2003-04-27 Mark SpencerStore apps in alphabetical order, making "show applicat...
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore BSD enhancements
2003-04-26 Mark SpencerConvert between MS and non-MS formats
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerAllocate comments
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerMake immediate mode only work E&M
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerSIP conf patch
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerFix potential call feature race
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerAMAflags and account code honored in SIP
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerFix TOS stuff for BSD
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerOnly modify digit mode if dsp is in place
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerUse 503 for CONGESTION and 486 for BUSY
2003-04-24 Martin PyckoAllow use of immediate=yes with EM / EM_W signalling
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerFix minor CDR typo
2003-04-24 Martin PyckoRemove dependancy on libpri
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerFix '*' hangup
2003-04-23 Martin PyckoFix the previous patch (don't exit from macro when...
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerFix minor typos
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSwitch to audio mode on confmute, too
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSwitch to audio mode when enabling echo cancellation
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMinor app_dial typo fix
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerAlso take out of proceeding when ALERTING received
2003-04-23 Jeremy McNamaradecrement useage counter on hangup
2003-04-23 Martin PyckoDon't stop executing macro when we're in 'h' extension
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerFix build on chan_zap
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerProcess audio stuff in audio mode and then switch back...
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMore include fixes
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMore OpenBSD changes
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMore OpenBSD patches
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerAdd commonly used include headers
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerCopy tohost from the peer when poking
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerAdd stop when convenient
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerFix some symbol and Makefile issues
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSet into clear mode
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMake MP3 app timeout after a couple of seconds of no...
2003-04-22 Martin PyckoAdd ${ENV(VAR)} to the list of variables
2003-04-22 Mark SpencerFix tiny typo
2003-04-22 Mark SpencerFix race in DISCONNECT vs RELEASE
2003-04-22 Mark SpencerUpdate variables file
2003-04-22 Mark SpencerFix minor typo
2003-04-21 Martin PyckoClean the error for IAX when using SPEEX codec
2003-04-21 Mark SpencerReuse correct sequence numbers
2003-04-21 Mark SpencerAdd epoch and date/time variables
2003-04-20 Mark SpencerUse the same call id for registrations
2003-04-19 Mark SpencerRemove old printf
2003-04-19 Mark SpencerIAX2 updates, dial fix
2003-04-19 Mark SpencerFix sub-string handling
2003-04-19 Martin PyckoFix dependancy on a new libpri for my previous patch
2003-04-18 Mark SpencerMerge expression handling into variable handling
2003-04-18 Martin PyckoDon't send INFORMATION's with the number when we shouldn't
2003-04-18 Mark SpencerPut actual host name in field where possible
2003-04-18 Mark SpencerMassively redo variable substitution
2003-04-18 Mark Spencerast_rtp_pt_lookups must be done against static set
2003-04-18 Mark SpencerVarious contributed VPB fixes
2003-04-17 Mark SpencerFix transmissions
2003-04-17 Mark SpencerFix sample frame
2003-04-17 Mark SpencerUse 50 bytes instead of 52 bytes on ilbc
2003-04-17 Mark SpencerFinish implementing prod code
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerDetect frame length of G.729A
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerContribute SIP changes
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerAdd new app
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerMake IAX know about iLBC
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerAdd "prod" function, to get audio moving
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerUse 97 for ILBC type
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerMOve to definition
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerAdd preliminary voicetronix support
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerAdd iLBC codec
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerMake paging support apply to forwarded messages too
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerTrim down gateway names with []'s in them
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerAccept "defaultexpirey" too
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerWhen recording, strip off last 1/4 second from recordings
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerFix sample config, too
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerAdd new field for USER info to manager interface perms
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerDon't unlock in handle_response
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerFix locking issue
2003-04-13 Mark SpencerAdd ast_db_freetree and ast_db_gettree
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerFix chan alsa typo
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerAdd support for :authuser...
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerVarious requested SIP enhancements
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerFree queue config (thanks James)
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerFix ALSA/OSS leak
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaratweak internal codec order
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaramake non matching IP addresses go to invalid extension...
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerAdd MGCP audit
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerUpdate Changelog for 0.4.0
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerFix zombie *8# channels in SIP
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerFix blind transfer with macro
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerFix deferred dialing on FXO
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerAdd pager stuff
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerSuppress 487 message since people think it is an error
2003-04-11 Mark Spencerupdate CREDTS file
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerUse hostname instead of IP for sip registration
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerDon't double ack subscribes
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerPut number in name field if name field is NULL *or...
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerWhen swapping subs, queue a null frame, extend delay...
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamarad'oh remove cr/lf's from winblows
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamararemove debug
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaramore debug
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerOnly do call progress on outgoing calls
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd some debug for testing
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd a space