Change the default value for "allowsubscribe" to yes to match chan_sip.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_sip.c
2013-07-25 Joshua ColpChange the default value for "allowsubscribe" to yes...
2013-07-24 Kinsey MooreTweak another magic number
2013-07-23 Kinsey MooreAdd DTLS-SRTP support to chan_pjsip
2013-07-18 Mark MichelsonAdd a bunch of options from sip.conf to res_sip.conf
2013-07-02 Kevin HarwellNew SIP Channel driver: Always Auth Reject
2013-06-22 Joshua ColpMerge in current pimp_my_sip work, including:
2013-06-22 Joshua ColpMigrate PeerStatus events to stasis, add stasis endpoin...
2013-05-19 Kinsey MooreAdd base XML documentation for res_sip
2013-05-17 Jonathan RoseStasis: Update security events to use Stasis
2013-04-27 Joshua ColpTweak res_sip priority so it gets loaded first before...
2013-04-25 Mark MichelsonMerge the pimp_my_sip branch into trunk.