2004-12-19 Mark SpencerAdditional queue optimization (bug #3093, with mods)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerCompute queue caller's timeout just once (bug #3091...
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerFix MGCP compile warnings
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge Olle's comment patch (bug #3097)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge drumkilla's bitfield patch for SIP (bug #3083)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerFix little macro (bug #3100)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMake sure read/write format are setup properly.
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerSIP locking improvements
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge twisted's OSX compat fix (bug #3090)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerSMS fix, pbx optimization (bug #3098)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerMake sure we del any remaining connections (bug #2982)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix comment issues (bug #3089)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix SIP ACK for BYE (bug #3087)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerImprove ACL performance (thanks sailer) (bug #3084)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerMerge olle's amazing ACK fix (bug #2687)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix silly error in makefile (bug #3081)
2004-12-18 Jeremy McNamaraoopsie
2004-12-18 Jeremy McNamaraFix incoming caller*id. Bug #3077
2004-12-17 Mark SpencerFix missing NULL (bug #3078)
2004-12-17 Mark SpencerFix mkdep to work with /bin/sh on solaris and friends...
2004-12-16 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with Q.931 cause codes
2004-12-16 Mark SpencerMerge russell's flag macro patch (with slight mods...
2004-12-16 Mark SpencerWarn when libpri is too old
2004-12-16 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with Caller*ID, document the new RTP...
2004-12-15 Jeremy McNamaraMajor fixes: Fixed deadlock issue, added support for...
2004-12-15 Ben Kramer/ finished off support for DTMF caller ID (brazil)...
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerDon't let you change your password to '#' (bug #3066)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerExtra debugging in CDRCSV (bug #3063)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerDISA fix, makefile fix (bug #3049)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerFix DISA with callerid (bug #3058)
2004-12-15 Matthew FredricksonLittle addition to the redirectionreason stuff
2004-12-15 Matthew FredricksonAdd new variable for PRIREDIRECTREASON in dial plan...
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerFix it so TARGET always has at least one thing in it...
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerFix quad_t (bug #3048)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerAdd missing patch
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerFix glob issue on solaris (bug #3047)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerMinor disa fix for 3.4
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerRemove broken "ackcall" fix (bug #3043)
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerFix silly read problem which would hang up if nobody...
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerSmall macro fix (bug #3044)
2004-12-14 Mark SpencerMerge slimey's Solaris compatibility (with small mods...
2004-12-14 Mark SpencerAdd "SAY ALPHA" (matt nicholson)
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerFix minor makefile issues (bug #3036)
2004-12-13 Ben Kramer/ fix for callerid configuration when opening channel...
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerFix res_config_mysql crash (thanks drumkilla!) (bug...
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerGR-303 conferencing fixes
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerFix PGSQL CDR issue (bug #3028)
2004-12-12 Mark Spencersmsq issues (bug #3025)
2004-12-12 Mark Spencerfix DIALSTATUS issue (bug #2989)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerAdd optional category for voicemail (bug #3022)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerFix language handling (bug #3023)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerMerge SIP authentication reuse patch (bug #2917) aka...
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerMake registertimeout be configurable (bug #2874)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerMerge privacy enhancements (bug #2091)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerExpose SIP URI (bug #3017)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerDon't send DTMF when there is no owner (partof bug...
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerRevert earlier patch (bug #2825)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerMerge sms stuff and move to "utils" subdir (bug #2973)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerRestore ignoring missing include files (bug #2825)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerAdd iax2 provisioning application for dialplan
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerAdd support for globbing (bug #2825)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerFix use count for agent/local (bug #2996 et al)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerAdd polish zones (bug #3016)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerMake sure context is passed properly on _exec (bug...
2004-12-11 Russell BryantShow some counters with 'show dialplan' (bug #2968)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerReload fixes (bug #2991)
2004-12-10 Mark SpencerFix setvar issue (bug #3010)
2004-12-10 Jim DixonAdded 'c' option to AgentMonitorOutgoing (like in wiki...
2004-12-10 Jim DixonFix ackcall problem for Zaptel channels
2004-12-10 Russell Bryantmake table configurable for cdr_odbc (bug #2755)
2004-12-09 Jim DixonFixed call parking, added separate paramater to allow...
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerMake table for PGSQL CDR's configurable (bug #2951)
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerMake music on hold truly optional (bug #2998)
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerAdd to ignore list
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerUpdate comment for fmtp 16, implement in RTP (bug ...
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerAdd Lithuania and Hungary to tone zones (bug #2992)
2004-12-08 Mark SpencerMerge josh's exit dir patch (bug #2995)
2004-12-08 Mark SpencerAdd version 22 firmware for iaxy
2004-12-08 Anthony Minessale IIfix bug 2994 (off by 1 error)
2004-12-08 Russell Bryantremove unnecessary 'if'
2004-12-08 Anthony Minessale IIfix case sensitivity issue in codecs
2004-12-07 Mark SpencerBig diet for struct ast_channel
2004-12-07 Russell Bryantfix mem leak in free_value (bug #2990)
2004-12-07 Russell Bryantchange strdupa to ast_strdupa (bug #2988)
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerMinor translation performance improvement (bug #2987...
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerMerge bkw's formatting and variable substitition (bug...
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerAdd missing free's in rare circumstances (bug #2985)
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerAdd persistent dynamic queue member support (bug #2929)
2004-12-05 Mark SpencerConsider a comment to start with ;-- but not if there...
2004-12-04 Mark Spencersilliness (N for "nat" not "no")
2004-12-04 Mark SpencerAdd heavily revised version of anthm's multi-line comme...
2004-12-03 Mark SpencerFix allow/disallow nomenclature (bug #2945, part deux)
2004-12-03 Mark SpencerAdd *preliminary* per-peer outbound proxy (bug #2859...
2004-12-03 Anthony Minessale IIone more disallow issue resolved disallow=all in peer...
2004-12-03 Anthony Minessale IIadd missing ~ to ast_parse_allow_deny that was breaking...
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerOops
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd nasty sip get header, too (bug #2838)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd nasty "AddSIPHeader" application (bug #2846)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd user=phone option (bug #2244, thanks oej)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerMerge SIP portion of new codec work from bug #2945