2003-08-26 Mark SpencerClear high res value
2003-08-26 Mark Spencerhandle app_lock properly
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerHow about manipulating the right lock
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerMake debugging possible by using #define's instead...
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerMake res deterministic, don't release lock until totall...
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerFix agent deadlock
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerMake chan_zap compile without libpri again
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerWait for '#' to acknowledge pending agents, too when...
2003-08-25 Mark SpencerMerge james's patch (bug #7)
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoMake sure that when the d-channel goes down we also...
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoAdd one more thing to the previous one
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoDon't allow to place calls when a dchannel is down...
2003-08-25 Jeremy McNamarasync any left over changes
2003-08-25 Mark SpencerMake app_voicemail2 work when there is no config file...
2003-08-25 Mark SpencerAdd SetCIDNum (Thanks Oliver)
2003-08-25 Mark SpencerActually use the "get_also" function
2003-08-25 Jeremy McNamaradisable native bridging
2003-08-25 Mark SpencerFirst pass at BYE/Also transfer
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerUpdate changelog
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerBuild improvements (bugs #161, 162)
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerMake sipdebug default to 0
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerMake SIP registration persistent (bug #159)
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerEnable Asterisk to register with itself (with authentic...
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerSend registration info on 407 too
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerPersist IAX2 registrations across restarts
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerDon't run hangup extension when KEEPALIVE is returned...
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerMonitor thread isn't a mutex
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerUse URI in sip, update chan_vpb
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerFix call pickup with SIP
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerUpdate old chan_zap
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerAdd true native data mode bridging
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerHandle timing file descriptor properly with agents
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerStore password for later authentication needs
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerUse "domain" instead of "uri" if supplied
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerMinor fix
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerReliably transmit BYE always
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerSmall changes that could be useful
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerFix memory leak
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerNever create do initreq with BYE
2003-08-21 Mark Spencerunknown callerid (bug #151)
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerActually set variable name before using
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerLittle queue fix (bug #150)
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerFix mysql build issue
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerDon't actually destroy in handle_request
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerIn some cases, no need for an initreqprep
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerFirst pass at making '#' work on non-callback agents
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerOnly suggest destroy
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerFix location of errmsg.h file
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerFirst pass at VPB updates
2003-08-21 Mark Spencerdon't tell people to exit/quit when it's not a valid...
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerPrefer bind address if specified over our actual route...
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerFix astmm for new build process
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerBe sure workspace is initialized
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerMerge meetmecount patch (with cleanups) bug #140
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerOnly half-ack provisional responses
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerNever *ever* call load_module() / unload_module()
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerAdd codec examples in sip.conf
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerCheck for 407 on both outbound and non-outbound calls
2003-08-20 Mark SpencerFirst attempt at fixing bug #131 (authenticate BYE)
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerRevert earlier changes
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerCreate/dial channel if availability is on callback...
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerPut agent login board in the right place
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerFix race for fast hanguyp
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerRevert killer change to config.h
2003-08-19 Mark Spencerdepend stuff
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerAdd canreinvite option and minor tweak to bridging...
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerCheck availability on callback agents when no wrapuptim...
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerFreeBSD compatability fixes
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerBuild fix for H.323 (bug #127)
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerQuick fix
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerDon't create a pending agent if nobody is logged in
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerBug #124
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerPick the right point for rebuilding the list
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerOops, they're system, not agent events
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd alarm/alarm clear events (bug #125)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerUh, don't lock
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd same magic to remove from queue
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd "Logoff" before logging in (bug #119)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd pound/star (bug #113)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerDon't complain on G.723 packets RTP
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerIf we can't transfer, be sure we hangup
2003-08-17 Mark SpencerEscape fields going into MySQL CDR's
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerStrip out quotes (and leading/trailing spaces) in calle...
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerShave off a smaller amount of time (bug #79)
2003-08-16 Jeremy McNamaraAdd H323 to normal build process
2003-08-16 Jeremy McNamaraHopefuly kram fixed my lame build
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerCommit RTP fixes this time
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerTrim post dash portion of name if unspecified
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerFix bug #111
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerVerify extension is correct
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerNew "show codecs" option and mysql feature requests...
2003-08-16 Martin PyckoShow the names of the codecs instead of the numbers...
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerUpdate agent documentation
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerDon't lock when soft hanging up
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerFix dtmf buglet
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerOnly skip it for immediate mode
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerWait for first digit with FEATDMF too
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerDon't ignore return value
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerMake sure strncat is > 0