2004-06-06 Mark SpencerCan't use the same buffer to snprintf that we're grabbing
2004-06-06 Mark SpencerDon't require "c" before CRV syntax
2004-06-06 Mark SpencerTry to parse callerid properly on /dev/phone (bug ...
2004-06-06 Mark SpencerSmall fixup for non-PRI build
2004-06-06 Anthony Minessale IIfix D() issue with to short of a duration
2004-06-06 Mark SpencerAdd bi-directional GR-303 support
2004-06-05 Mark SpencerFix voicemail.conf typo (bug #1794)
2004-06-05 Mark SpencerAdd ${AVAILORIGCHAN} with original channel name (bug...
2004-06-05 Mark SpencerMore small fixes
2004-06-05 Mark SpencerMinor cleanups
2004-06-05 Mark SpencerAdd support for trunk groups in anticipation of NFAS...
2004-06-04 James GolovichCleanup some formatting in app_agi.c
2004-06-04 Mark SpencerIAX2 fixup, fix res_monitor sillyseg
2004-06-04 Mark SpencerEnhancements for zaptel+bsd (bug #1781)
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerGet rid of small copmile warning
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerFix handling when MONITOR_EXEC is unspecified
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerMake sure that auto created "pseudo" isn't a member...
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerMerge agent callback login/logoff events and logging...
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerInitialize frame for playtones just in case
2004-06-03 Mark SpencerMake monitor merge application settable via variable...
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerWOrk on the proper pointer (bug #1773)
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerAdd information for IAX on Free World Dialup
2004-06-02 James GolovichAdd 'ListCommands' manager command
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerLock while installign generator
2004-06-02 James GolovichAdd description to manager_action structure, and add...
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerFix app_read to return string even if not # terminated...
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerUse pseudo channel instead of just /dev/zap/pseudo...
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerAllocate pseudo channel if it's not explicitly listed
2004-06-02 James GolovichCode formatting fixes in chan_zap.c
2004-06-02 Mark SpencerPlay acknowledgement in all cases (bug #1767)
2004-06-01 Mark SpencerOops slightly premature
2004-06-01 Mark SpencerUse pseudo channel (but real channel) instead of just...
2004-06-01 Mark SpencerVoicemail fixes (bug #1758)
2004-06-01 Mark Spencerallow multiple exit characters on control_streamfile...
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerOnly call the update once
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerMore BSD compile fixes (bugs #1754 and #1756)
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerFix compile warning on FreeBSD (bug #1755)
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerAdd missing strings include for BSD
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerTrivial removal of unused variable when not on linux...
2004-05-31 Jim DixonComplete re-vamp of Radio Repeater application (app_rpt...
2004-05-31 Jeremy McNamaramake sending indications more robust and proper
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerFix lag in diverging clocks (bug #1696)
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerUpdate queue member after end of call (bug #1727)
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerTake member as argument, not lpeer
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerFix formatting issues
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerMinor RTP video fixes, be more careful about closing...
2004-05-30 Jim DixonFixed annoying SIP 'NOTIFY' messages printed on console...
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerAllow variable substitution in from string (bug #1741)
2004-05-29 Mark SpencerInitialize secrets properly (bug #1748)
2004-05-29 Anthony Minessale IIsaw this in valgrind (-tony)
2004-05-28 James GolovichUse ast_strlen_zero in res_musiconhold.c
2004-05-28 James GolovichHopefully last ast_strlen_zero fix in cli.c
2004-05-28 James GolovichUse ast_strlen_zero in privacy.c
2004-05-28 James GolovichUse ast_strlen_zero in db.c and some optimizations...
2004-05-28 Mark SpencerReally don't authenticate if we're not supposed to...
2004-05-28 Mark SpencerRinging and progress are not identical
2004-05-28 Mark SpencerMinor reinvite typo
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerOnly print PRI messages when in verbose mode (bug ...
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMerge connor's exit context patch (#1737)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMerge OSS fixes for FreeBSD, implement rtptimeout and...
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerFix gross oversights in original ACL patch
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerAdd ACL copy routines (bug #1733)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerUnlock PRI lock, fix variable pasing
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerDon't count as outgoing until we actually send the...
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMeetme fixes (bug #1729)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerDoc fix for controlplayback, get rid of 500ms wait...
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMake RTP handle codecs (first pass)
2004-05-27 James GolovichMore formatting fixes
2004-05-26 Anthony Minessale IIenhance control_playback to have an app (app_controlpla...
2004-05-26 Mark SpencerPerform proper heap bounds checking on skinny messages...
2004-05-26 Mark SpencerCancel destroy request on new invite, merge bkw's contr...
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraoopsie
2004-05-26 James GolovichUse ast_strlen_zero in manager.c
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraexplain a proper upgrade sequence (lowering the signal...
2004-05-26 James GolovichFix comment in pbx.c
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraproperly clean capabilites from the endpoint
2004-05-26 Mark SpencerCancel self destruct on provisional responses too ...
2004-05-26 Mark SpencerAdd controlplayback app
2004-05-26 James GolovichFormatting fixes
2004-05-26 Anthony Minessale IIadd ast_control_streamfile api call
2004-05-26 Ben Kramercleaned up locking, more logging on locks, still havent...
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerIt's angler's first patch!
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerFix record option to take from the right channel
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerHandle debugging of unknown IE's properly
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerMake sure transmitted timestamps are solid on trunks...
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerMerge useragent patch (bug #712)
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerFix major typo
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerEnable understanding of service identifier and provisio...
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerFix makefile for apple
2004-05-25 Jeremy McNamaraoptmize call setup process
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerEliminate useless pass checking
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerFix AES for MacOS build
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerHandle different contexts (bug #1702)
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerFix security codes in asterisk.adsi (bug #1709)
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerFix potential segfault, add support for MacOS X locks
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerImprove sample configuration files (bug #1125)
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerAlways authenticate when insecure is not "very" even...
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerMinor path tweak
2004-05-24 Ben Kramer/ work in progress, still tracking down locking bug