2004-07-08 Mark SpencerMake ringing clearer
2004-07-08 Mark SpencerAdd SQLite CDR support (bug #1986)
2004-07-08 Mark SpencerMerge matt's voicemail patch with some restructuring...
2004-07-08 Mark SpencerWhen doing rport, remove the ";rport" before adding...
2004-07-07 Malcolm DavenportTrivial fix for README.messages-expire
2004-07-07 Malcolm DavenportBug #: 1988 Fix compile problem with iax2-provision...
2004-07-07 Mark SpencerCleanups to the ordering of events in dial, don't freak...
2004-07-07 Mark SpencerDeprecate emailtitle since emailsubject is more powerful.
2004-07-07 Mark Spencervoicemail cleanups from rgagnon (bug #1977)
2004-07-07 Mark SpencerAdd IAX provisioning support to Asterisk
2004-07-03 Mark SpencerFix typo in sample config
2004-07-03 James GolovichFix compiler warning because file.h isnt included
2004-07-03 Jeremy McNamaraadd utils.h include. Bug #1965
2004-07-02 Mark SpencerBack out accidental changes by anthm
2004-07-02 Anthony Minessale IIautodial update
2004-07-02 James GolovichMake app_txtcidname.c use ast_strlen_zero and cleanup...
2004-07-02 James GolovichFix TXT lookups so they dont strip off the last 2 chara...
2004-07-01 Mark SpencerFix missing context when calling app_hasvoicemail ...
2004-07-01 Mark SpencerMerge Steven Davies latest jitter buffer patch
2004-07-01 Anthony Minessale IIbring justice to gotoif's always true bug
2004-07-01 James GolovichReverse login on voicemail email sending. Last change...
2004-07-01 James GolovichFix IAX2 registration time. We want to set reg->refres...
2004-06-30 Malcolm DavenportFix stupid typo
2004-06-30 Malcolm DavenportBug #1957. Take two
2004-06-30 Malcolm Davenport"Unfix" Bug 1957...this isn't the solution
2004-06-30 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1957. No more sending e-mails if the address...
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerUse INET_ADDRLEN (bug #1956) (from airport!)
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerRead/Record updates (bug #1947)
2004-06-30 Malcolm DavenportBug #1952: iaxbuf now declared in chan_iax2.c and chan_...
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerMerge Steven Davie's timestamp improvements
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerAdd "show file formats" (courtesy bkw_) and Update...
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerFormatting fixes (bug #1951)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerMinor formatting fixes for pbx_wilcalu
2004-06-29 James GolovichUse snprintf in __ast_request_and_dial instead of sprintf
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerOne more FreeBSD fix
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerUpdate variable descriptions (bug #1948)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerRemove duplicate declaration (bug #1950)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerFreeBSD fix for utils (bug #1949)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerMake history configurable
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerReport checksum failures as such (bug #1942)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerDisplay invalid extension when there is one, fix minor...
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerPrefer extensions within a macro to those outside ...
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerDon't build old chan_iax by default (oops)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerUpdate asterisk spec file (bug #1946)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerCreate reentrant ast_inet_ntoa and replace all inet_nto...
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerOops (fix typo)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerPerform deadlock avoidance on initial entry, too
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerPlaceholder for GR303-FXSKS signalling (not yet finished)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerFix small typo (bug #1945)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerAvoid potential deadlocks in channel_walk_locked, and...
2004-06-29 James GolovichAdd manager action descriptions for 'Events', 'Logoff...
2004-06-29 Jim DixonMore improvements to app_rpt.c
2004-06-29 James GolovichMore formatting cleanups.
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerMake sure pollres is initialized to 0
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerAllow nat=never mode to work around buggy UNIDEN UIP200...
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerMerge Tilghman's meetme updates (bug #1934)
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerIf we don't accept a SUBSCRIBE, set needdestroy
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerMerge seconds announcement for queue hold time (bug...
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerMerge OSX compatibility patch (bug #1940)
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerAllow custom beep to be specified for agents (bug ...
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerDirectory fixes (bug #1887)
2004-06-28 Jeremy McNamaraAdd new built-in app 'SetAMAFlags'
2004-06-28 Jeremy McNamaraAdd new built-in app 'SetAMAFlags'
2004-06-27 Jim DixonAdded 'polite ID' concept in app_rpt.c and fixed a...
2004-06-27 Jeremy McNamaraapply temporary fix to stop people from whining.
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerAdd option for in-band progress (bug #1879)
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerAdd ability to send detailed mailbox info (bug #1690)
2004-06-26 Jim DixonFixed autopatch so that it would take digits from link...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerFix astman build (bug #1930)
2004-06-26 Jim DixonFixed a couple of silly things that I overlooked before :-)
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMinor cleanups on zap when hangup on callwait
2004-06-26 Jim DixonAdded support for Doug Hall RBI-1 Remote base controlle...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerImplement queue wide wrapuptime (bug #1707)
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerDon't repeat option 3 (bug #1910)
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerAdd peercontext parameter for default outbound context...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMerge cmaj's ZapDND and specific channel status manager...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMinor alsa fixes, add "delayreject" option to IAX to...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerZap NSF merge, major ALSA improvements
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMerge source cleanups (bug #1911)
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd crypto to FreeBSD build (bug #1912)
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerMerge voicemail internationalization (bug #1485)
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerDon't munge outgoing call progress when fax enabled...
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerFixes to -R feature
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd subaddress support (bug #1877)
2004-06-25 Jim DixonFixed problems with multiple links and added timeout...
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerCleanup handling of complex expressions (bug #1919)
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerHandle URL encoded stuff in pedantic checking
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd Tilghman's -R option to allow reconnecting when...
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerUpdate Chanelog
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd sample config file, implement verification
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerSmall outgoing OSP cleanups
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerCommit remaining changes
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerSomehow the Makefile didn't get merged
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd outgoing OSP support (SIP only at this point)
2004-06-24 Mark SpencerMake sure other drivers also zero delivery (thanks...
2004-06-24 Mark SpencerMerge Ehud's MySQL users support (bug #1815)
2004-06-24 Mark Spenceroops
2004-06-23 Mark SpencerExtend delay slightly
2004-06-23 Mark SpencerMake delay for echo training configurable
2004-06-23 Mark SpencerGenerate "failed" context on busy, too