2010-05-19 David Vosselfixes crash in check_rtp_timeout
2010-05-19 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 264248 via svnmerge from
2010-05-19 Tilghman LesherKeep track of digit duration, when we're decoding inban...
2010-05-19 Leif MadsenFix compilation problem with previous commit.
2010-05-19 Kevin P. FlemingAdd ability for logger channels to include *all* levels.
2010-05-19 Leif MadsenAdd ability to hangup all channels from the CLI.
2010-05-19 David Vosselfixes crash during dtmf
2010-05-19 Alec L Davisfix incorrectly typed indications for [nz] stutter...
2010-05-19 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 263949 via svnmerge from
2010-05-18 Tilghman LesherAdd an sha1sum-workalike for platforms which don't...
2010-05-18 David Vosselfixes segfault on logging
2010-05-18 Mark MichelsonBe sure to heap-allocate the redirecting to tag so...
2010-05-18 Tilghman LesherMake happy green color come back
2010-05-18 Mark MichelsonFix memory leaks in redirecting structures in chan_sip.c
2010-05-18 Jeff Peelerput changes with the correct version
2010-05-18 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 263769 via svnmerge from
2010-05-17 Tilghman LesherCache sound tarfiles in a common directory, such that...
2010-05-17 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 263639 via svnmerge from
2010-05-17 Mark MichelsonBlocked revisions 263637 via svnmerge
2010-05-17 Tilghman LesherWith IMAP backend, messages in INBOX were counted twice...
2010-05-17 Mark MichelsonEnhancements to connected line and redirecting work.
2010-05-17 Leif MadsenMissing newlines added to Set-Cookie line in manager.c
2010-05-17 Leif MadsenRecorded merge of revisions 263456 via svnmerge from
2010-05-17 Leif MadsenMerged revisions 263374 via svnmerge from
2010-05-17 David VosselUpdate CHANGES to reflect DAHDI buffer dialstring optio...
2010-05-16 Tzafrir Cohenlive_ast: add commands 'rsync' and 'gen-live-asterisk'
2010-05-16 Kevin P. FlemingImprove some very confusing structure names in astobj2.c
2010-05-14 David Vosselfix iax_frame double free
2010-05-13 Richard MudgettFix inverted logic in cli command: ss7 set debug on/off
2010-05-13 Tzafrir CohenRemove "untested" feature PRI_VERSION
2010-05-13 Tilghman LesherFor FreeBSD
2010-05-13 Tilghman LesherHmmm, probably should have read the manpage more thorou...
2010-05-13 Russell BryantFix an off by one error that causes a crash.
2010-05-13 Russell BryantFix build on linux.
2010-05-13 Russell BryantFix build on linux.
2010-05-13 Tilghman LesherAdd kqueue(2) implementation to Asterisk in various...
2010-05-12 Paul BelangerNotify CLI when modules is loaded / unloaded
2010-05-12 Leif MadsenRevert previous WARNING message removal.
2010-05-12 Leif MadsenRemove unnecessary WARNING message in ael/pval.c
2010-05-12 David VosselMerged revisions 262662 via svnmerge from
2010-05-12 Richard MudgettDon't crash when destroying chan_dahdi pseudo channels.
2010-05-12 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 262657,262660 from
2010-05-12 Tilghman LesherEnsure the arguments are initialized. Also miscellaneo...
2010-05-12 Paul BelangerConvert to AST_CLI_YESNO and AST_CLI_ONOFF
2010-05-11 Richard MudgettDialing an invalid extension causes incomplete hangup...
2010-05-11 Tilghman LesherMove cause 200 to cause 26, as specified in Q.850.
2010-05-11 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 262421 via svnmerge from
2010-05-11 Paul BelangerImprove logging by displaying line number
2010-05-11 Paul BelangerImprove logging information for misconfigured contexts
2010-05-11 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 262321 via svnmerge from
2010-05-11 Jason ParkerAllow bootstrap script to work on Solaris.
2010-05-10 David Vosselfixes PickupChan application
2010-05-10 David Vosselfixes crash in chan_console
2010-05-10 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 262151 via svnmerge from
2010-05-09 Tilghman LesherCleanup a bit more by getting rid of useless version...
2010-05-08 Tilghman LesherUse CPPFLAGS to pass PTHREAD_CFLAGS for vpb only
2010-05-07 Alec L DavisVoicemailMain and VMauthenticate, allow escape to the...
2010-05-07 Tilghman LesherFix build on Linux
2010-05-07 Tilghman LesherDouble free crash
2010-05-07 Tilghman LesherUse the detected pthread building flags in every place...
2010-05-07 Leif MadsenUpdate UPGRADE-1.6.txt stating insecure=very has been...
2010-05-07 Jeff PeelerFix deadlock in sig_pri when hanging up.
2010-05-06 Richard MudgettSome code optimizations.
2010-05-06 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 261735 via svnmerge from
2010-05-06 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 261608 via svnmerge from
2010-05-06 Tilghman LesherPermit more lines within a SIP body to be parsed.
2010-05-06 Russell BryantAdd test case for removing random elements from a heap.
2010-05-06 Russell BryantFix handling of removing nodes from the middle of a...
2010-05-06 Tzafrir CohenWhen failing to configure, don't destroy 'cfg' twice
2010-05-05 Richard MudgettAvoid a crash on SS7 channels.
2010-05-05 Russell BryantRestore previous asterisk.conf syntax, where the direct...
2010-05-05 David Vosselfixes sip native transfer
2010-05-05 Paul BelangerMerged revisions 261274 via svnmerge from
2010-05-05 Mark MichelsonPrevent unnecessary warnings when getting rtpsource...
2010-05-05 Paul Belanger'queue reset stats' erroneously clears wrapuptime confi...
2010-05-05 Paul BelangerNew 'manager show settings' CLI command.
2010-05-05 Paul BelangerNew static asterisk.conf.sample file.
2010-05-04 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 261093-261094 via svnmerge from
2010-05-04 Mark MichelsonAdd new possible value to autopause option to allow...
2010-05-04 Richard MudgettThe inalarm flag is not passed up from the sig_analog...
2010-05-04 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 260923 via svnmerge from
2010-05-04 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 260801 via svnmerge from
2010-05-03 Jeff PeelerAdd new admin features to meetme: Roll call, eject...
2010-05-03 Paul BelangerMerged revisions 260661-260662 via svnmerge from
2010-05-03 Leif MadsenMerged revisions 260569 via svnmerge from
2010-05-02 Eliel C. SardanonsAvoid making AstData depend on libxml2 to compile.
2010-04-30 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 260434 via svnmerge from
2010-04-30 Richard MudgettSeparate the uses of NUM_DCHANS and MAX_CHANNELS into...
2010-04-30 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 260345 via svnmerge from
2010-04-30 Mark MichelsonFix logic reversal error when queue callers join the...
2010-04-30 Tilghman LesherDon't allow file descriptors to go above 64k, when...
2010-04-30 Tilghman LesherLogic fixups for a sample FREENUM dialplan context.
2010-04-29 Richard MudgettMerged revisions 260195 via svnmerge from
2010-04-29 Tilghman LesherPattern match fail.
2010-04-29 David VosselMerged revisions 260049 via svnmerge from
2010-04-29 Richard MudgettFix comment.
2010-04-28 Mark MichelsonDon't override peer context with domain context.
2010-04-28 David VosselMerged revisions 259858 via svnmerge from
2010-04-28 Leif MadsenMerged revisions 259852 via svnmerge from
2010-04-28 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 259847 via svnmerge from