2006-09-21 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 43454 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherLots more removal of deprecated things
2006-09-21 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 43450 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherRemove deprecated CLI apps from the core
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 43445 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherMore removal of deprecated stuff
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherRemove 1.4 changes from UPGRADE.txt, remove deprecated...
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 43441 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Kevin P. Flemingfix this so chan_zap links properly again
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherRemove deprecated apps and funcs
2006-09-21 Joshua ColpSS7 marked the start of an open season for trunk again...
2006-09-21 Kevin P. Flemingregenerated at PCadach's request
2006-09-21 Paul CadachCheck for 64-bit OpenH323/PWLib versions too, thanks...
2006-09-21 Paul CadachDeclare our own media formats to not rely on OpenH323...
2006-09-21 Paul CadachIntroduce Cisco G.726-32 capability (g726aal2 form)
2006-09-21 Matthew FredricksonUpdate configure
2006-09-21 Matthew FredricksonMerge in SS7 changes.... need to still cleanup zapata...
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 43422 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherLast merge should not have brought in the 1.2 props
2006-09-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 43410 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 43405 via svnmerge from
2006-09-21 Kevin P. Flemingremove extraneous property
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 43396 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingthis has been manually merged
2006-09-20 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 43388 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 43386 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Russell BryantMerged revisions 43383 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Mark SpencerFix agent parsing of users.conf
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingsetup merge tracking
2006-09-20 Russell BryantFix the memory summary so that it doesn't print the...
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerFix some chan_zap warning messages, when HAVE_PRI is...
2006-09-20 Tilghman LesherOne last forgotten constified file
2006-09-20 Russell Bryantfix some breakage from the CLI command changes
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpWarning be gone.
2006-09-20 Russell Bryantresolve compiler warnings from constification
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpMagical eightball says warnings be gone.
2006-09-20 Tilghman LesherA few misses from constification
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerMinor fixes to sounds installation.
2006-09-20 Tilghman LesherConstify the result of a config retrieval function...
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingadd a warning about name changes on some API calls
2006-09-20 Steve Murphysounds/Makefile updated to handle the extra-sounds...
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerFix a bug in the CLI reverbification, as pointed out...
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingdon't let symbols from included static libraries (like...
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerFix a segfault that was reported by jcmoore in #asteris...
2006-09-20 Paul CadachStrip quotes from property value
2006-09-20 Paul Cadach.cxx files no longer ignored
2006-09-20 Paul CadachSplit capability definitions into own source file
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerAvoid errors when compiling out of tree modules like...
2006-09-20 Paul CadachRemove unnecessary (long time ago commented out) code
2006-09-20 Paul CadachFix missed extension replacement
2006-09-20 Paul CadachChange file naming to be conform OpenH323 rules
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerAdd documentation on rtp packetization.
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpTotally break a P2P bridge upon going on hold, and...
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpExpand codec check so that raw formats must be equal...
2006-09-20 Jason Parkerbump the .cleancount up
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpMore property changes that never got merged in
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpDo clean for h323 directory too
2006-09-20 Joshua ColpMerge in latest round of chan_h323 changes. These are...
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerDocument member name logging functionality.
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerWe need to persist the member name also
2006-09-20 Jason ParkerAdd a "member name" to queue members.
2006-09-20 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 43314 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingthese functions never should have been non-static or...
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingmove ODBC API into ast_ namespace
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingmove more API into the ast_ namespace
2006-09-20 Kevin P. Flemingmove ADSI functionality into ast_ namespace
2006-09-20 BJ WeschkeMerged revisions 42133 via svnmerge from
2006-09-20 Matt O'Gormanthats odd, but just in case it happens again i want...
2006-09-19 Matt O'Gormanfixed timeout issue as well as some other minor issues
2006-09-19 Kevin P. Flemingdo this fix properly :-)
2006-09-19 Jason ParkerCommit the changes from issue #5240.
2006-09-19 Kevin P. Flemingmove this header to include where it belongs
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonGet rid of zero size old config file
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonVarious updates from PCadach's chan_h323-live branch
2006-09-19 Jason ParkerAfter discussing this with other people, we decided...
2006-09-19 Anthony LaMantia5240 update
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonAdd the h323 config file. Arrr!!! for international...
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonWork!!!
2006-09-19 Joshua ColpWhile this is experimental I don't think it should...
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonUpdate configure and closest kin. *Hopes my branch...
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonMergeing in Paul Cadach's chan_h323 changes *holds...
2006-09-19 Matthew FredricksonLet's try this out. Seems silly, but we'll try it...
2006-09-19 Matt O'Gormansimilar patch for verbose vs debug with minor changes
2006-09-19 Matt O'Gormanblocking version 43269 from being pushed into trunk
2006-09-19 Joshua ColpWarning be gone!
2006-09-19 Joshua ColpImprove output of sip show peers (issue #6624 reported...
2006-09-19 Jason ParkerLet's order these better..
2006-09-19 Jason ParkerAdd a few more 'generic' platforms
2006-09-19 Jason Parkerbe a little more consistent with our variable usage
2006-09-19 Kevin P. Flemingrestore ability for Makefiles to use 'generic' platform...
2006-09-19 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 43248 via svnmerge from
2006-09-18 Jason ParkerThis totally worked when I tested it...
2006-09-18 Jason ParkerThis was silly. Nowhere else do we use [ or [[
2006-09-18 Matt O'Gormanallow for packetization on rtp channel drivers, need...
2006-09-18 Jason ParkerChange the includes to work on FreeBSD
2006-09-18 Kevin P. Flemingdon't need two copies of this
2006-09-18 Kevin P. Fleminga little cleanup and simplification, and remove ON_FIRS...
2006-09-18 Jason Parkeru_intXX_t is silly
2006-09-18 Jason ParkerOnly use alloca.h on OSes that have it.
2006-09-18 Olle JohanssonMerging patch from 1.2 - Issue #7682