2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingmake SIGURG handler message more obvious (issue #4878)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingallow custom dialplan functions to be called from AGI...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd preliminary support for SIP timers (issue #4359)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingmake pager messages configurable (issue #4829)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd CONTROL STREAM FILE AGI command (issue #4738)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd text status variable output to SendText() applicati...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd a LOG_DTMF logging channel and send all bridged...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd SIPCHANINFO function to retrieve information about...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd file to ignore list
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd status output to Transfer() application (issue...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Fleminghandle BYE instead of CANCEL from callers (issue #4994)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingsupport new format for musiconhold.conf (issue #4908)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd 'restart' character to ast_control_playback functio...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd count to 'show functions' CLI command (issue #4991)
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingadd count of files used to build Asterisk/modules ...
2005-08-22 Kevin P. Flemingmake 'show modules like' not case sensitive (issue...
2005-08-22 Jim DixonAdded support for Yaesu FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF radio and...
2005-08-21 Mark SpencerDocument AGI SIGHUP changes
2005-08-19 Mark SpencerFix IAX2 Provisioning
2005-08-19 Russell Bryantfix execiftime and include some code cleanup while...
2005-08-19 Mark SpencerFix language in d-channel (bug #4979)
2005-08-17 Kevin P. Flemingprotect PRI-specific code with ifdefs
2005-08-17 Mark SpencerFix password change bug (bug #4976)
2005-08-16 Kevin P. Flemingtemporarily revert aggressive native bridge attempts
2005-08-16 Matthew FredricksonDon't catch digits from zaptel during overlap dialing
2005-08-15 Mark SpencerAllow Asterisk to start even when eventlog is turned...
2005-08-15 Josh RobersonFix description text for IF function. (Bug #4966)
2005-08-15 Mark SpencerFix PRI against masquerade
2005-08-15 Josh RobersonFix usage text for AGI recieve text (bug #4948)
2005-08-15 Josh RobersonFix misspelling of "Launching" in pbx.c (Bug #<4964)
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerReorder dnsmgr to before other modules (bug #4927)
2005-08-14 Ben Kramer/ fixed bug introduced during bridge code cleanups
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerFix build on OpenBSD (bug #4951)
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerMake sure "now" is initialized (bug #4961)
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerWhe make_valgrind_happy, initialize dns to 0 before...
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerBuild safe_asterisk script substituting the proper...
2005-08-14 Mark SpencerFix cli matchstr initialization (bug #4958)
2005-08-12 Mark SpencerFix accidental RTCP/RTP linkage
2005-08-12 Mark SpencerFix CLI formatting typo (bug #4945)
2005-08-11 Kevin P. Flemingfix bug
2005-08-11 Mark SpencerExtend enum buffer sizes (bug #4943)
2005-08-11 Mark SpencerFix potential deadlock in asterisk
2005-08-11 Mark SpencerBuild dependencies first
2005-08-11 Mark SpencerFix acl compile on solaris (bug #4932)
2005-08-10 Kevin P. Flemingcorrect error Makefile
2005-08-10 Kevin P. Flemingadd ExternalIVR() application
2005-08-09 Russell Bryantfix a little oopsie
2005-08-09 Mark SpencerCentralize and fix tos for IAX (bug #4850 inspired)
2005-08-09 Mark SpencerAllow ToS to be set in hex (bug #4923)
2005-08-09 Kevin P. Flemingeliminate compiler warnings when DEBUG_THREADS is enabled
2005-08-09 Kevin P. Flemingbridging code cleanups:
2005-08-08 Mark SpencerDon't wait longer than our timeout for something to...
2005-08-08 Mark SpencerShow callerid in meetme show list (bug #4851 with mods)
2005-08-08 Mark SpencerBetter alignment/truncation of show channels output...
2005-08-08 Russell Bryantmore pointer signedness fixes for gcc4 warnings
2005-08-08 Mark SpencerBe consistent with User/Username (bug #4916)
2005-08-08 Mark SpencerMerge steve's busy detect stuff (bug #4830)
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerFix poll error condition causing memory corruption...
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerFix lookup to use proper API call...
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerDefault paths properly when building for solaris (bug...
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerAllow enumlookup to return a status variable (bug ...
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerDon't record all calls as abandoned (bug #4575) (fixes...
2005-08-07 Russell Bryantmore fixes for gcc4 warnings ...
2005-08-07 Russell Bryantmore fixes for gcc4 warnings
2005-08-07 Mark SpencerRevert improperly applied patch from bug #4771
2005-08-06 Russell Bryantremove some sillyness
2005-08-06 Mark SpencerProperly handle | within ()'s when doing app arg parsin...
2005-08-06 Mark SpencerFix timestamp + trunking (bug #4891)
2005-08-06 Russell Bryantformatting fixes
2005-08-05 Mark SpencerFix newline issue (bug #4632)
2005-08-05 Russell Bryantfix a bunch of gcc4 warnings realted to pointer signedness
2005-08-05 Russell Bryantfix seg fault if no variable is specified (bug #4907)
2005-08-05 Russell Bryantfix seg fault
2005-08-04 Russell Bryantensure that strings.h has va_list defined (bug #4900)
2005-08-04 Russell Bryantthere is no reason to check the channeltype of the...
2005-08-04 Russell Bryant'outgress' should be 'egress'
2005-08-03 Russell Bryantonly check for an existing cdr when about to set an...
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerBe sure not to leak frames in certain cases
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix documentation of overridecontext (bug #4379)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerRemove queue/session co-locking until deadlocks are...
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerAdd extra aliases from RFC4028 and RFC3841 (bug #4889)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix solaris vasprintf (don't free the memory, duh)...
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerImprove RTP comments (bug #4792 with mods)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix some astmm formatting and path issues (bug #4753)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix timestamp issue with features (bug #4760 with mods)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerRevert a portion of oej's patch...
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerDon't ignore ACk packets (bug #4861)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix issue with say digit str (bug #4883)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix sighup with AGI (bug #4854)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerMove to rizzo's new chan_oss, but leave the old one...
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerReduce number of calls to get method (bug #4863)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix voicemail crash (bug #4800)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix qop syntax (bug #4822)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix AEL max character bug (bug #4837)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix vasnprintf emulation (bug #4882)
2005-08-02 Mark SpencerRemove from maekfile, too
2005-08-02 Mark SpencerThis script is now useless...
2005-08-02 Jeremy McNamaraFix newsignal/newcontrol compile issue. Bug #4867
2005-08-01 Russell Bryantfix warning (bug #4807)
2005-08-01 Russell Bryantadd info on asterisk.ctl (bug #4864)