2005-04-01 Anthony Minessale IIfix codec timing issues
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix jitter buffer for call recording (bug #3826)
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix IAX2 out of memory failure (bug #3907)
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix RTP checksums config option (bug #3908 with minor...
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerMake logger respond better to lack of disk space and...
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix build without zaptel (bug #3901)
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix strict mode for queues (bug #3913)
2005-03-31 Anthony Minessale IImore optimizations
2005-03-31 Anthony Minessale IIminor tweak and optimization for chanspy
2005-03-31 Anthony Minessale IIunconfigured cdr_custom should not be fatal
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix name of conf file sample
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix load of cdr_custom
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerFix custom CDR error (thanks kpfleming)
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerUse requested extension (bug #3894)
2005-03-31 Mark SpencerMake bridging more efficient
2005-03-30 Anthony Minessale IIincrease queue length of chanspy queue
2005-03-30 Anthony Minessale IIfix dial a channel on chanspy
2005-03-30 Anthony Minessale IIadd missing newlines (part2)
2005-03-30 Anthony Minessale IIadd missing newlines
2005-03-30 Anthony Minessale IIincrease buffer space
2005-03-30 Mark SpencerAdd say date to AGi (bug #3768)
2005-03-30 Mark SpencerAdd fixup to chan_phone (bug #3825)
2005-03-30 Mark SpencerTake out unimplemented comment from logger.conf (bug...
2005-03-30 Mark SpencerFix CC (bug #3895)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerAdd option to disable checksums on IAX
2005-03-29 Anthony Minessale IIfix group and arg parsing bug
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerFix beep logic error (bug #3888)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerLittle say numer fix (bug #3884)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerMake sure ExecIf stuff returns properly (bug #3864)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerAllow functions to be written to (bug #2278, with mods)
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerSimplify endianness and fix for unaligned reads (bug...
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerNo need for sizeof (bug #3887)
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerFix a bunch of const stuff, merge queue changes, add...
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerClear out received tag in 407/401's (bug #3885)
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerDelete cross targets for gentone and friends
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerContinue with GET_DATA if no file is there (bug #3878)
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerDon't forget blank header in notify (bug #3877)
2005-03-28 Mark SpencerCleanup SIP method stuff a little
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerFix chanisavail typo that forced "state" mode (bug...
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerAvoid excessive "PROGRESS" messages (bug #3807)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerAdd load tester (bug #3870)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerOops, make good on my word :)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerFix cross compiling (bug #3868)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerFix app bug, update skel example, add skel to makefile...
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerAdd VM_CONTEXT for substitution (bug #3872)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerRepair danish format (bug #3239)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerGCC 4 fix (bug #3875)
2005-03-27 Russell Bryantfix a typo
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerMake status update on agents properly
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerMinor formatting fixes
2005-03-26 Russell Bryantformatting fixes
2005-03-26 Anthony Minessale IIfix volfactor
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerFix upgrade documentation to mention new manager event
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerFix discriptions / options (bug #3863)
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerFix order of priority reading / file reading (bug ...
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerImplement fax detect within i4l (bug #3827)
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerFix timeouts when no-password used (bug #3859)
2005-03-26 Mark SpencerMake sure AGI continues even when files aren't there...
2005-03-25 Mark SpencerFix DTMF formatting (bug #3853)
2005-03-25 Mark SpencerDon't use deprecated "2" location for G.726 (rfc3551)
2005-03-25 Russell Bryantreflect actual format of ${DATETIME} in the docs (bug...
2005-03-25 Russell Bryantremove channel_pvt.h
2005-03-25 Mark SpencerFix fork CDR seggy (bug #3855)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd SIP real authentication (bug #3782)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerFix OSS endian issues in OSS (bug #3846)
2005-03-24 Russell Bryantshow correct seq no in debug output (bug #3849)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd custom CDR (bug #3595)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd missing sounds
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd additional fields for calling parameters per BT...
2005-03-24 Mark Spencerfix repark of timed out parked calls (bug #3777)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerFix SIP/IAX caching (bug #3671)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerFix sound files
2005-03-24 Anthony Minessale IIdoh channel_pvt.h ?
2005-03-24 Anthony Minessale IIforgot to fix this
2005-03-24 Anthony Minessale IIFix the mysterious missing if
2005-03-24 Russell Bryantremove header that no longer exists
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerFix weird permissions
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd chanspy (bug #3836)
2005-03-24 Mark Spencerfix endianness of OSS/Alsa (bug #3839)
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerAdd sounds for chanspy
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerMake sure regtimeout is initialized (bug #3845)
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerMerge API changes for chanspy
2005-03-23 Russell Bryantsilly typo
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerAllow resetinterval to be "never"
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerFix portability (Bug #3842)
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerMerge Russell's formatting patch (bug #3838)
2005-03-23 Mark SpencerFix wav format (bug #3837)
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerMake sure that waitfordigit_full doesn't hangup on...
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerIgnore interrupted system calls (bug #3831)
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerFix OpenBSD compile (bug #3824)
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerFix chan_agent segfault (bug #3590)
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerFix SIP realtime bug (somehow didn't get committed...
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerFix manager declarations
2005-03-22 Mark SpencerIf the D-channel goes down and comes back up, consider...
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerFix queue weight issue (bug #3797, take 2)
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerMake sure we don't accept streams we can't handle ...
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerAdd README for jitter buffer (bug #3812), make src...
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerFix channel variables on cloned channels (bug #3804)
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerRevert broken portion of 3815 (bug #3816)
2005-03-21 Mark SpencerUpdate SIP/IAX documentation and code (Bug #3810)