Be gone unused res! (issue #7238 reported by casper)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_jabber.c
2006-05-30 Joshua ColpBe gone unused res! (issue #7238 reported by casper)
2006-05-24 Matt O'Gormanreset timeout on reconnect.
2006-05-23 Matt O'Gormanget rid of that transport sillyness
2006-05-23 Matt O'Gormanhmm still need a way to get rid of connections
2006-05-23 Matt O'Gormanfixes bug where server goes away.
2006-05-23 Matt O'Gormanfinish cleaning up some more stuff before russell
2006-05-23 Russell Bryantremove another excess "debug" message
2006-05-23 Russell Bryantremove an unnecessary error message that is really...
2006-05-22 Matt O'Gormanasterisk-xmpp merge in