2013-01-01 Andrew LathamAdd UUID packages now required to configure
2013-01-01 Sean BrightRevert 378248. I changed the logic of this function...
2013-01-01 Sean BrightBail out early when building an ast_trans_pvt and the...
2012-12-31 Kinsey MooreEnsure chan_sip rejects encrypted streams without crypt...
2012-12-20 Richard MudgettGive the causes[] a struct name.
2012-12-18 Kinsey MooreAdd test events for time limit-related hangups
2012-12-17 Richard MudgettFix potential double free when unloading a module.
2012-12-17 Richard MudgettMake chan_local module references tied to local_pvt...
2012-12-17 Richard Mudgettchan_local: Parse dial string consistently.
2012-12-17 Jason ParkerMake symlink use a relative path.
2012-12-17 Richard Mudgettchan_local: Misc lock and ref tweaks.
2012-12-14 Richard Mudgettchan_agent: Remove some duplicated code.
2012-12-14 Jonathan RoseFeatures: BRIDGE_FEATURES variable automixmonitor suppo...
2012-12-14 Richard Mudgettapp_queue: Revert bad ringinuse=no patch.
2012-12-14 Richard Mudgettapp_queue: Make update_status() not return anything.
2012-12-14 Damien WedhornFix skinny to recognise vmexten in general section...
2012-12-14 Damien WedhornAdd g722 codec support to skinny
2012-12-13 Richard Mudgettconfbridge: Fix MOH on simultaneous user entry to a...
2012-12-13 Damien WedhornMinor fixes for chan_skinny
2012-12-13 Sean BrightMake generate_exchange_uuid() always return the passed...
2012-12-13 David M. LeeFixed svn merge property breakage from r377986
2012-12-13 Damien WedhornFix skinny debug tab completion
2012-12-13 David M. LeeBail configure if it can't find libuuid.
2012-12-13 Russell BryantRemove compile time check HAVE_DEV_URANDOM.
2012-12-13 Mark MichelsonRe-add taskprocessor cleanup code that was removed...
2012-12-13 Sean BrightUse the UUID API to generate and validate UUIDs for...
2012-12-13 Mark MichelsonThe UUID commit removed changes made in res_clialiases.c
2012-12-13 David M. LeeFixed to look for proper uuid.h file
2012-12-13 Brent EaglesThis change adds a SIP peer configuration feature to...
2012-12-13 Kinsey MooreEnsure Min-SE is included in outbound INVITEs
2012-12-12 Rusty NewtonIncremented EXTRA_SOUNDS_VERSION in sounds/Makefile...
2012-12-12 Michael L.... Convert Dynamic Features Buffer To Use ast_str
2012-12-12 Mark MichelsonFix a potential deadlock in chan_sip during transfers.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd test events necessary for bridging tests to be...
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup CLI commands on exit for several files.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAnd remove svnmerge-integrated property.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonRemove automerge properties.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup udptl on exit.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd UUID support to Asterisk.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonFix crash that can occur if CLI registration fails...
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup taskprocessor on exit.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup pbx on exit.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup logger on exit.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup indications on exit.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup event on exit.
2012-12-11 Richard MudgettCleanup dnsmgr on exit.
2012-12-10 Kinsey MooreEnsure ReceiveFax provides a CED tone via T.38
2012-12-10 Kinsey MooreHandle Session-Expires less than local Min-SE in 200 OK
2012-12-10 Igor GoncharovskiyAdd firmware information to CLI devices listing
2012-12-10 Igor GoncharovskiyFix codec mismatch
2012-12-10 Igor GoncharovskiyRemove trailing whitespaces in number from incoming...
2012-12-10 Tilghman LesherImprove documentation by making all of the colors used...
2012-12-10 Tilghman LesherRemove some dead code and additionally handle a case...
2012-12-09 Joshua ColpAdd missing support for "who hung up" to chan_motif.
2012-12-08 Richard MudgettFix order of SIP allow/disallow in MySQL contrib script.
2012-12-07 Richard MudgettMALLOC_DEBUG: Only wait if we want atexit allocation...
2012-12-07 Kinsey Moorecodec_dahdi: Fix output of "transcoder show" CLI command.
2012-12-07 Richard Mudgettconfbridge: Fix some resource leaks on conference teardown.
2012-12-06 Russell BryantRecorded merge of revisions 377340 from svn.asterisk...
2012-12-06 Russell BryantMinor code cleanup in named_acl.c.
2012-12-06 Russell BryantAdd CLI tab completion to 'acl show'.
2012-12-06 Matthew JordanFix memory leak in 'manager show event' when command...
2012-12-05 Jonathan Roseres_srtp: Fix a crash caused by srtp_dealloc on an...
2012-12-05 Joshua ColpFix a SIP request memory leak with TLS connections.
2012-12-05 Richard MudgettRemove init_framer(). It no longer does anything.
2012-12-05 Richard MudgettFix registering core show codecs/codec CLI commands...
2012-12-05 Richard Mudgettconfbridge: Fix several small issues.
2012-12-04 Richard Mudgettconfbridge: Update online XML documentation.
2012-12-04 Russell BryantAdd libuuid to install_prereq for Fedora.
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup ast_run_atexits() atexits list.
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup core main on exit.
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup config cache on exit.
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup CLI resources on exit and CLI command registrat...
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup CDR resources on exit.
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettFix CCSS CLI commands and logger level not unregistered.
2012-12-03 Olle JohanssonFormatting fixes
2012-12-03 Joshua ColpFix an RTP instance reference count leak in chan_motif.
2012-12-03 Olle JohanssonMove functions to AFTER the block of forward declaratio...
2012-12-03 Olle JohanssonFormatting changes
2012-12-01 Joshua ColpTweak extension used for incoming calls received on...
2012-11-30 Richard Mudgettchan_misdn: Fix sending RELEASE_COMPLETE in response...
2012-11-30 Sean BrightMinor spelling fix to the VOLUME documentation.
2012-11-30 Mark MichelsonFix potential crashes during SIP attended transfers.
2012-11-29 Richard Mudgettchan_local: Fix local_pvt ref leak in local_devicestate().
2012-11-29 Richard MudgettFix compile error.
2012-11-29 Michael L.... Improve Code Readability And Fix Setting natdetected...
2012-11-29 David M. LeeFixed ast_random's comment about locking.
2012-11-29 Pedro KieferFix chan_sip websocket payload handling
2012-11-29 Richard MudgettAdd MALLOC_DEBUG atexit unreleased malloc memory summary.
2012-11-29 Richard MudgettEnhance MALLOC_DEBUG CLI commands.
2012-11-28 Jonathan Rosemanager: Make challenge work with allowmultiplelogin=no
2012-11-28 Richard MudgettFix extension matching with the '-' char.
2012-11-27 Richard MudgettRemove unnecessary channel module references.
2012-11-27 Richard MudgettMade AST_LIST_REMOVE() simpler and use better names.
2012-11-23 Matthew JordanRe-initialize logmsgs mutex upon logger initialization...
2012-11-21 Richard MudgettAdd red-black tree container type to astobj2.
2012-11-20 David M. LeeAdded missing newlines to websocket ast_logs.
2012-11-20 Mark MichelsonAdd "Require: timer" to 200 OK responses when appropriate.
2012-11-20 Alec L DavisReduce CLI spam of "Extension Changed" device state...
2012-11-19 Walter DoekesFix most leftover non-opaque ast_str uses.