2023-01-13 Mike Bradeenres_monitor: Remove deprecated module. master
2023-01-13 Sean Brightapp_playback.c: Fix PLAYBACKSTATUS regression.
2023-01-12 George Josephres_rtp_asterisk: Don't use double math to generate...
2023-01-10 Mike Bradeenapp_macro: Remove deprecated module.
2023-01-10 Alexei Gradinariformat_wav: replace ast_log(LOG_DEBUG, ...) by ast_debu...
2023-01-10 Igor Goncharovskyres_pjsip_rfc3326: Add SIP causes support for RFC3326
2023-01-09 George Josephres_rtp_asterisk: Asterisk Media Experience Score ...
2023-01-09 George JosephRevert "res_rtp_asterisk: Asterisk Media Experience...
2023-01-05 Boris P. Korzunhttp.c: Fix NULL pointer dereference bug
2023-01-05 Naveen Albertloader: Allow declined modules to be unloaded.
2023-01-05 Naveen Albertapp_broadcast: Add Broadcast application
2023-01-05 Naveen Albertfunc_frame_trace: Print text for text frames.
2023-01-04 Naveen Albertapp_cdr: Remove deprecated application and option.
2023-01-04 Holger Hans... res_http_media_cache: Do not crash when there is no...
2023-01-03 Naveen Albertmanager: Fix appending variables.
2023-01-03 Naveen Albertjson.h: Add ast_json_object_real_get.
2023-01-03 George Josephres_pjsip_transport_websocket: Add remote port to transport
2023-01-03 Mike Bradeenchan_sip: Remove deprecated module.
2023-01-03 George Josephres_rtp_asterisk: Asterisk Media Experience Score ...
2023-01-03 Naveen Albertpbx_app: Update outdated pbx_exec channel snapshots.
2022-12-20 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_session: Use Caller ID for extension matching.
2022-12-20 Naveen Albertpbx_builtins: Remove deprecated and defunct functionality.
2022-12-20 Ben Fordres_pjsip_sdp_rtp.c: Use correct timeout when put on...
2022-12-20 Naveen Albertapp_voicemail_odbc: Fix string overflow warning.
2022-12-20 Peter Fernstreams: Ensure that stream is closed in ast_stream_an...
2022-12-20 Naveen Albertfunc_callerid: Warn about invalid redirecting reason.
2022-12-20 Naveen Albertapp_sendtext: Remove references to removed applications.
2022-12-20 Igor Goncharovskyres_pjsip: Fix path usage in case dialing with '@'
2022-12-13 Alexandre Fournierres_geoloc: fix NULL pointer dereference bug
2022-12-13 Joshua C. Colpres_pjsip_aoc: Don't assume a body exists on responses.
2022-12-13 Naveen Albertapp_if: Fix format truncation errors.
2022-12-09 Mike Bradeenchan_alsa: Remove deprecated module.
2022-12-09 Michael Kuronmanager: AOC-S support for AOCMessage
2022-12-09 Mike Bradeenchan_mgcp: Remove deprecated module.
2022-12-09 Michael Kuronres_pjsip_aoc: New module for sending advice-of-charge...
2022-12-09 Naveen Albertres_hep: Add support for named capture agents.
2022-12-09 Marcel Wagnerres_pjsip: Fix typo in from_domain documentation
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertapp_if: Adds conditional branch applications
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_session.c: Map empty extensions in INVITEs...
2022-12-08 Marcel Wagnerres_pjsip: Update contact_user to point out default
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_header_funcs: Add custom parameter support.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertapp_voicemail: Fix missing email in msg_create_from_file.
2022-12-08 Joshua C. Colpari: Destroy body variables in channel create.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertres_adsi: Fix major regression caused by media format...
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertfunc_presencestate: Fix invalid memory access.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertsig_analog: Fix no timeout duration.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertxmldoc: Allow XML docs to be reloaded.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertrtp_engine.h: Update examples using ast_format_set.
2022-12-08 Mike Bradeenapp_osplookup: Remove deprecated module.
2022-12-08 Mike Bradeenchan_skinny: Remove deprecated module.
2022-12-08 Naveen Albertapp_mixmonitor: Add option to use real Caller ID for...
2022-12-03 Mike Bradeenmanager: prevent file access outside of config dir
2022-12-03 George Josephpjsip_transport_events: Fix possible use after free...
2022-12-01 Ben Fordpjproject: 2.13 security fixes
2022-11-29 Naveen Albertpbx_builtins: Allow Answer to return immediately.
2022-11-29 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Allow FXO channels to start immediately.
2022-11-29 Maximilian... core & res_pjsip: Improve topology change handling.
2022-11-28 Naveen Albertsla: Prevent deadlock and crash due to autoservicing.
2022-11-21 Jaco KroonBuild system: Avoid executable stack.
2022-11-21 Naveen Albertfunc_json: Fix memory leak.
2022-11-21 Naveen Alberttest_json: Remove duplicated static function.
2022-11-16 Joshua C. Colpres_agi: Respect "transmit_silence" option for "RECORD...
2022-11-08 Naveen Albertfile.c: Don't emit warnings on winks.
2022-11-08 Naveen Albertapp_mixmonitor: Add option to delete files on exit.
2022-11-08 Naveen Alberttranslate.c: Prefer better codecs upon translate ties.
2022-11-03 Naveen Albertmanager: Update ModuleCheck documentation.
2022-11-02 George Save coredumps to proper directory
2022-11-02 Naveen Albertapp_stack: Print proper exit location for PBXless channels.
2022-11-02 George Josephchan_rtp: Make usage of ast_rtp_instance_get_local_addr...
2022-10-31 Mike Bradeenres_pjsip: prevent crash on websocket disconnect
2022-10-31 Naveen Alberttcptls: Prevent crash when freeing OpenSSL errors.
2022-10-28 Igor Goncharovskyres_pjsip_outbound_registration: Allow to use multiple...
2022-10-28 Naveen Alberttests: Fix compilation errors on 32-bit.
2022-10-27 Henning Westerholtres_pjsip: return all codecs on a re-INVITE without SDP
2022-10-27 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_notify: Add option support for AMI.
2022-10-27 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_logger: Add method-based logging option.
2022-10-26 Frederic LE... Dialing API: Cancel a running async thread, may not...
2022-10-26 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Fix unavailable channels returning busy.
2022-10-26 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_pubsub: Prevent removing subscriptions.
2022-10-26 Naveen Albertsay: Don't prepend ampersand erroneously.
2022-10-14 Philip Prindevilleres_crypto: handle unsafe private key files
2022-10-11 Mike Bradeenaudiohook: add directional awareness
2022-10-10 Naveen Albertcdr: Allow bridging and dial state changes to be ignored.
2022-10-10 Naveen Albertres_tonedetect: Add ringback support to TONE_DETECT.
2022-10-10 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Resolve format truncation warning.
2022-10-10 Philip Prindevilleres_crypto: don't modify fname in try_load_key()
2022-10-10 Philip Prindevilleres_crypto: use ast_file_read_dirs() to iterate
2022-10-10 George Josephres_geolocation: Update wiki documentation
2022-09-29 Maximilian... res_pjsip: Add mediasec capabilities.
2022-09-27 Holger Hans... res_prometheus: Do not crash on invisible bridges
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertdb: Fix incorrect DB tree count for AMI.
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_geolocation: Change some notices to debugs.
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertfunc_logic: Don't emit warning if both IF branches...
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertfeatures: Add no answer option to Bridge.
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertapp_bridgewait: Add option to not answer channel.
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertapp_amd: Add option to play audio during AMD.
2022-09-26 Philip Prindevilletest: initialize capture structure before freeing
2022-09-26 Naveen Albertfunc_export: Add EXPORT function
2022-09-22 Maximilian... res_pjsip: Add 100rel option "peer_supported".
2022-09-22 Jaco Kroonmanager: be more aggressive about purging http sessions.