2003-06-16 Jeremy McNamaraChange to be correct info
2003-06-16 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-06-16 Martin PyckoAdd musiconhold entry to agents.conf.sample
2003-06-16 Martin PyckoCheck if the musiconholdclass was changed with setmusic...
2003-06-16 Mark SpencerFix build for MySQL
2003-06-16 Mark SpencerMinor cleanup
2003-06-15 Mark SpencerHandle registration setups better when username contain...
2003-06-15 Mark SpencerInternationalize DISA and fix Voicemail when receiving...
2003-06-14 Mark SpencerRemove duplicate define
2003-06-14 Mark SpencerFix music on hold on park
2003-06-14 Mark SpencerFix teeny typo
2003-06-13 Mark SpencerMinor voicetronix update
2003-06-13 Mark SpencerFix transfer to parking
2003-06-12 Mark SpencerAdd missing srv.c and srv.h files
2003-06-12 Mark SpencerAdd SRV code to SIP, cleanup ENUM and make IAX2 do...
2003-06-11 Mark SpencerFix minor ACL declaration
2003-06-11 Mark Spencermanager unique id
2003-06-11 Mark SpencerAdd setmusiconhold to agi
2003-06-11 Mark SpencerUse digit/response timeouts
2003-06-09 Jeremy McNamaraimplement action: AbsoluteTimeout
2003-06-08 Martin PyckoFix the segfault in get_calleridname if the From: strin...
2003-06-06 Martin PyckoAdd the variable LEN(STRING) to retrieve the length...
2003-06-06 Martin PyckoAdd intercepting the calleridname from incoming SIP...
2003-06-05 Martin PyckoAdd support for handling INFORMATION messages carying...
2003-06-04 Martin PyckoIncrease the buffer to 512 so that we could process...
2003-06-04 Martin PyckoSomehow it didnt' get updated with the previous patch
2003-06-04 Martin PyckoAdd some configuration keywords for voicemail2: pbxskip...
2003-06-04 Jeremy McNamaraadd print showing which H.323ID we are gonna use
2003-06-03 Martin PyckoFor MF tones don't return the 0'os from the matrix
2003-06-03 Martin PyckoAdd a verbose message for those that have immediate...
2003-06-03 Jeremy McNamaraimplement H.323ID specification on the exten line....
2003-06-02 Mark SpencerFix INFO on SIP with weird hardware
2003-06-01 Jeremy McNamaratweak a few things to make PPC happy
2003-05-31 Jeremy McNamararemove references to jitter as we use Asterisk's RTP...
2003-05-30 Mark SpencerSave dialplan in new format
2003-05-30 Mark SpencerAdd unique identifier
2003-05-29 Martin PyckoAdd FAXEXTEN to save the DID/DNIS when we transfer...
2003-05-29 Mark SpencerFix feature group d MF
2003-05-28 Mark SpencerAdd National ISDN 1 support
2003-05-28 Mark SpencerMake file writing be able to handle a switch in codecs
2003-05-28 Mark SpencerWrite to read monitor before translation
2003-05-26 Mark SpencerFix attachment behavior in voicemail2
2003-05-26 Mark SpencerPass RING events in DOWN or RING states
2003-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate README for the lamers who can't make chan_h323...
2003-05-25 Mark SpencerFix searching for non-default mailboxes
2003-05-24 Mark SpencerEnforce mailboxes checked in increasing order
2003-05-24 Mark SpencerRestart faster on checking NOTIFY messages on mailboxes
2003-05-22 Mark SpencerOnly send 180 ringing once, fix CTRL+D in main code
2003-05-22 Mark SpencerFix vmail "taint" issue
2003-05-22 Mark SpencerFix 'T' extension
2003-05-22 Mark SpencerFix another deadlock in IAX2
2003-05-20 Jeremy McNamaraclarify messages, try to stop another debian seg
2003-05-20 Mark SpencerMinor voicemail2 tweak
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFinally fix the fix (what a day)
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix a typo
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix the flash/*0 when incoming call comes on FXO -...
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerFix case where local is allocated but not actually...
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerRevert bad changes
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix the flash/*0 when incoming call comes on FXO -...
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerCLear dial buffer
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerMore locking fixes
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerSuggested IAX and IAX2 bugfixes
2003-05-17 Mark SpencerAlways lock call in find_call
2003-05-17 Mark SpencerRevise Vonage's changes
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerMerge Vonage changes to VM2, ready to be edited and...
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerFix strdupas to be ast_strdupas
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerInclude fixes for portability
2003-05-16 Martin PyckoFix the compiling warning with 'int chan'
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerMakefile fix
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerMerge Vonage's MySQL Voicemail stuff
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerStop playing wav at end of data segment
2003-05-16 Martin PyckoChanging the last patch of chan_zap.c
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerFix seg on non-PRI
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerMake RTP ports configurable
2003-05-15 Mark SpencerHandle progress in chan_sip properly
2003-05-15 Martin PyckoDon't send INFORMATION messages unless we got SETUP_ACK...
2003-05-15 Martin PyckoFix overlapdial (sending)
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerClarify check for when to send message
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerMake vmail handle things properly in the case of includ...
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerIf we receive OPTIONS as the start of a conversation...
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerFix substantial typo in pbx_config
2003-05-14 Mark Spencerupdate changelog
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerImplement transfer (first pass) in SIP
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerAdd transfer to IAX2, and transfer application
2003-05-14 Jeremy McNamaratry to kill another possible seg
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerFix minor typo
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerActually give some time after total silence
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerResolve lock between peer/call
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerFix minor voicemail silence detect issues
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerFix VM "goodbye" for real
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerFix get_rdnis typo
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerRestore silence detect functionality to VM2
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerAttempt RDNIS support
2003-05-12 Martin PyckoAdd support for overlap dialing (sending). Now we have...
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerFix typo, remove timing by default, and check for relea...
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerRelease, ourselves
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerMake canreinvite globally applicable
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerUse zaptel timers to wake up processes
2003-05-12 Jeremy McNamaratweak the logic in MakeCall
2003-05-12 Jeremy McNamaraupdate changelog