ARI: Add mailboxes resource for controlling and polling external MWI
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / ari / ari_model_validators.c
2014-01-14 Jonathan RoseARI: Add mailboxes resource for controlling and polling...
2013-12-17 Jonathan Rosebridging: Give bridges a name and a known creator
2013-12-14 Joshua Colpres_stasis: Expose event for call forwarding and follow...
2013-11-30 Joshua Colpres_ari: Add Recording events to the validator.
2013-11-23 Kevin HarwellARI: Implement device state API
2013-11-23 Joshua Colpari: Add events for playback and recording.
2013-10-25 Jonathan RoseARI recordings: Issue HTTP failures for recording reque...
2013-10-04 Matthew JordanARI: Add subscription support
2013-08-30 David M. LeeARI: Implement /recordings/stored API's
2013-08-02 David M. LeeARI - GET /ari/asterisk/info
2013-07-27 Kinsey MooreRename everything Stasis-HTTP to ARI