ARI recordings: Issue HTTP failures for recording requests with file conflicts
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / rest-api / api-docs / bridges.json
2013-10-25 Jonathan RoseARI recordings: Issue HTTP failures for recording reque...
2013-10-16 Kinsey MooreClarify documentation for channel and bridge list
2013-10-16 Paul BelangerUse POST / DELETE to toggle ARI bridge moh
2013-10-15 Kinsey MooreEnsure bridge record error responses validate
2013-10-11 David M. LeeMultiple revisions 400508,400842-400843,400848
2013-08-23 David M. LeeARI: Correct error codes for bridge operations
2013-08-23 Jonathan RoseARI: Music on Hold/Background Music for bridges
2013-08-05 Jonathan RoseARI: bridges/{bridgeID}/addChannel: add roles parameter
2013-08-02 David M. LeeARI - implement allowMultiple for parameters
2013-07-19 Jonathan RoseARI: Bridge Playback, Bridge Record
2013-07-03 David M. LeeUpdate events to use Swagger 1.3 subtyping, and related...
2013-06-18 Kinsey MooreFix bridge snapshot conversion to JSON
2013-06-14 Kinsey MooreRevert parts of r391855 that were not ready to go in...
2013-06-14 Kinsey MooreFix two more possible crashes in CEL
2013-06-10 Kinsey MooreStasis-HTTP: Flesh out bridge-related capabilities
2013-04-22 David M. LeeThis patch adds a RESTful HTTP interface to Asterisk.