res_pjsip_config_wizard: Memory leak in module_unload
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / third-party / pjproject / patches / config_site.h
2016-08-26 George Josephpjproject_bundled: Disable srtp use by pjmedia
2016-07-28 George Josephpjproject_bundled: Update for pjproject 2.5.5
2016-06-29 Matt Jordanpjproject/patches/config_site: Increase the max number...
2016-04-28 George Josephpjproject_bundled: Disable PJSIP_UNESCAPE_IN_PLACE
2016-03-23 George Josephpjproject-bundled: Cleanups for reported issues
2016-03-01 George Josephbuild-system: Allow building with static pjproject