2003-12-17 Martin PyckoAdd 'useincomingcalleridonzaptransfer' keyword to chan_...
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerUse new code by default
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerMinor cleanup
2003-12-15 Mark SpencerFix MF detector, merge code from Steve Underwood for...
2003-12-14 Mark SpencerFix qualify + register
2003-12-13 Mark SpencerThe SIP motto is "There's More Than One Standard for...
2003-12-11 Mark SpencerProperly fix double locking issue, fix wav49 issue
2003-12-11 Martin PyckoWe really don't want to lock ourselves in zt_exception
2003-12-11 Mark SpencerProperly handle exceptions in zt_read
2003-12-10 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg if no config file
2003-12-10 Mark SpencerGet rid of old chan_zap_old
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerCleanup unload calls
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerDon't retransmit INVITE on 407 retransmission
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor sip fixes
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerPatch for improving unload on zap (thanks James)
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarastop seg when no loguniqueid is set in config file...
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarafix minor typos in descrip. Bug#635
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamarafix typo. Bug#636
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamaraimplement userbyalias. This will look to IP instead...
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor mgcp debuggin changes, sip deadlock improvement
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerRemove gratuitous race
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerPath fix for hasnewvoicmeail app
2003-12-08 Mark SpencerFix hours 21-23 (bug #592)
2003-12-07 Jeremy McNamarafix a minor typo from brian
2003-12-07 Mark SpencerMore updates from Brian
2003-12-07 Mark SpencerMore renaming updates
2003-12-06 Mark SpencerRename cdr_unixodbc to cdr_odbc
2003-12-05 Martin PyckoProvide a channel if PRI_EVENT_RING comes without a...
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerFix minor bogus message
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerDon't use dynamic mode when scanning all gateways
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerQuiet more authentication info if not enabled
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerFix minor typo
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerTry to unscrew logger
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerFix PGSQL voicemail issues (bug #625) and fix reload...
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerForward language choice
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerAdd auth debug option
2003-12-04 Martin PyckoFix the ZapHangup, ZapDialOffhook, ZapTransfer manager...
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraadd warning for keywords in type=h323 that make no...
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerI have no idea what the heck that was supposed to be
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerDon't don't show verbose 3 message when verbose not set
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerRevert bad patch in 187
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerMake asterisk -r not timeout
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerMinor patch for improving console response with asteris...
2003-12-03 Mark Spencerscanf != sscanf
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerFix SQL description for longer channels
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerDon't retrain after each digit
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerReally fix chan local races (I hope)
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerMake valgrind happy on db read
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerMinor logger fix
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd cdr_unixodbc
2003-12-02 Mark SpencerMerge BK's unix ODBC driver
2003-12-01 Mark SpencerFix chanzap for p0, p1, etc
2003-12-01 Mark SpencerAdd variable/account code to manager create
2003-12-01 Mark SpencerUpdate README for timestamp
2003-12-01 Mark SpencerAdd ${TIMESTAMP} (bug #607) and don't ever ast_log...
2003-11-28 Jim DixonGot rid of un-necessary 'c' and 'd' options in app_dial.
2003-11-28 Mark SpencerProperly build Contact on INVITE when asking for authen...
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerTemporarily revert changes, prepare for proper fix...
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerAlways save the extension
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerBuild contact, don't copy it
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerHave a contact line in responses, merge logging patches
2003-11-26 Mark Spencerlimit fixes in SIP
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerMinor enum improvements for iax/iax2
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerUse global nat settings in auto peers
2003-11-25 Mark SpencerMinor 407 improvements
2003-11-25 Martin PyckoChange the warning message if we can't do native bridge...
2003-11-25 Martin PyckoWarn about not being able to do reinvite in the right...
2003-11-25 Mark SpencerAdd sample PGSQl CDR config file (bug #447)
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerDocument changes to voicemail application
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerApply host access rules in SIP
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerIncrement session version each time we send a new SDP
2003-11-24 Jeremy McNamaradeal with accountcode correctly and update CDR on a...
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerAllow SIP/peer/exten like IAX
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerHangup calling channel when transferring peer
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerEnable on hook transfer for vmwi
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerIgnore leading spaces before application
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerBe less picky about spaces, and recognize invalid prior...
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerVarious warning cleanups
2003-11-22 Jeremy McNamaraadd stop media transmission message
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerFix martin's typo
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerUnlock while processing schedule queue
2003-11-21 Martin PyckoFix the segfault with duration=atol(NULL)
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerMake CALLTYPE available
2003-11-21 Martin PyckoDon't crash if ZapHangup, ZapTransfer, ZapDialOffhook...
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerMore informative mgcp.conf (Bug #488)
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerUpdate addmailbox script (bug #404)
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerAsk for mailbox number if omitted (bug #552)
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerAnswer if channel isn't up (bug #486)
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerDelete on unregister (bug #527)
2003-11-20 Jeremy McNamaraFix copy/paste error. Bug #338
2003-11-19 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-11-19 Jeremy McNamaraapply G.729 patches (with changes) from bug #421
2003-11-19 Martin PyckoAdd 'n' option to Queue application to fall through...
2003-11-19 Martin PyckoDon't allow to issue a 'reload' command if the previous...
2003-11-18 Martin PyckoFix segfault if more than 32 channels are used because...
2003-11-18 Mark SpencerMore VPB updates from Paul
2003-11-18 Martin PyckoFix AbsoluteTimeout on rtp native bridge