2004-04-21 James Golovichimage unregister typo
2004-04-21 James GolovichFix format unregister
2004-04-21 Jeremy McNamararollback to pre-janus, for the moment
2004-04-21 Mark SpencerSelect user by more logical grounds when no user is...
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerDocumentation fixes (bug #1439)
2004-04-20 James GolovichAdd app_exec (bug 1198
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerDon't spam 3389 warning message
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerDon't dereference consumed frame delivery.
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerFix pingtime calculation in bridge optimized mode
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerUpdate australian tonezones.
2004-04-20 Mark SpencerMake sure we safely lock both channels when doing a...
2004-04-19 Jeremy McNamaraupdate once again to the right version
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerMerge Matt's extern notify patch
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerHold the lock properly on async goto now that we have...
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerFix trailing slash problem (Zap) and making sure refers...
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerFix lock initialization in lock debugging mode
2004-04-19 Jeremy McNamaraMake comptable with Open H.323's Janus release. See...
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerAlways give real timestamps on IAX ping/pong messages
2004-04-19 James GolovichOpenBSD portability enhancements (bug 1002)
2004-04-18 James GolovichMake 'iax2 show users' print key if a key is used ...
2004-04-18 James GolovichMake extension matching non case sensitive. So 'T...
2004-04-17 James GolovichFix compile warning in chan_zap if libpri not installed
2004-04-16 Anthony Minessale II* Patch to Makefiles to allow a script to query the...
2004-04-16 Mark SpencerAdd support for E1 E&M
2004-04-16 Jeremy McNamaraRemove all capabilities first
2004-04-16 Mark SpencerAnswer if it needs it...
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerWarn to use DeadAGI in general on hungup channels if...
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerDon't set the address with NAT mode if we haven't progr...
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerMake substring deprecated
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerDo proper bounds checking in formats (bug #1356)
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerFix for uclibc
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerFix name properly
2004-04-14 Mark SpencerStore modules in the order they're loaded to make reloa...
2004-04-14 Mark SpencerClean up timestamps on IAX2
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraLets see if this way works to remove all capabilities...
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraback out lame attempt
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraprint out capability set, if h323debug is turned on
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaramake sure capability set is clean before setting new...
2004-04-13 Mark SpencerUse fputs where it makes sense instead of fprintf
2004-04-13 Mark SpencerDon't allow the format to be doubly handled
2004-04-12 Mark SpencerLock on indication too
2004-04-12 Mark SpencerRevert locking changes which break static locks (even...
2004-04-12 James GolovichChange mutex defines so it should work on OS that don...
2004-04-12 Mark SpencerFix implementation of waitfordigit_full
2004-04-12 Mark SpencerFix cut properly (bug #1138)
2004-04-11 Mark SpencerRevert earlier jcdutton ALSA improvements which are...
2004-04-10 Mark SpencerDon't hang up if the file is missing (not a bug, but...
2004-04-10 Mark SpencerDon't check PRI settings unless there is PRI
2004-04-10 James GolovichAllow zapscan to select a specific channel (bug 1371)
2004-04-09 James GolovichHopefully last fix to remote cli completion
2004-04-09 Mark SpencerDon't take digits in-band when in overlap dial mode
2004-04-09 James GolovichFix sounds.txt to have extensions for recently included...
2004-04-08 James GolovichAdd sound files for dynamic conf stuff (bug 1026)
2004-04-08 James GolovichAdd ability to do PINs with dynamic conf (bug 1026)
2004-04-08 James GolovichAdd new sounds text for conf mod (bug 1026)
2004-04-08 James GolovichHopefully the last round of removing needlock stuff
2004-04-08 James GolovichRemove more needlock stuff
2004-04-08 James GolovichFree some cli memory
2004-04-08 Mark SpencerTurn off MOH later rather than sooner.
2004-04-08 Ben Kramer updated to work with change by markster: Get rid of...
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFix SendDTMF which was clearly not even tested before...
2004-04-07 James GolovichRemove extra argument from ast_set_*_format calls
2004-04-07 James GolovichFix command completion and remove compile time warnings
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerAdd sendtext application
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFirst pass at fixing chan_alsa
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFix compile warning
2004-04-07 Malcolm DavenportMore changes to Matt's application
2004-04-07 Mark Spencerfix chan_oss for revised queue structure.
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerKeep random data around, we'll need it for certain...
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerRemove double unlock from ast_read
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerDon't say we're unable to find the channel if we're...
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFix double parking crash (bug #1302)
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerGet rid of all that old needlock garbage now that we...
2004-04-06 Malcolm DavenportAdd Matt's option to call an external application when...
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerDon't redefine ast_mutex_init
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerUpdate locking for non-debug mode, too
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerBite the bullet and require RECURSIVE mutexes
2004-04-06 James GolovichInclude inttypes.h in md5.h instead of stdint.h (since...
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerSmall IAX fixes
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerPrint actual hook state in chan_zap
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerBump branch id on INVITE with auth (bug #1313)
2004-04-06 James GolovichRemove size restiction on remote console command comple...
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerAdd "WaitExten" application
2004-04-06 Jeremy McNamaraswap out printf's for ast_verbose
2004-04-05 Mark SpencerDon't translate time for packets with no delivery
2004-04-05 Jeremy McNamaraon outbound calls make sure we use requested codec
2004-04-05 Mark SpencerFix timestamps for codec translations with different...
2004-04-05 James GolovichAllow manager.conf to use port and portno, but log...
2004-04-05 James GolovichMake outgoing call spool only consider # a comment...
2004-04-05 Ben Kramer/ implemented basic group'ing, as per chan_zap
2004-04-05 Mark SpencerSupport some more SIP idiocies
2004-04-05 James GolovichOnly update utime in pbx_spool.c if the file exists
2004-04-05 James GolovichMake pbx_spool update utime with every safe_append
2004-04-04 Mark Spencer603 is a busy too
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerRecognize + as a valid part of a phone number
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerVarious video fixes (bug #688)
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerSave appl and data around exec (bug #1301)
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerFix small SIP issue with SER (bug #1181)
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerClear out delivery fields just in case
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerMerge changes from jcdutton (thanks!)