2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current info
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix it so we can be unloaded/loaded at will
2004-01-13 Mark SpencerAdd CVS ID header
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaracomment out getsipuri to stop compiler warning
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaravia z9hG4bK issue. Bug #663
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarafix copy/paste error
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraImplement NAT trick for outbound SIP connections
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraProperly define and enable old dsp routines by default...
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraadd the saying of seconds
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix monitor thread issue.
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix show voicemail users for <context>. Bugs #820
2004-01-13 Mark SpencerFix sounds.txt
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarachange warning into notice.
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamararemove incorrect file
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraImplement pin usage in MeetMe. Bug #816
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamararemove invalid prompt
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraadd sounds. Bug #816
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarafix typo. Bug #813
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up sip debug output. Bug #674
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerAdd new sound, fix nit picky detail in channel registration
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up our mess on unload. Bug #799
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarafix monitor thread issue, even though commented out
2004-01-12 Martin PyckoFix a typo
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaramake verbose messages not go into syslog, for now....
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg on logger reload
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraFix to work before logchain is initialized. Bug #805
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraGive seperate config option for deprecated chan_iax...
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamararemove code that could never be executed (tautological...
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarafix monitor thread. Bug #726
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraunregister cli functions and fix monitor thread. Bug...
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamararevert half fixed bug (426)
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerAdd ww's improved syslog support (bug #587)
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerAdd distinctive ring detection
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraupdate with explict versions I like
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerMove lots of README's
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerRename UNIXodbc
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerSmall Makefile fix for safe_asterisk
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerUpdate HARDWARE
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerMove more scripts
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerDelete init.asterisk, since it's now in contrib/rc.d
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerDocumentation fixes, init.d fixes
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerMove scripts to contrib/scripts
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerFix BUGS document to report bug tracker
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerMove festival diffs to contrib directory
2004-01-12 Malcolm DavenportAdded first go at a Gentoo rc-script
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up debug
2004-01-12 Malcolm DavenportBug #792: Add app_random
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarafix deadlock issues with astmm
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraFix ast-db seeding. Bug #767
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerDocumentation fix
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarashould be != :)
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraMore buffer overflow checks from Corydon76.
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerRemove /usr/include from path??
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaracheck buffer for possible overflow. Thanks Corydon76...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraSay what is not implemented, yet. Feel free to dive...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd more descriptive usage information
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraAdd userfield logging
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaradon't try to print out username before its copied
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerOnly build app_zapscan when zap is there
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerShow who sends us bad packets
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerImplement missing function
2004-01-11 Mark SpencerLocking changes for IAX2
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarachange version identifier
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraAdd Corydon76's mandrake startup scripts. Bug #312
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraDocument SetMusicOnHold. Bug #783
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraOut of memory conditions should be errors, not warnings...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarainclude the standard mysql lib dir. Bug #533
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarafix festival for big endian. Bug #709
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraFix dynamic user count, Take 4
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd new application 'zapscan' Bug #250
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraTake 3, count dynamic users also
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarafix dynamic conference. Bug #743 take two
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraAllow dynamic conferences to be joined by channels...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraLog cdr user data, if enabled
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamarause a default file name for res_monitor, if none was...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraMissed cdr_csv commit for CDR user data
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraDon't core on mpg123. Bug #671
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraFix error when forwarding voicemail. Bug #682
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraAdd application to log user data to the CDRs
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraAdd example of #include. Bug #779
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and remove install directive in h323...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and remove unnecessary debug
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerWhen rejecting a call, free up the channel (bug #661)
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerOooooops, fix minor typo
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerAllow /x for subnetmask identification (e.g. 192.168...
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerFix minor typo
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerCleanup ACL parsing, handle properly reload on sip...
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerReorder events in IAX, make "IAX1" compatibility
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerWhen poking a peer after registration, release lock...
2004-01-10 Jeremy McNamararemove broken cli command, for now
2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaraadd version usage sample
2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaramake firmware version configurable per device
2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaradon't try to unreg with gk, on reload, now
2004-01-09 Mark SpencerPerl cleanups
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #765: Modifying Auto-Congestion to p->maxtime ...
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #690: Add "show voicemail users" and "show voicemai...
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #710: Format fix for "zap show channels"
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #736: Better checking to avoid chan_zap segfault...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportBug #748 : indications.conf sample entry for South...
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportFix Bug #625: Voicemail with PostgreSQL backend called...