2006-04-28 Russell Bryantremove this option for now, because it can only be...
2006-04-27 Russell Bryantadd STACK_BACKTRACES to the CFLAGS selectable in menuselect
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofix destructor for pval objects (thanks to Steve Murphy);
2006-04-27 Russell Bryantwhen doing the checks necessary for chan_phone, look...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoalways call the destructor
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodocument variable and options used.
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodocument options, move objects of the same type close to
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoslightly restructure a block to reduce nesting,
2006-04-27 Joshua ColpBlocked revisions 22954 via svnmerge
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoimore npval -> npval2 conversions
2006-04-27 Matt O'Gormandont free unallocated block ,and dont close a fd
2006-04-27 Matt O'Gormanallows for chan_zap to have all channels reloaded
2006-04-27 Joshua ColpAdd option 'I' which allows you to record your name...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore npval2 replacement, mark XXX dubious arguments
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore npval -> npval2 replacement, and a fix for a likely
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzointroduce a simplified interface for npval and start...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoformatting fixes
2006-04-27 Joshua ColpChange channel locking to API, nifty janitor project...
2006-04-27 Russell Bryant- add missing IXJUSER to
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouse ast_calloc for memory allocations
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofix a couple of bugs in arguments to npval
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoremove some commented-out code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofinish packing yylloc into macros
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoadd some comments to the code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Matthew FredricksonMake sure we use the correct event type when we're...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore dup removal
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore duplicate removal
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoremove duplicated code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzostaticize c_prevword()
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore indentation fixes
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouse asprintf instead of malloc
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Christian Richterput the default misdn.trace to /var/log/asterisk/misdn...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore indentation fixes
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzocleanup formatting to emphsize common code blocks
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomove similar blocks close to each other to make similar...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzonormalize and simplify the code for keeping track of...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodefine some flex constants for character sets.
2006-04-27 Russell Bryantonly define HAVE_SOMELIB if somelib's header file was...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouncomment some functions in the flex code that were...
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzouse \t to indicate a tab, and fix indentation for
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzoremove common blocks of code with a macro (waiting...
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzostaticize some variables
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzocomment behaviour of pbcwhere in preparation for its use
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzoremove unused variable
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzoinclude/asterisk/ael_structs.h:
2006-04-26 Matt O'Gormanadds new function QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT and a few
2006-04-26 Matt O'Gormanmore janitor work, patch from bug 6975.
2006-04-26 Matt O'GormanMerged revisions 22596 via svnmerge from
2006-04-26 Matt O'Gormanadds two new applications, exitwhile, and continuewhile
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzowhitespace-only change:
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzowhitespace-only change:
2006-04-26 Christian RichterFacility decoding doesn't work proper yet
2006-04-26 Russell Bryantadd the missing prototype for the included asprintf
2006-04-26 Russell Bryantanother Solaris compatability fix - this makes sure...
2006-04-25 Tilghman LesherBug 7032 - Remove deprecated use of ${CALLERIDNUM}
2006-04-25 Russell BryantAEL is no longer considered experimental :)
2006-04-25 Kevin P. Flemingdon't rely on default search paths for finding local...
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantif an external library is found, but the associated...
2006-04-25 Luigi Rizzowrong path in include file.
2006-04-25 Luigi Rizzofix variable declaration in the middle of a block
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantdon't list strcompat.o as a dependency in the build_too...
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantremove a bashism ...
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantapparently some systems may have ncurses that doesn...
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantanother little Solaris fix, unset LIBS before building...
2006-04-25 Russell Bryantmenuselect needs strcompat.o for strsep on Solaris
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantcheck for automake before aclocal, so that the error...
2006-04-24 Tilghman LesherMove clueful 'h' more central; alias ESC to left arrow...
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantadd a note indicating that you can press 'h' for help
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantremove properties added as a part of the AEL merge
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantremove some files we don't need
2006-04-24 Kevin P. FlemingMerge Steve Murphy's (murf) complete re-implementation...
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantprint a message before running the autotools
2006-04-24 Russell Bryantfix kevin's silly typos
2006-04-24 Tilghman LesherDeprecate prefixed options in voicemail
2006-04-24 Kevin P. FlemingThanks to the fine work of Russell Bryant and Dancho...
2006-04-24 Mark SpencerFix CDR builds when includes are in freetds directory...
2006-04-23 Tilghman LesherBug 6710 - Move default datetime string to each languag...
2006-04-23 Olle Johansson- Add doxygen documentation for sipsock_read locking
2006-04-22 Jim DixonAdded "Operator Services" connection mode for Zap chann...
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoconvert to use ast_stream_and_wait
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoconvert to use ast_strem_and_wait
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoconvert to use ast_stream_and_wait
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzomove wait_and_stream to ast_wait_and_stream() because...
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzomore stncpy/ast_copy_string replacement.
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzomore strncpy/ast_copy_string replacement.
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzomore strncpy/ast_copy_string replacement
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoreplace some strncpy with ast_copy string,
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoreplace strncpy with ast_copy_string.
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoreplace strncpy with ast_copy_string and fix the -1...
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzocomment a possible memory leak
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzomerge some common code into a function
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoupdate configuration, generalize date format and
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzo- use symbolic constants and macros to play with the...
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzosimplify pbx_builtin_execiftime
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzosimplify a function
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzominor cleanup
2006-04-21 Luigi Rizzoone more client for find_context_locked()