with_stringfield...
2010-01-13 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 239838 via svnmerge from
2010-01-08 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 238834 via svnmerge from
2010-01-08 Jeff PeelerStop trying to find a parking space after traversing...
2010-01-06 Jeff PeelerFix channel name comparison for bridge application.
2009-12-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 235821 via svnmerge from
2009-11-24 Jeff PeelerFix erroneous hangup extension execution
2009-11-20 Matthew NicholsonMerged revisions 230627 via svnmerge from
2009-11-13 Tilghman LesherDisplay a list of channel variables in each channel...
2009-11-04 Tilghman LesherExpand codec bitfield from 32 bits to 64 bits.
2009-11-03 Matthew NicholsonThis patch adds a sequence field to CDRs that can be...
2009-10-20 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 224773 via svnmerge from
2009-10-07 David VosselDeadlock in channel masquerade handling
2009-09-24 Jeff PeelerAdd bridge related dial flags to the bridge app
2009-09-14 Joshua ColpDo not attempt to add a parking extension if an error...
2009-09-02 Michiel van Baak- lock channel before looking for a channel variable
2009-08-26 Jeff PeelerAdd two new dialplan variables when using features
2009-08-20 Matthew NicholsonFix a crash by checking the proper pointer for validity...
2009-08-19 Russell BryantDon't blow up on a NULL cdr.
2009-08-10 Tilghman LesherAST-2009-005
2009-08-04 Jeff PeelerFix broken call pickup
2009-07-27 David BrooksFixing typos. Replaces "recieved" with "received" and...
2009-07-08 David BrooksFixes Park() argument handling
2009-07-02 Matthew NicholsonMoved trigger for BRIDGE_END CEL event so that it is...
2009-06-26 Russell BryantMerge the new Channel Event Logging (CEL) subsystem.
2009-06-25 Russell BryantMerged revisions 203375 via svnmerge from
2009-06-19 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 201828 via svnmerge from
2009-06-15 Kevin P. FlemingMore 'static' qualifiers on module global variables.