2003-09-27 Mark Spencermake subdirs always build as appropriate
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerMake festival less verbose (bug #320)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix counter in SIP (bug #291)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerAdd description of length (bug #284)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerCheck pointer (bug #253)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix printf to match int type (bug #247)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerMove to asprintf (bug #252)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix iLBC quality issue
2003-09-27 Jeremy McNamaraanonyance fixes, per tholo :)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerAdd missing files
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerRemove unnecessary files (bug #298)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerUse proper compiler flag for global symbols
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix search path in app_mp3
2003-09-27 Mark Spencerupdate DNS resolver
2003-09-26 Jeremy McNamarafix spelling
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerShow codec enhancements (bug #307)
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerInitialize extension
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerRemove old mysql CDR's
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerRemove MySQL support from default Asterisk in accordanc...
2003-09-26 Martin PyckoFix last typo
2003-09-26 Martin PyckoDon't do callprogress on incoming calls -> that used...
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerMinor config fixup
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerMerge app_hasnewvoicemail (bug #290) with some mods
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerFix capability lookup failure
2003-09-25 Jeremy McNamarachange default codecs
2003-09-25 Mark SpencerKeep voicemail from segging on a permissions problem...
2003-09-25 Mark SpencerBring into full TBR4 compliance
2003-09-24 Mark SpencerUnlock channel
2003-09-24 Jeremy McNamaradon't deal with gatekeeper on reload, known issue....
2003-09-22 Jeremy McNamaraoopsie remove it from here too
2003-09-22 Martin PyckoCreate better 'failed' CDRs for outgoing spool calls...
2003-09-22 Jeremy McNamararollback transfer support...not properly implemented
2003-09-21 Mark SpencerMerge tilghman's patches
2003-09-21 Mark SpencerFix ADPCM file writing
2003-09-20 Martin PyckoIncrease the fromstring maximum length
2003-09-20 Martin PyckoFix getting ${UNIQUEID} value
2003-09-19 Mark SpencerFix inverted if logic
2003-09-19 Mark SpencerCode cleanups (bug #66)
2003-09-19 Mark SpencerTime zone patch
2003-09-18 Martin PyckoAdd closing bracket
2003-09-18 Martin PyckoAdd NoCDR application; when called there won't be gener...
2003-09-18 Martin PyckoDon't post 2 CDR's when the outgoing spool call fails
2003-09-18 Mark SpencerGrab timezone from system config
2003-09-17 Martin PyckoAllow detection of callerid on FXO with distinctive...
2003-09-17 Mark SpencerFix deadlock pointed to by Martin
2003-09-17 Mark SpencerDTMF enhancements
2003-09-17 Martin PyckoDon't complain that wait4 is unkown and make sure that...
2003-09-16 Mark SpencerImprove child process reaping (bug #278)
2003-09-16 Mark SpencerUpdate config to note only U.S. tones supported at...
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaradon't die if skinny cannot figure out hostname
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaraminor code fixes
2003-09-14 Mark SpencerDon't die if no skinny config
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamararemove debug, it's Miller time\!
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg fault if a call is attempted and the skinn...
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarafix never ending ringing
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarapull out reloading, for now, causes segs
2003-09-14 Mark SpencerRevert bug 176 patch entirely
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaramake tcp socket resuable. Bug #262
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaraimplement reload
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerMerge sending complete patch with no number (bug #176)
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerMore PBX fixes
2003-09-13 Jeremy McNamaramany bug fixes and inbound calling: SKINNY/line@device
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerCLeanup PBX patch and add localtime stuff for saytime...
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerOutgoing limit updates (bug #98)
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerAdd extended Matching functionality (bug #97)
2003-09-13 Jeremy McNamararemove stupid CR/LFs
2003-09-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and output d->addr properly
2003-09-12 Martin PyckoFix a tiny thing
2003-09-12 Martin PyckoAdd the missing file for the previous commit
2003-09-12 Martin PyckoAdd distinguishing between BUSY and FAILURE for outgoin...
2003-09-12 Mark SpencerDon't die if no config file
2003-09-11 Martin PyckoAdd SIPDtmfMode application
2003-09-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd
2003-09-11 Jeremy McNamarainitial import of skinny, more coming soon
2003-09-10 Mark SpencerFix small logic errors (bug #242)
2003-09-10 Jeremy McNamaraupdate for the lamers...only if they would acutally...
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerMerge james' fixes
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerFix amp to star
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerAdd ResetCDR application (with mods) (bug #235)
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerFix "potential" deadlock and make not-a-deadlock
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerBSD portability enhancements (bug #234)
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerFirst of Jayson's manager patches
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerChange printf to ast_log (bug #238)
2003-09-07 Mark SpencerCopy context properly
2003-09-06 Jeremy McNamaraimplement transfer and call forwarding. Bug #221
2003-09-06 Mark SpencerWhen taking a masqed call, be sure to mark it as acknow...
2003-09-06 Mark SpencerUpdate iax.conf.sample to show "notransfer" option
2003-09-06 Mark SpencerCopy musiconhold
2003-09-06 Mark SpencerBe sure we have the agent lock
2003-09-05 Mark SpencerFix version
2003-09-05 Martin PyckoAdd restrictcid=[yes|no] for chan_zap and chan_sip...
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerAdd ${DNIS}
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerAdd Zap dnid support
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerTake URI from responses (bug #215)
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerMore mysql patches
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerSend message waiting event on forward (bug #213)
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerRe-poke all peers on a reload (bug #216)
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerBase ackcall on newly available agent, not the pending one
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerBetter handling of quit/exit (bug #218)