2022-05-20 Sean Brightloader.c: Use portable printf conversion specifier...
2022-05-17 Joshua C. Colpres_pjsip_transport_websocket: Also set the remote...
2022-05-13 Thomas Guebelsres_pjsip_transport_websocket: save the original contac...
2022-05-13 Naveen Albertres_pjsip_outbound_registration: Show time until expiration
2022-05-13 Naveen Albertapp_confbridge: Add function to retrieve channels.
2022-05-09 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Fix broken operator mode clearing.
2022-05-09 George JosephGCC12: Fixes for 16+
2022-05-09 George JosephGCC12: Fixes for 18+. state_id_by_topic comparing...
2022-05-05 Maximilian... core_unreal: Flip stream direction of second channel.
2022-05-02 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Document dial resource options.
2022-05-02 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Don't allow MWI FSK if channel not idle.
2022-05-02 Michael Cargileapps/confbridge: Added hear_own_join_sound option to...
2022-05-02 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Don't append cadences on dahdi restart.
2022-05-02 Naveen Albertchan_iax2: Prevent crash if dialing RSA-only call witho...
2022-04-28 Naveen Albertmenuselect: Don't erroneously recompile modules.
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertapp_meetme: Don't erroneously set global variables.
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertasterisk.c: Warn of incompatibilities with remote console.
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertfunc_db: Add function to return cardinality at prefix
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertchan_dahdi: Fix insufficient array size for round robin.
2022-04-27 Mark Petersenchan_sip.c Session timers get removed on UPDATE
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertfunc_evalexten: Extension evaluation function.
2022-04-27 Naveen Albertfile.c: Prevent formats from seeking negative offsets.
2022-04-26 Naveen Albertchan_pjsip: Add ability to send flash events.
2022-04-26 Naveen Albertcli: Add command to evaluate dialplan functions.
2022-04-26 Naveen Albertdocumentation: Adds versioning information.
2022-04-26 Naveen Albertsamples: Remove obsolete sample configs.
2022-04-26 Mark Petersenchan_pjsip: add allow_sending_180_after_183 option
2022-04-26 Mark Petersenchan_sip: SIP route header is missing on UPDATE
2022-04-26 Joshua C. Colpmanager: Terminate session on write error.
2022-04-26 Yury Kirsanovbridge_simple.c: Unhold channels on join simple bridge.
2022-04-26 Kevin Harwellres_aeap & res_speech_aeap: Add Asterisk External Appli...
2022-04-26 Maximilian... app_dial: Flip stream direction of outgoing channel.
2022-04-26 Ben Fordres_pjsip_stir_shaken.c: Fix enabled when not configured.
2022-04-26 Joshua C. Colpres_pjsip: Always set async_operations to 1.
2022-04-25 Sean Brightconfig.h: Don't use C++ keywords as argument names.
2022-04-25 Joshua C. Colpcdr_adaptive_odbc: Add support for SQL_DATETIME field...
2022-04-25 Joshua C. Colppjsip: Increase maximum number of format attributes.
2022-04-14 Ben FordAST-2022-002 - res_stir_shaken/curl: Add ACL checks...
2022-04-14 Ben FordAST-2022-001 - res_stir_shaken/curl: Limit file size...
2022-04-14 Joshua C. Colpfunc_odbc: Add SQL_ESC_BACKSLASHES dialplan function.
2022-04-08 Naveen Albertapp_mf, app_sf: Return -1 if channel hangs up.
2022-04-08 Naveen Albertapp_queue: Add music on hold option to Queue.
2022-04-08 Naveen Albertapp_meetme: Emit warning if conference not found.
2022-03-30 Naveen Albertbuild: Remove obsolete leftover build references.
2022-03-30 Kevin Harwellres_pjsip_header_funcs: wrong pool used tdata headers
2022-03-30 Kevin Harwelldeprecation cleanup: remove leftover files
2022-03-30 Joshua C. Colppjproject: Update bundled to 2.12 release.
2022-03-29 Naveen Albertpbx.c: Warn if there are too many includes in a context.
2022-03-29 George JosephMakefile: Disable XML doc validation
2022-03-29 George Josephmake_xml_documentation: Remove usage of get_sourceable_...
2022-03-28 Naveen Albertchan_iax2: Fix spacing in netstats command
2022-03-28 Sean Brightopenssl: Supress deprecation warnings from OpenSSL 3.0
2022-03-28 Marcel Wagnerdocumentation: Add information on running install_prere...
2022-03-25 Naveen Albertchan_iax2: Fix perceived showing host address.
2022-03-25 Boris P. Korzunres_pjsip_sdp_rtp: Improve detecting of lack of RTP...
2022-03-25 Hugh Use pkg-config to detect libxml2
2022-03-24 Philip Prindevilletime: add support for time64 libcs
2022-03-23 Alexei Gradinarires_pjsip_pubsub: RLS 'uri' list attribute mismatch...
2022-03-23 Naveen Albertapp_dial: Document DIALSTATUS return values.
2022-03-23 Sean Brightstasis_recording: Perform a complete match on requested...
2022-03-23 Sean Brightdownload_externals: Use HTTPS for downloads
2022-03-23 Sean Brightconversions.c: Specify that we only want to parse decim...
2022-03-23 Philip Prindevillelogger: workaround woefully small BUFSIZ in MUSL
2022-03-23 Naveen Albertpbx_builtins: Add missing options documentation
2022-03-15 Alexei Gradinarires_pjsip_pubsub: update RLS to reflect the changes...
2022-03-14 Naveen Albertres_agi: Fix xmldocs bug with set music.
2022-03-14 Boris P. Korzunres_config_pgsql: Add text-type column check in require...
2022-03-11 Kfir Itzhakapp_queue: Add QueueWithdrawCaller AMI action
2022-03-07 Naveen Albertami: Improve substring parsing for disabled events.
2022-03-03 George Josephxml.c, config,c: Add stylesheets and variable list...
2022-03-01 George Josephxmldoc: Fix issue with xmlstarlet validation
2022-02-28 George Josephcore: Config and XML tweaks needed for geolocation
2022-02-28 George JosephMakefile: Allow XML documentation to exist outside...
2022-02-28 George Josephbuild: Refactor the earlier "basebranch" commit
2022-02-25 Joshua C. Colpjansson: Update bundled to 2.14 version.
2022-02-25 Naveen Albertfunc_channel: Add lastcontext and lastexten.
2022-02-25 Naveen Albertchannel.c: Clean up debug level 1.
2022-02-25 Naveen Albertconfigs, LICENSE: remove
2022-02-25 Naveen Albertdocumentation: Add since tag to xmldocs DTD
2022-02-25 Naveen Albertasterisk: Add macro for curl user agent.
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertres_stir_shaken: refactor utility function
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertapp_voicemail: Emit warning if asking for nonexistent...
2022-02-23 Alexei Gradinarires_pjsip_pubsub: fix Batched Notifications stop working
2022-02-23 Alexei Gradinarires_pjsip_pubsub: provide a display name for RLS subscr...
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertfunc_db: Add validity check for key names when writing.
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertcli: Add core dump info to core show settings.
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertdocumentation: Adds missing default attributes.
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertapp_mp3: Document and warn about HTTPS incompatibility.
2022-02-23 Naveen Albertapp_mf: Add max digits option to ReceiveMF.
2022-02-17 Naveen Albertami: Allow events to be globally disabled.
2022-02-14 Mike Bradeentaskprocessor.c: Prevent crash on graceful shutdown
2022-02-11 Alexei Gradinariapp_queue: load queues and members from Realtime when...
2022-02-11 Sean Brightmanager.c: Simplify AMI ModuleCheck handling
2022-02-10 Mark Petersenres_prometheus.c: missing module dependency
2022-02-03 Sean Brightres_pjsip.c: Correct minor typos in 'realm' documentation.
2022-02-03 Sean Brightmanager.c: Generate valid XML if attribute names have...
2022-02-01 Sean Brightbuild_tools/make_version: Fix bashism in comparison.
2022-02-01 George Josephbundled_pjproject: Add additional multipart search...
2022-02-01 Mark Petersenchan_sip.c Fix pickup on channel that are in AST_STATE_DOWN
2022-02-01 George Josephbuild: Add "basebranch" to .gitreview