ARI: return a 503 if Asterisk isn't fully booted
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_stasis_http.c
2013-07-05 David M. LeeARI: return a 503 if Asterisk isn't fully booted
2013-07-03 David M. LeeARI authentication.
2013-07-03 David M. LeeUpdate events to use Swagger 1.3 subtyping, and related...
2013-07-03 David M. LeeShuffle RESTful URL's around.
2013-06-28 David M. LeeRemoved stray apostrophe.
2013-06-28 David M. LeeRemoved the automatic 302 redirects for ARI URL's that...
2013-06-24 Richard MudgettFix menuselect display for stasis modules.
2013-06-24 Kinsey MooreIndex installed sounds and implement ARI sounds queries
2013-05-23 David M. Leestasis-http: Provide a response body for 201 created...
2013-05-23 David M. LeeThis patch implements the REST API's for POST /channels...
2013-05-10 David M. LeeAddress unload order issues for res_stasis* modules
2013-04-30 David M. LeeJust a couple of Stasis-HTTP nitpick fixes.
2013-04-22 David M. LeeThis patch adds a RESTful HTTP interface to Asterisk.