2004-02-04 Mark SpencerDon't call release if we have no generator
2004-02-04 Martin PyckoFix the deadlock in show queue <queue_name>
2004-02-04 Mark SpencerCountless small bugfixes
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoRemove unused tmpq variable
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoAdd "show queue <queue_name>" CLI command
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoAdd recording agent's calls patch. Basically the call...
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoDon't buffer the event files, eg: messages
2004-02-03 Mark SpencerImplement REGREL in IAX2
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoMake the go_on be non-global.
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerDon't get stuck in loop
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerForce SIP reload to happen in network thread only
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerFix small typos
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerCentralize all sip registration around a single lock
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerPerform proper locking on registration on SIP
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerRelease the call when freeing a registry
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerMove config.cache delete to "distclean"
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerMore BSD enhancements (#970)
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerNetBSD portability enhancements (bug #969)
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerHandle more complex wav files
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerForce update of the CDR before clearing channel (bug...
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerUse better flags when starting MGCP threads (bug #598)
2004-02-01 Mark SpencerIf unregistered, don't consider it valid (bug #956)
2004-02-01 Mark SpencerAdd "iaxcompat" option to allow nested switch statement...
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerFix add include (bug #966) and small update to bug 890
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerUpdate documentation
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerHandle cause in DISCONNECT too
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerSend busy when busy, congestion when congestion on...
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerStop searching once we find a match
2004-01-31 Mark SpencerDon't delete original variables after appending clone...
2004-01-30 Mark SpencerMerge variable lists
2004-01-30 Mark SpencerFix res_parking
2004-01-30 Mark SpencerCreate manager event on parking
2004-01-30 Mark SpencerMinor app agi documentation fix (bug #943)
2004-01-30 Mark SpencerImprove documentation of app_record (bug #942)
2004-01-29 Mark SpencerAdd support for authenticating against astdb and one...
2004-01-29 Mark SpencerMinor little fixup
2004-01-29 Mark SpencerFix linked lists tail (bug #951)
2004-01-29 Mark SpencerClarify extensions.conf matching rules (bug #949)
2004-01-29 Mark SpencerEmit status complete message when status is finished...
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerVarious minor cleanups (bug #931)
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerUpdate logger.conf sample (bug #941, modified)
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerElminate unused code/warnings (bug #934)
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerSave global variables across "save dialplan" (bug ...
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerDon't double verbose things
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerCharacter set fixes, and add "mailcmd" option (bug...
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerDitch nested comment
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerClarify iax foo to iax1 foo in chan_iax (bug #924)
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerAdd verbose messages to be logged (bug #599)
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerDon't send VMWI when we're not registered
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerSeriously fix echo cancellation on inbound calls with...
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerAdd tables for iax and sip friends (bug #913)
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerAdd registry files to fix spex and ilbc on xlite and...
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerMove qview to the right place
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerAdd qview to contrib (bug #236)
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerFix typo (bug #914)
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerSend 481 if call leg does not exist on CANCEL, and...
2004-01-26 Jeremy McNamaraAdd even more explicit information. Take 2
2004-01-26 Jeremy McNamaraAdd even more explicit information
2004-01-25 Mark SpencerFix excessive fax detection (Thanks Steve Underwood!!!)
2004-01-25 Mark SpencerUPdate readme (bug #846)
2004-01-25 Mark SpencerProperly handle transfer of application (bug #911)
2004-01-23 Mark SpencerFix default to not use iax friends
2004-01-23 Mark SpencerFix overflow in too many arguments (bug #806)
2004-01-23 Mark SpencerFix documentation typo (bug #904)
2004-01-23 Mark SpencerCreate individual sip reload command (bug #880)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerAdd local channel documentation (bug #868)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerFix MD5Hex size (bug #883)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerUpdate formating (bug #898)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerMerge manager documentation (bug #869)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerFix name in some files (bug #897)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerODBC fix for PPC (bug #895)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerRelease pgsql on failure (bug #891)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerFix size bug in wav49 format (bug #254) thanks rtucker!
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerMerge SIP/MySQL friends patch
2004-01-19 Mark SpencerUpdate zapata.conf sample config to talk about busydetect
2004-01-19 Mark SpencerUpdate CDR README
2004-01-19 Mark SpencerUpdate sounds.txt
2004-01-19 Mark SpencerAdd custom folder sounds
2004-01-16 Jim Dixon Added functionality for E911 signalling
2004-01-16 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate as we go this time
2004-01-16 Jeremy McNamaraanother nickpick on formatting
2004-01-16 Mark SpencerAdd italian tone zone
2004-01-15 Martin PyckoA little adjustment to the previous one (passing the...
2004-01-15 Martin PyckoPass the callerid & ani to the new b-leg if the current...
2004-01-15 Jeremy McNamaraMake output more readable
2004-01-15 Jeremy McNamaraNitpic CLI output. Bug #858
2004-01-15 Malcolm DavenportBug #857. More fixes for GSM Makefile for PPC
2004-01-15 Mark SpencerX out announce stuff (bug #760)
2004-01-15 Mark SpencerFix unload/load of chan_zap
2004-01-14 Malcolm DavenportNitpicky stuff
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraSet sync flag back to 0, temp work around to let action...
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraDon't set execute bit on sound/config/image files
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaramove cvsid.h into include/asterisk dir. Bug #822
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraAdd CVSID Macro for embedding revision info into the...
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraDocumment pin usage in MeetMe. Bug #843
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraadd a vasprintf replacement. Bug #839
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraCheck for already registered manager command. Bug #836
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamarafix typo. Bug #837
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraAdd userfield to schema. Bug #833
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraChange IAXPeers to IAX1Peers. Bug #838