Fix infinite looping and crash problem.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / threadpool.c
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonFix infinite looping and crash problem.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd new threadpool test and fix some taskprocessor...
2012-12-06 Mark MichelsonIt helps if we actually assign the listener to the...
2012-12-06 Mark MichelsonAdd initial simple threadpool test.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonAdd better listener support.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonRemove zombie state from threadpool altogether.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonSimplify threadpool refcounting a bit.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonAdd some doxygen and rearrange code.
2012-12-03 Mark MichelsonFix a few miscellaneous things
2012-12-03 Mark MichelsonThis now compiles.
2012-11-30 Mark MichelsonSome more progress.
2012-11-29 Mark MichelsonCommit some progress towards threadpools.