2004-11-11 Mark SpencerFix segfault
2004-11-11 Jeremy McNamaracopy over username to create a proper called addr
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerOn second thought, require 'j' option to enable new...
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerAllow app_authenticate to go to n+101
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerCleanup/performance improve chan_sip slightly (bug...
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerFix chan_phone for kernel 2.6 (bug #2831)
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerAdd pkgconfig support (bug #2734)
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerWork around silly macos (bug #2833)
2004-11-11 Mark SpencerFix leaky fd issue (bug #2832)
2004-11-10 Mark SpencerFix off by one (bug #2872, but different solution)
2004-11-09 Mark SpencerMake features programable (will require iaxy binary...
2004-11-09 Mark SpencerShow status of agents...
2004-11-09 Mark SpencerMake timezone configurable within IAX (bug #2814)
2004-11-09 Mark SpencerFix segfault
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerFix supervised transfer (bug #2813)
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerFix verbose error (bug #2809)
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerAdd British and Norwegian syntax (bug #2683)
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerFix spelling error (bug #2810)
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerProvide "ident" command line (at least the start of...
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerOops, set the userfield, not the account code...
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerAllow client code to be set from snom phone if "useclie...
2004-11-08 Mark SpencerUpdate indications.conf.sample for SG
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerAdd OUTBOUND_GROUP support (bug #2530)
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerMajor MGCP locking fixes (bug #2696)
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerFix page thingy (bug #2789)
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerAdd ANI2 to zap (bug #2788)
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerCome into compliance with RFC3842
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerDisable echo canceller for digital calls (bug #2785...
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerSetup fromuser properly (bug #2802)
2004-11-06 Mark SpencerFix callerid name to work with peer...
2004-11-06 Mark SpencerAdd features (incomplete, highly experimental), fix...
2004-11-06 Mark Spenceroops
2004-11-06 Mark SpencerAdd dumpchan application (bug #2678)
2004-11-05 Mark SpencerFix bad line
2004-11-05 Mark SpencerMake clear that "hookstate" is only valid on FXS
2004-11-04 Mark SpencerFix non-std characters
2004-11-04 Mark SpencerFix VMAuthenticate application (bug #2775)
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerPass through flash hook
2004-11-03 Russell Bryantchange 'incoming' to 'inbound' in dundi.conf.sample
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerFix "killa" console issue
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerAdd VMAuthenticate application (bug #2775)
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerAdd french support
2004-11-02 Mark SpencerFix managerproxy (bug #2506)
2004-11-02 Mark SpencerFix locking issues
2004-11-02 Mark SpencerFix off-by-one buglet
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerUse getpid (non-linux) or gettid(linux) for thread...
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerLittle variable optimizations
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerUpdate ChangeLog
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerMake channel variables inheritable by _ (bug #928)
2004-11-01 Mark Spencervmail.cgi updates (bug #2686)
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerAdd TALK_DETECTED variable (bug #2628)
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerAccept %d/%d in m= line of SDP (bug #2625, but not...
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerFix say for portugese (bug #2749)
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerConsole fix (bug #2764) and logger fix...
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerDebugging improvements (bug #2765)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerPass redirecting number on PRI calls (bug #2763)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerOuch.
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerDISA enhancemnets (bug #2766)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerMisc code fixes (bug #2762)
2004-10-30 Mark SpencerAdd voicemail to say # of minutes remaining (bug #2302)
2004-10-30 Mark SpencerAdd RTP debug support (bug #2570)
2004-10-29 Mark SpencerOopsies...
2004-10-29 Mark SpencerMake retrans timer less aggressive
2004-10-29 Mark SpencerComplete DUNDi push (first pass) support
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerFix record app
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerFix qsig support
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerFix potential seg if someone doesn't specify an extension
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerAdd structures for status reporting
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerRecord application updates (bug #2627)
2004-10-28 Matthew FredricksonAdding Q.SIG switchtype option to chan_zap
2004-10-28 James GolovichCleanup formatting in bug 2741 patch
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerOops
2004-10-28 Jeremy McNamaramore code clean-up
2004-10-28 Mark Spencerfix compiler warning
2004-10-28 Ben Kramer/ fixed for change in ast_channel structure
2004-10-27 Mark SpencerTransfer improvements and fixes (bug #2741)
2004-10-27 Mark SpencerFix H.323 doc stuff (bug #2739)
2004-10-27 Mark SpencerPreliminary "PRECACHE" / push support...
2004-10-27 Anthony Minessale IIrollback stupid code
2004-10-27 Anthony Minessale IIeven more paranoid serialize code
2004-10-27 Anthony Minessale IIadd more paranoid handling to pbx_builtin_serialize_var...
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerAdd manager proxy (bug #2506)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerFix chan_local debug message (bug #2725)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerFix MGCP dtmf buglet (bug #2696)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerAdd n+101 jump if file does not exist (bug #2722)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerFix short message isssue (bug #2723)
2004-10-24 James GolovichFix compilation of chan_agent.c on gcc < 3.0
2004-10-24 James GolovichUse same defines for NetBSD as FreeBSD in pbx_dundi...
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerAdd new features to agent stuff (bug #1693)
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerDo not build with DEBUG_THREADS on by default!
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerFix email debyg line (bug #2675)
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerFix Makefile issue (bug #2691, again)
2004-10-24 James GolovichPass format string
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerDon't execute log functions for log levels we don't...
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerAllow "dundi flush" to flush statistics too
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerOops
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerAdd cache bypass mode
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerOops