2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaradon't try to unreg with gk, on reload, now
2004-01-09 Mark SpencerPerl cleanups
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #765: Modifying Auto-Congestion to p->maxtime ...
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #690: Add "show voicemail users" and "show voicemai...
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #710: Format fix for "zap show channels"
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #736: Better checking to avoid chan_zap segfault...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportBug #748 : indications.conf sample entry for South...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportFix Bug #625: Voicemail with PostgreSQL backend called...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportAdd the SuSE AMD64 support and fixes from Bug #706
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportCorrect indications.conf.sample for modulated indicatio...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportFix to generate tones having one amplitude modulated...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportSilly error
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportFix sample configuration for Macro usage per Bug #750
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportFix for cdr_pgsql for Debian per Bug #609
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportPostgreSQL Voicemail NULL password..Bug #546
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportAdding INCLUDE statement per Bug #672
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportRepair bad line wrap per bug #691
2004-01-07 Malcolm DavenportSyntax fix per Bug #713
2004-01-07 Jeremy McNamarajust throwing this in here cuz its really buggin me
2004-01-07 Mark SpencerTake out DOS returns
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamarare-do the monitor fix (check for io before killing...
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamaraadd a couple cli commands (h.323 hangup <token> and...
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamaranuke file descriptor leak..You don't need a whole new...
2004-01-04 Jeremy McNamaraprevent deadlock if no config file
2004-01-03 Jeremy McNamaraclean up file descriptor leak and check for io before...
2004-01-01 Mark SpencerDon't close audio[0] if you're not careful
2003-12-30 Jeremy McNamarafix the check to usecache. Bug #731
2003-12-28 Jeremy McNamaracheck another possible location for unix-odbc install...
2003-12-27 Mark SpencerIgnore signals in select, fix typo in last patch
2003-12-27 Mark SpencerFix EAGI fd leak (bug #698)
2003-12-25 Mark SpencerAdd AES support
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamaratotally revert that highly broken patch. Please test...
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamarafix a small memory leak, from brian
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamaracomment out two lines from PCadach's patch, they blow...
2003-12-24 Mark SpencerBrian's ODBC patches
2003-12-23 Jeremy McNamaraApply massive patch from PCadach. If things are broken...
2003-12-22 Martin PyckoPlay a beep after the user chooses prepending
2003-12-22 Martin PyckoDon't distroy the original message when prepending...
2003-12-22 Martin PyckoDon't free the user structure before reading the next...
2003-12-19 Jeremy McNamaraclean up output on debug
2003-12-19 Martin PyckoAdd voicemail prepending feature plus forwarding to...
2003-12-19 Mark SpencerSend date with invite
2003-12-19 Mark SpencerFix reload race in SIP
2003-12-19 Martin PyckoFix the passing of digital PRI-PRI
2003-12-18 Martin PyckoAllow doing digital PRI to PRI calls automatically
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamarafollow same naming scheme as other simular functions
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamaradon't create another endpoint on a reload
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamararemove debug and switch printf's out
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamaradon't complain on type=h323 itself :)
2003-12-18 Martin PyckoMove zaptrcallerid out of #define ZAPATA_PRI
2003-12-18 Martin PyckoChange long variable name to the shorter one
2003-12-17 Martin PyckoAdd 'useincomingcalleridonzaptransfer' keyword to chan_...
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerUse new code by default
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerMinor cleanup
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerFix MF detector, merge code from Steve Underwood for...
2003-12-14 Mark SpencerFix qualify + register
2003-12-13 Mark SpencerThe SIP motto is "There's More Than One Standard for...
2003-12-11 Mark SpencerProperly fix double locking issue, fix wav49 issue
2003-12-11 Martin PyckoWe really don't want to lock ourselves in zt_exception
2003-12-11 Mark SpencerProperly handle exceptions in zt_read
2003-12-10 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg if no config file
2003-12-10 Mark SpencerGet rid of old chan_zap_old
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerCleanup unload calls
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerDon't retransmit INVITE on 407 retransmission
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor sip fixes
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerPatch for improving unload on zap (thanks James)
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarastop seg when no loguniqueid is set in config file...
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarafix minor typos in descrip. Bug#635
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarafix typo. Bug#636
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamaraimplement userbyalias. This will look to IP instead...
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor mgcp debuggin changes, sip deadlock improvement
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerRemove gratuitous race
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerPath fix for hasnewvoicmeail app
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerFix hours 21-23 (bug #592)
2003-12-07 Jeremy McNamarafix a minor typo from brian
2003-12-07 Mark SpencerMore updates from Brian
2003-12-07 Mark SpencerMore renaming updates
2003-12-06 Mark SpencerRename cdr_unixodbc to cdr_odbc
2003-12-05 Martin PyckoProvide a channel if PRI_EVENT_RING comes without a...
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerFix minor bogus message
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerDon't use dynamic mode when scanning all gateways
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerQuiet more authentication info if not enabled
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerFix minor typo
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerTry to unscrew logger
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerFix PGSQL voicemail issues (bug #625) and fix reload...
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerForward language choice
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerAdd auth debug option
2003-12-04 Martin PyckoFix the ZapHangup, ZapDialOffhook, ZapTransfer manager...
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraadd warning for keywords in type=h323 that make no...
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerI have no idea what the heck that was supposed to be
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerDon't don't show verbose 3 message when verbose not set
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerRevert bad patch in 187
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerMake asterisk -r not timeout
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerMinor patch for improving console response with asteris...
2003-12-03 Mark Spencerscanf != sscanf
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerFix SQL description for longer channels
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerDon't retrain after each digit
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerReally fix chan local races (I hope)