2003-08-09 Mark SpencerSmall fix
2003-08-09 Jeremy McNamaraupdate callerid handling on outbound calls
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerUse stored secret if available, properly
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerFix round robin scheduling
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerCDR Mysql fixes
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerFix local buglet
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerFix for when libpri is not installed
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerProperly defuse race in chan_local, fix extremely unlik...
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerDo progress detect on incoming too
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerFix wrong pointer
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoRevert the change in GotoIfTime
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoFix the GotoIfTime application
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerInitialize lock that wasn't
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerMake parking resume properly when in macro
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerAllow groups to be checked in reverse order, make music...
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoClean up around new hangup routines
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoAdd handling of PRI_EVENT_HANGUP_REQ
2003-08-06 Mark SpencerTry immediately logged in agents first, then callbacklo...
2003-08-06 Mark SpencerFix race in agent login
2003-08-05 Mark SpencerFix options, switch default
2003-08-05 Mark SpencerMerge tim's "ack" option
2003-08-05 Martin PyckoFix and improve the new pri hangup routines
2003-08-04 Mark SpencerFix small leak in outgoing stuff
2003-08-04 Mark SpencerFix login to allow logging off with @context
2003-08-04 Mark SpencerAlways free cfg file
2003-08-04 Mark SpencerClear acknowledged flag on hangup
2003-08-03 Mark SpencerRemember they have to be zero filled
2003-08-03 Mark SpencerAllow extension names, include context, and switches...
2003-08-03 Mark SpencerAllow globals in extensions.conf to reference previous...
2003-08-03 Mark SpencerHonor context in agent callback login
2003-08-02 Mark SpencerFix sounds descriptions, add more info to chan_agent
2003-08-02 Mark SpencerImplement remaining queue strategies, ADSI fixes, and...
2003-08-02 Mark SpencerAdd sounds and descriptions
2003-08-02 Mark SpencerMerge tilghman's voicemail changes
2003-08-02 Jeremy McNamaracopy just the ip address over to __ourip
2003-08-02 Jeremy McNamararemote memory profiling
2003-08-01 Martin PyckoAllow to enter one digit extensions before the call...
2003-08-01 Martin PyckoLet directory application browse through the multi...
2003-07-31 Jeremy McNamaraupdate the other callerid check
2003-07-31 Jeremy McNamarastop seg if callerid is not sent at all
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerFix TOS bit in SIP when verbose < 2, add support for...
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerSmall SIP simplification
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerAllow subject to be set
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerAdd missing sounds
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerIf local user not found, allow call to pass
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerAdd alternate queueing strategies. Implment ringall...
2003-07-29 Mark SpencerHandle speex under most circumstances
2003-07-29 Mark SpencerFix some substantial locking issues
2003-07-29 Mark SpencerMinor fixes
2003-07-28 Martin PyckoFix couple of bugs
2003-07-28 Martin PyckoFix the bug when Sending Complete IE is sent or not...
2003-07-28 Martin PyckoMove the PROC lines so that it works when VIA ppl chang...
2003-07-28 Mark SpencerMinor formatting fix
2003-07-28 Mark SpencerAdd wrapup time
2003-07-28 Jeremy McNamararemove non implemented crap from config sample
2003-07-27 Mark SpencerProperly handle hangups on agent, improve formatting...
2003-07-27 Mark SpencerMerge / correct MM's patches
2003-07-27 Mark SpencerStart on queueing strategies
2003-07-26 Mark SpencerRevision to SIP
2003-07-26 Mark SpencerMinor fixup
2003-07-26 Mark SpencerAdd per-user limits to chan_sip
2003-07-25 Mark SpencerMake sure o->chan is non-NULL
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamararollback today's futile attempts properly
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamarapull everything back out, I am really done now
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamararemove stupid micr CR/LF's
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaraOne last attempt
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamararoll back, i give up
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaratry this crazy idea to make callerid work with no name
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaraadd more debug
2003-07-24 Martin PyckoFix the INSERT for the disposition in the string
2003-07-24 Martin PyckoChange the CREATE TABLE so that desposition would be...
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaraadd some debug to see what callerid is doing
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamararollback the last changes. wrong direction
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaradeal with no callerid name in all cases. really need...
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaradeal with no callerid name
2003-07-24 Mark SpencerMerge Matteo's INFO patch
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamaratweak to make user->callerid work properly
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamaraimplement callerid passing on type=users. Thanks Ol1ver
2003-07-23 Martin PyckoFix the 'disposition' field so that we have ANSWERED...
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamarafinish that thought
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamaraattempt to implement the passing of callerid. not tested
2003-07-22 Martin PyckoFix the compile problem
2003-07-22 Martin PyckoFix two little things
2003-07-22 Mark SpencerDon't hold channel resources longer than we need them
2003-07-22 Mark SpencerFirst pass at auto logoff support
2003-07-18 Mark Spenceroptionally log uniqueid as well
2003-07-17 Mark SpencerMinor fix for cid name
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerFix race in agent/masquerade
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerAdd "registered" option to iax2 show peers
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerOops
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerRemove inappropriate sentence from VM2
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerDon't native bridge when we can't
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerFix potential race in check_availability
2003-07-15 Martin PyckoFix a segfault with the calls that need to register...
2003-07-14 Martin PyckoFix a typo
2003-07-14 Martin Pyckopbx.c didn't get updated
2003-07-14 Martin PyckoAdd the possibility to delete all the contexts register...
2003-07-14 Martin PyckoInitial upload of the script that retrieves the extensi...
2003-07-14 Mark SpencerFix minor AGI buglet
2003-07-14 Martin Pyckopbx.c didn't get updated last time