2006-02-13 Josh RobersonDon't set the formats before we stop indications. ...
2006-02-13 Russell Bryantdeclare function_sipppeer as static (issue #6466)
2006-02-13 Russell Bryantremove unneeded var (issue #6466)
2006-02-13 Russell Bryantfix build - it would build before, but...
2006-02-12 Russell Bryantuse the zone and options set by the arg parsing macros
2006-02-12 Russell Bryantset peername after recent function updates
2006-02-12 Russell Bryantfix a little typo
2006-02-12 Kevin P. Flemingensure that dependencies are rebuilt after 'make update...
2006-02-12 Kevin P. Flemingmajor dialplan functions update
2006-02-12 Tilghman LesherMake the ditlen and tone configurable at runtime
2006-02-11 Russell BryantMakefile updates for renaming of chan_misdn_config
2006-02-11 Russell Bryantrename chan_misdn_config.c to misdn_config.c
2006-02-11 Russell Bryanteliminate warning on older versions of gcc
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingdon't blow up if multiple copies of the headers are...
2006-02-11 Russell BryantMerged revisions 9609 via svnmerge from
2006-02-11 Russell Bryantgit-svn-id:
2006-02-11 Russell Bryantupdate for change to ast_pbx_outgoing_exten
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingdon't try to include non-existing (and unneeded) header...
2006-02-11 Russell Bryantdon't try to build a
2006-02-11 Russell BryantMerged revisions 9581 via svnmerge from
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingremove unused header and channel module
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for pbx modules
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for formats
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for codecs
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for cdr modules
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for apps, simplify variable setting
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for res modules too
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingprepare to use auto-build rules in other Makefiles
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingset standard properties on all non-binary files
2006-02-11 Tilghman LesherFix compile time warnings
2006-02-11 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 9493,9528 via svnmerge from
2006-02-11 Mark SpencerAdd capability to retrieve list of channel types
2006-02-11 Mark SpencerMake IAX2 not try to authenticate when registration...
2006-02-11 Mark SpencerFix SMDI to not blow up asterisk when there's no config...
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingignore archives in this directory
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingdoh!
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingremove last vestiges of pbx_functions
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingbuild function modules independently (no more pbx_funct...
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingfix compiler warnings
2006-02-10 Kevin P. Flemingone more copyright/file header and version string support
2006-02-10 Kevin P. Flemingclean up SMDI support commit:
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonLots of little fixes for doing MSVC compiling codecs...
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonAdd boost gain option to microphone, also minor bug...
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonMinor bugfix for #6386
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonAdd smdi support for asterisk (see doc/smdi.txt for...
2006-02-10 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 9404 via svnmerge from
2006-02-10 Kevin P. Flemingrestore 'rfc2833' naming for DTMF mode in chan_sip
2006-02-10 Christian Richter* jb can be configed by misdn_set_opt
2006-02-10 Christian Richteradded Proceeding state, to be more ETSI conform with...
2006-02-10 Tilghman LesherBug 6387 - janitor cleanup for linked lists
2006-02-09 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 9326 via svnmerge
2006-02-09 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 9323 via svnmerge
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantconversions to memory allocation wrappers, remove dupli...
2006-02-09 Christian Richterstill some L1 related fixes
2006-02-09 Olle Johansson- Change "rfc2833" to "rtp" in sip.conf. Keeping backwa...
2006-02-09 Olle Johansson- Adding example on using european time zones in voicem...
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantgit-svn-id:
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantremove some Makefile targets for things that don't...
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantremove unnecessary format check in zt_request so that...
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantvarious code cleanup changes including changing #define...
2006-02-09 Russell Bryantclarify return value (issue #6434)
2006-02-09 Russell BryantMerged revisions 9246 via svnmerge from
2006-02-08 Matt O'GormanMerged revisions 9232 via svnmerge from
2006-02-08 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 9233 via svnmerge from
2006-02-08 Christian Richterfix for the L2 Signalling
2006-02-08 Christian RichterL2 Signalling in PTP-TE Mode fixed
2006-02-08 Christian Richter* dozens of white-space removements
2006-02-07 Matthew FredricksonMake sure we output the APDU debug on pri debug commands
2006-02-07 Christian Richterdefault values of jitterbuffer and jitterbuffer_upper_t...
2006-02-06 Kevin P. Flemingminor cleanup
2006-02-06 Kevin P. Flemingrename properties for forward-porting fixes so they...
2006-02-05 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 9156 via svnmerge from
2006-02-04 Russell Bryantremove windows-style line endings
2006-02-03 BJ Weschke Don't set a global variable if the channel you're...
2006-02-03 Tilghman LesherBug 6322 - Implementation of SHA1 in Asterisk (plus...
2006-02-02 Kevin P. Flemingremove obsolete stuff
2006-02-02 Kevin P. Flemingmake chan_misdn build on x86-64
2006-02-02 Kevin P. Flemingupdates to compile against current trunk
2006-02-02 Christian Richterupdated the misdn documentation
2006-02-02 Christian Richter* removed unnecessary struct elements and functions
2006-02-02 Matthew FredricksonFix w/ string field updates #6397
2006-02-02 Olle Johansson- Remove "frame relay" from chan_sip !
2006-02-02 Matthew Fredricksongit-svn-id:
2006-02-02 Olle Johansson- Add doxygen docs on return values on check_user_full()
2006-02-02 Olle Johansson- Make debug logging for each authentication (twice...
2006-02-02 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 9086 via svnmerge from
2006-02-02 Kevin P. Flemingblock patch that has already been merged
2006-02-02 Matthew FredricksonMore stringfield related changes
2006-02-02 Matthew FredricksonFix so that hardhdlc works w/ chan_zap
2006-02-02 Matthew FredricksonFix for very unlikely memory leak in res_odbc
2006-02-02 Olle JohanssonIssue #6383 - Crash on CLI originate with missing chann...
2006-02-01 Kevin P. Fleminguse string fields for some stuff in ast_channel
2006-02-01 Matt O'Gormanreports why an agi script errors out on opening
2006-02-01 Olle Johansson- Update URL to digium store
2006-02-01 Matt O'GormanAllows for user to uninstall asterisk binaries
2006-02-01 Olle Johansson- Removing the "README." from the name of the README...
2006-02-01 Olle Johansson- Adding a doc/00README.1st with an INDEX over README...
2006-02-01 Olle Johansson- Clarify default setting of canreinvite (thanks royk)
2006-01-31 Olle JohanssonOptimize settings of defaults for a new peer object...
2006-01-31 Russell Bryantremove some more local declarations of null frames