res_pjsip: Enable PJSIP DNS client support.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_pjsip / include / res_pjsip_private.h
2014-03-17 Joshua Colpres_pjsip: Enable PJSIP DNS client support.
2014-02-20 George Josephsorcery: Create sorcery instance registry.
2014-02-06 Richard Mudgettres_pjsip: Updates and adds more PJSIP CLI commands.
2014-01-28 Kevin Harwellres_pjsip,compat: INFINITY and NAN undefined
2013-12-20 Matthew Jordanres_pjsip: Add PJSIP CLI commands
2013-12-11 Kevin Harwellres_pjsip_messaging: send message to a default outbound...
2013-11-23 Kevin Harwellres_pjsip: AMI commands and events.
2013-09-30 David M. LeeMultiple revisions 399887,400138,400178,400180-400181
2013-08-06 Kinsey MooreExpose res_pjsip threadpool options
2013-08-02 Kinsey MooreAdd CLI/AMI commands to force chan_pjsip actions
2013-07-31 Kinsey MooreFix remnants of the pjsip renaming
2013-07-30 Mark MichelsonThe large GULP->PJSIP renaming effort.