fix Solaris compatibility issues (bug #4339)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res /
2005-05-20 Kevin P. Flemingfix Solaris compatibility issues (bug #4339)
2005-05-19 Kevin P. Flemingsupport labels as targets of SET PRIORITY command ...
2005-05-16 Kevin P. Flemingadd ability to control output format for one-touch...
2005-05-15 Kevin P. Flemingmore strncpy -> ast_copy_string conversions, fixing...
2005-05-09 Mark SpencerFix features + astmm interaction (bug #4217)
2005-05-06 Russell Bryantadd missing newline to warning message (bug #4183)
2005-04-29 Kevin P. Flemingdon't use '%i' at all, since we have no current use...
2005-04-27 Mark SpencerAdd option to park in the next slot (bug #4028)
2005-04-27 Kevin P. Flemingdon't use %i for numeric input in scanf (bug #4071)
2005-04-22 Kevin P. Flemingreport the number of rows updated when using RealTime...
2005-04-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd ability to send transferring party to a dialplan...
2005-04-22 Kevin P. Flemingensure that res_config_odbc can handle columns with...
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse double-quotes instead of angle-brackets for non...
2005-04-20 Kevin P. Flemingadd count of parked calls to 'show parkedcalls' (bug...
2005-04-13 Russell Bryantadd missing newlines, fix misspelling of nonexistent...
2005-04-13 Kevin P. Flemingensure that the random number generator(s) are always...
2005-04-11 Mark SpencerAdd datetime to AGI (bug #3984)
2005-04-07 Mark SpencerFix little formatting thingy
2005-04-06 Mark SpencerFix ADSI 'B' issue (bug #3833)
2005-03-30 Mark SpencerAdd say date to AGi (bug #3768)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerLittle say numer fix (bug #3884)
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerContinue with GET_DATA if no file is there (bug #3878)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerFix cross compiling (bug #3868)
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerMake sure AGI continues even when files aren't there...
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd additional fields for calling parameters per BT...
2005-03-24 Mark Spencerfix repark of timed out parked calls (bug #3777)
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerMerge Russell's formatting patch (bug #3838)
2005-03-20 Mark SpencerFix chopping of voice prompts (bug #3784)
2005-03-17 Mark SpencerAdd support for Solaris/x86 (bug #3064)
2005-03-17 Matthew FredricksonFixed Parking bug where SIP calls would loose MOH after...
2005-03-05 Mark SpencerMake mpg123 behave more nicely
2005-03-04 Mark SpencerRework channel structure to eliminate "pvt" portion...
2005-03-03 Mark SpencerAdd "StartMusicOnHold and "StopMusicOnHold" apps (bug...
2005-02-26 Mark SpencerAdd additional parking events (bug #3620)
2005-02-17 Mark SpencerAdd descriptions for monitor action events (bug #3610)
2005-02-17 Mark SpencerAdd atxfer fix (bug #3592)
2005-02-17 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's ODBC sanity check fix (bug #3529)
2005-02-17 Mark SpencerMake sure we search for url prefix only in format,...
2005-02-11 Mark SpencerCopy/paste errors (bug #3559, #3560)
2005-02-06 Mark SpencerMerge "show features" (bug #3515)
2005-01-26 Mark SpencerFix parking issue (bug #3396)
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerMerge config updates (bug #3406)
2005-01-22 Mark SpencerUn-revert in preparation for actual fix
2005-01-22 Anthony Minessale IIrepeal config prototype changes
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerFix res_monitor asterisk issue (bug #3399)
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerWarn about wrong version of mpg123 (bug #3392)
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerAdd stereoize (bug #3142), faster than soxmix
2005-01-20 Mark SpencerFix ODBC to clear title each time (bug #3379)
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerMerge hold patch (bug #1840)
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerFix static db problem
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerFix one touch record (bug #3263, take two)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerCheck moh files at runtime (bug #3314)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMore flagification, courtesy drumkilla (bug #3280)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's monitor fixes (better default path, set...
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's one touch record improvements (bug #3263)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerImprove indications formatting (bug #3298)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious small fixups
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious moh fixes (bug #3291)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerAGI formatting fixes (bug #3270)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerFix typo in moh output (bug #3265)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerODBC CLI improvements (bug #3220)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix typo for blind transfer (bug #3259)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix music on hold to quitat hangup rather than during...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerStream courtesy tone if appropriate
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMake sure time limit is the "backup" one when interpret...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerVarious/assundry cleanups
2005-01-05 Anthony Minessale IIallow sounds to be configurable
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's attended # transfer with changes (bug...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge OSP updates from matt nicholson (with changes)
2005-01-04 Anthony Minessale IItweak to make music load classes more elegantly
2005-01-04 Anthony Minessale IIfix bug added to my code so I don
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerMake features configurable and easier to implement
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge kpflemings moh_files fixes (bug #3224)
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerDon't die when a file is missing (bug #3212)
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerFormatting fixes, safe_system instead of system, cleanu...
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerMerge gramatical fixes from corydon (bug #3180)
2004-12-26 Anthony Minessale IImisplaced chdir call on moh DoH\!
2004-12-24 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's native MOH patch (bug #2639) he promises...
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerFix AGI to know about "builtin" variables, too (bug...
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix comment issues (bug #3089)
2004-12-14 Mark SpencerAdd "SAY ALPHA" (matt nicholson)
2004-12-09 Jim DixonFixed call parking, added separate paramater to allow...
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerMake music on hold truly optional (bug #2998)
2004-12-07 Mark SpencerBig diet for struct ast_channel
2004-11-24 Mark SpencerIncrease max buffer size (bug #2926)
2004-11-24 Mark SpencerMake realtime pbx understand patterns.
2004-11-23 Mark SpencerBuild out "multi" version of realtime config (directory...
2004-11-22 Mark SpencerRealtime improvements
2004-11-22 Mark SpencerMinor realtime improvements
2004-11-17 Mark SpencerCheck that FD's are open before closing (bug #2858)
2004-11-17 Mark SpencerOops
2004-11-17 Mark SpencerAdd GET FULL VARIABLE AGI command
2004-11-16 Mark SpencerAdd get option command (bug #2868, thanks junky!)
2004-11-15 Mark SpencerMake res crypto less chatty (bug #2857)
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerDisable echo canceller for digital calls (bug #2785...
2004-11-04 Mark SpencerFix non-std characters
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerPass through flash hook
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerMisc code fixes (bug #2762)
2004-10-28 James GolovichCleanup formatting in bug 2741 patch