Fix segfault for certain invalid WebSocket input.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_http_websocket.c
2013-06-12 David M. LeeFix segfault for certain invalid WebSocket input.
2013-04-18 David M. LeeAllow WebSocket connections on more URL's
2013-04-08 Matthew JordanDon't attempt a websocket protocol removal if res_http_...
2012-11-20 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376562 via svnmerge from
2012-11-20 David M. LeeAdded missing newlines to websocket ast_logs.
2012-09-27 Joshua ColpMake res_http_websocket an optional dependency on suppo...
2012-07-31 Kinsey MooreClean up and ensure proper usage of alloca()
2012-07-16 Joshua ColpAdd support for SIP over WebSocket.
2012-06-02 Joshua ColpAdd res_http_websocket module which implements the...