2010-02-07 Mark MichelsonRemove parsing of constantssrc from reload_config.
2010-02-06 Mark MichelsonRemove useless sip options related to hash table size.
2010-02-05 David Vosselfixes astobj2 unlinking of multiple objects when OBJ_MU...
2010-02-05 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 245044 via svnmerge from
2010-02-05 Tilghman LesherMerge tests that verify the same thing. (Oops.)
2010-02-05 David Vosseladds total call numbers available to 'iax2 show callnum...
2010-02-05 Terry WilsonFix crash on 32-bit for users not using https
2010-02-05 Sean BrightMerged revisions 244926 via svnmerge from
2010-02-05 David Vosselfixes issue with sip registry not having correct defaul...
2010-02-05 David Vosselfixes memory leak in astobj2 test
2010-02-04 Jeff PeelerBlocked revisions 244785 via svnmerge
2010-02-04 David Vosselparse_moved_contact tries to parse contact_name twice
2010-02-04 Tilghman LesherTry to make ast_format_str_reduce fail...
2010-02-04 Tilghman LesherOops
2010-02-04 Tilghman LesherDefine a small set of constant return values
2010-02-04 David Vosselfix truncated format string in 'test show registered'
2010-02-04 Richard MudgettAdd ignore *.i files property to the new channels/sip...
2010-02-03 Jeff PeelerAdd some additional option support for non-default...
2010-02-03 David Vossel-----Changes -----
2010-02-03 Mark MichelsonInitialize counters in ast_sched_report so that resulti...
2010-02-03 Tilghman LesherThe chanvar= setting should inherit the entire list...
2010-02-02 David Vosselfixes crash during T.38 negotiation caused by invalid...
2010-02-02 Tilghman LesherProperly respect GOSUB_RESULT as to what to do with...
2010-02-02 Tilghman LesherCorrect some off-by-one errors, especially when express...
2010-02-01 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 244242 via svnmerge from
2010-02-01 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 244151 via svnmerge (fixed a differen...
2010-02-01 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 244070 via svnmerge from
2010-01-28 Jeff PeelerOptimization to manager events.
2010-01-28 Tilghman LesherInformational message, not an error.
2010-01-28 Russell BryantAdd a missing line terminator for T.38 SDP.
2010-01-28 Russell BryantMerged revisions 243779 via svnmerge from
2010-01-27 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 243691 via svnmerge from
2010-01-27 Jeff Peelerexpand code based appreviation of AST_CONFIG_DIR to...
2010-01-27 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 243570 via svnmerge from
2010-01-27 Jeff PeelerAdd new option to asterisk.conf (lockconfdir) to protec...
2010-01-27 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 243486 via svnmerge from
2010-01-27 Russell BryantFix the ability to specify an OSP token for an outbound...
2010-01-26 David VosselMerged revisions 243390 via svnmerge from
2010-01-26 David RugglesCode clean up in app_senddtmf
2010-01-26 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 243258 via svnmerge from
2010-01-26 Jeff PeelerFix crash resulting from frames with invalid data pointers.
2010-01-26 David Vosselmodify 'test show registered' cli output format
2010-01-26 David VosselRFC compliant uri and display-name encode/decode
2010-01-26 Russell BryantLog the variable name being tested.
2010-01-26 Russell BryantUpdate test_substitution to show failures in the test...
2010-01-26 Russell BryantUpdate func_aes to its pre-ast_str_substitution state.
2010-01-26 Tilghman LesherFixing last errors in the conversion, though it appears...
2010-01-26 Tilghman LesherUsing a dummy channel causes CDR() testing to fail.
2010-01-26 Tilghman LesherWish I had gotten to the review before this got submitt...
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242969 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242966 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Russell BryantMake unit test modules depend on TEST_FRAMEWORK instead...
2010-01-25 Russell BryantConvert test_substitution module to the unit test API.
2010-01-25 Alexandr Anikinsmall corrections in call clearing
2010-01-25 Olle JohanssonChange api for pbx_builtin_setvar to actually return...
2010-01-25 Olle JohanssonMerged revisions 242850 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242852 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Terry WilsonFix INTERNAL_OBJ error on stop when calendars.conf...
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242728 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242723 via svnmerge from
2010-01-25 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242683 via svnmerge from
2010-01-24 Alexandr AnikinAST_CONTROL_CONNECTED_LINE frame type processing added...
2010-01-24 Sean BrightInstead of crashing, allocate our header ast_str before...
2010-01-24 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242520 via svnmerge from
2010-01-22 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 242423 via svnmerge from
2010-01-22 David RugglesAdd send DTMF feature to ExternalIVR app
2010-01-22 Tilghman LesherThe irony of not compile-testing a test program before...
2010-01-22 Olle JohanssonMerged revisions 242226 via svnmerge from
2010-01-22 Russell BryantUpdate the doxygenification of some comments.
2010-01-22 Russell BryantConvert scheduler API entry order test to the test...
2010-01-22 Russell BryantAdd test API usage example to test_skel.c.
2010-01-21 Mark MichelsonAdd missing argument to ast_calloc calls.
2010-01-21 Olle JohanssonMake sure we initialize the ast_ha structure with ast_c...
2010-01-21 Sean BrightMerged revisions 241932 via svnmerge from
2010-01-21 Tilghman LesherFormats are inconsistent between even 32-bit and 64...
2010-01-21 Russell BryantPoint to a useful reference on the XML output format.
2010-01-21 Russell BryantModify test results XML format to match the JUnit format.
2010-01-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 241765 via svnmerge from
2010-01-20 David Vosselrtp timestamp to timeval calculation fix
2010-01-20 David VosselMerged revisions 241626 via svnmerge from
2010-01-20 Alec L DavisAdd Calling and Called Subaddress to CDR record
2010-01-20 Kevin P. FlemingFix up compile breakage from ast_tvdiff_ms() API change.
2010-01-20 Alec L DavisUpdate CDR variables as pbx starts
2010-01-19 Jeff PeelerInitialize data on the stack so that Park doesn't inter...
2010-01-19 Tilghman LesherEnable SendText to send strings in encoded format.
2010-01-19 Jeff Peelersmall correction from 241314
2010-01-19 Jeff PeelerMerged revisions 241227 via svnmerge from
2010-01-19 Jason ParkerAllow parallel make (-j) to work properly.
2010-01-19 Jason ParkerBlocked revisions 241228 via svnmerge
2010-01-19 Tilghman LesherCreate iterative method for querying SRV results, and...
2010-01-19 Alec L DavisUpdate CDR variables before pbx starts (overlap dial)
2010-01-18 Jeff PeelerExtend max call limit duration from 24.8 days to 292...
2010-01-18 Jason ParkerFix an RTP instance allocation failure on Solaris.
2010-01-18 Alec L DavisUpdate CDR variables before pbx starts
2010-01-18 Sean BrightMerged revisions 241015 via svnmerge from
2010-01-18 Tilghman LesherMake HASHes inheritable across channel creation.
2010-01-18 David RugglesExternalIVR information for UPGRADE.txt
2010-01-18 David RugglesUpdated ExternalIVR documentation
2010-01-18 David Vosseltransmit_silence_during_record replaced by transmit_silence
2010-01-18 David RugglesAdd notification of interrupted file