2004-03-05 James GolovichFix pbx_builtin_atimeout comment
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerAnd of course return us as a winner
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerMinor optimizations and actually set SOFTHANGUP_TIMEOUT...
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerConsider whentohangup in timeout (bug #1107)
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerExpand our definition of 3XX responses
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerKnow how to send ADPCM
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerBail an AGI on PBX_KEEPALIVE being set in an exec.
2004-03-05 James GolovichFix pri->pvt[chan]->owner dereference (bug #1161)
2004-03-05 James GolovichChange tormenta.conf to zaptel.conf
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerFormatting fixup
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerSet the context properly for a given peer
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd iaxy.bin, IAXy firmware version 01
2004-03-04 James GolovichMake the Wait application accept time with fractions...
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerEliminate spurious select warning
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaraclean up warning
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaracheck to see if sub->rtp is allocated. Bug #1040
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaracheck return value stop seg. Bug #967
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerCopy old extension unless it's ASYNCGOTO (bug #1141)
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerFix DNS variable name
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerFix GotoIfTime if time is bad
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaradeal with bindaddr properly
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaradeal with bindaddr properly
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2004-03-03 Mark SpencerAdd DeadAGI Application
2004-03-03 James GolovichUnregister apps in app_queue.c on unload_module
2004-03-03 James GolovichMake PRI span completion only show spans that actually...
2004-03-03 James GolovichMake DNS callbacks return -1 on error, so invalid recor...
2004-03-03 James GolovichFix typo
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerFix small (yet big) bug in show_display
2004-03-02 James GolovichImprove restart handling
2004-03-02 James GolovichFix asterisk exiting on verbose without a console ...
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerProcess SDP on 183 session progress (bug #930)
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerMore BSD compat crap
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerBSD portability fix
2004-03-02 James GolovichFix app_chanisavail.c when passed string is big (bug...
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerIgnore interrupted system call error on "accept"
2004-03-02 James GolovichRemove extra spacing from manager.c and change Event...
2004-03-02 James GolovichAdd function ast_false, like ast_true
2004-03-01 Mark SpencerAllow semi-blocking fd's on manager (bug #1100)
2004-03-01 James GolovichFix app_random.c (bug #792)
2004-03-01 James GolovichRemove extra \r\n from manager event sent by res_parkin...
2004-03-01 Mark SpencerHandle video codecs properly
2004-03-01 James GolovichRemove comment about EXPERIMENTAL_TRANSLATION since...
2004-02-29 James GolovichFix app_chanisavail if there are invalid arguments...
2004-02-28 Mark SpencerDon't write duration if file disappears (bug #1102...
2004-02-27 Mark SpencerMake iax2 compile on *BSD
2004-02-27 James GolovichChange text in ast_get_group to explain that max group...
2004-02-27 James GolovichAdd 'SAY TIME' to AGI. (bug #269)
2004-02-27 Mark SpencerInclude errno.h
2004-02-27 Mark SpencerIgnore ECHILD in app_system
2004-02-27 James GolovichMove ast_get_group from res_parking.c to channel.c
2004-02-27 James GolovichTypo in app_zapras.c
2004-02-27 Mark SpencerAdd G.726, revise Changelog
2004-02-27 James GolovichTypo in app_queue.c
2004-02-27 James GolovichGet rid of compiler warnings when calling ast_queue_log
2004-02-27 James GolovichCheck result of malloc in app_dial.c
2004-02-26 Malcolm DavenportFix Bug # 981
2004-02-26 James GolovichReally fix format_wav_gsm.c. Thanks PCadach! (bug...
2004-02-26 James GolovichFix 'show translations'
2004-02-25 James GolovichBug #1087. Fix wav49 format so it can be played. ...
2004-02-25 James GolovichAdd extra \n so email sent by voicemail has the right...
2004-02-25 Mark SpencerFix slow down in rtp.c
2004-02-25 James GolovichReplace MP3 with G726 in ast_codec2str
2004-02-25 Mark SpencerIncrease length of DTMF tones in SIP et all, in-band
2004-02-25 Mark SpencerDon't be biased against G.726 in translation table
2004-02-25 Mark SpencerAdd G.726-32kbps Codec Transcoder (Tested with Cisco...
2004-02-25 James GolovichAdd missing include to chan_iax2.c
2004-02-25 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1052 Got it this time..I'm sure of it ;)
2004-02-24 Mark SpencerAdd IAX2 firmware upgrade support
2004-02-24 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1079. indications.conf.sample changes for Greece
2004-02-24 Malcolm DavenportFix Bug # 935 and Bug # 1052
2004-02-24 Mark SpencerFix corruptin in app_cut (bug #1084)
2004-02-24 Mark SpencerHandle change password properly with multiple VM contex...
2004-02-23 Mark SpencerReally initialize queue log
2004-02-23 Mark SpencerOptimization in pri_fixup
2004-02-23 James GolovichFix some comments in pbx.c and pbx_config.c
2004-02-23 Mark SpencerMerge Tilghman's and Cam's user defined cadence patch
2004-02-23 James GolovichFixed gramatical error in app_queue.c (bug #1083)
2004-02-23 James GolovichFix restarting when not called from the main console...
2004-02-23 James GolovichFix ast_add_extension2 updating ast_exten correctly...
2004-02-22 Mark SpencerSmall but important fix for channel relocation (bug...
2004-02-22 James GolovichFix another typo in the app_dial description
2004-02-22 James GolovichAdd ${LANGUAGE} channel variable (bug #1078)
2004-02-20 Mark SpencerProperly lock slave and master in zt_unlink (bug #1008)
2004-02-20 Mark SpencerFix minor ordering issue (bug #981)
2004-02-20 Mark SpencerAdd support for Norwegian numbers (bug #1067)
2004-02-20 Mark SpencerImprove SIP friends support (should address bugs #1063...
2004-02-19 Mark SpencerInitialize queue logger
2004-02-19 Mark SpencerDon't free clone lock until after *both* fixups have...
2004-02-19 Mark SpencerJust in case resources with the same name are loaded
2004-02-19 James GolovichFix another spelling typo in chan_sip.c (bug #1059)
2004-02-19 James GolovichFix spelling typo in chan_sip.c (bug #1059)
2004-02-18 Mark SpencerFix comparision in RTP native bridge (bug #1043)
2004-02-18 Mark SpencerMinor file.c cleanup for valgrind, log PRI event properly
2004-02-18 Mark SpencerCleanups to recent changes
2004-02-17 Mark SpencerUse call numbers instead of pointers in IAX2
2004-02-17 Mark SpencerAdd Icecast streaming support
2004-02-16 Mark SpencerMake sure smoother only creates frames with offsets...
2004-02-15 James GolovichFix 'show channel<tab>' completion, where show channel...
2004-02-15 James GolovichTypo in app_waitforring.c