2005-01-10 Mark SpencerImprove object destruction (bug #3286)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerTruncate file as appropriate (bug #3304)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's monitor fixes (better default path, set...
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerHandle masq properly with music (bug #3235)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerFix voicemail symlinks (bug #3024)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's one touch record improvements (bug #3263)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerFix MGCP when running without verbose (bug #3260)
2005-01-09 Ben Kramer/ changed mkif to static function so as not to conflict...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerHandle speex subdirectories peroperly (bug #3283)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerImprove show dialplan support to support patterns and...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerImprove indications formatting (bug #3298)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerSet blind transfer variable (bug #3268)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerRemove unused channel fields (bug #3301)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerAllow sip show users/peers to filter on regexp (bug...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMerge regex for iax2 show peers (bug #3223)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerInclude utils.h
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix small sip conf issues (bug #3296)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix privacy manager to "do the right things" with blank...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMerge experimental codec preferences for IAX2 (bug...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerDon't allow masquerading into oneself (bug #3040)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious small fixups
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious moh fixes (bug #3291)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix Alert-Info for optipoint 400 (bug #3288)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMinor externip fixes (bug #3262)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerAGI formatting fixes (bug #3270)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerFix typo (bug #3271)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerWarn if flags is signed instead of unsigned (bug #3279)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerInclude missing file (bug #3277)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerDon't native bridge when needing digits
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerFix macro formatting (bug #3275)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerMake queue support channel variable inheritance (bug...
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerFix "externhost"
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerMake sure we clear out owner in SUB_REAL when moving...
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerFix typo in moh output (bug #3265)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerMerge Moc's announcement patch (bug #3219)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerSupport CNG transmission when on hold (bug #2904)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerFix README for variables (bug #3209)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerODBC CLI improvements (bug #3220)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerAdd missing schema (bug #3216)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerInclude lock performance (bug #3234)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerAdd MacroExit application (bug #3045)
2005-01-07 Mark SpencerMerge weight option (bug #3038)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix typo for blind transfer (bug #3259)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerImprove MGCP formatting (bug #3247)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix command completion issue (bug #3257)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix DUNDi segfault
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix music on hold to quitat hangup rather than during...
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerMerge distinctive ring for MGCP (bug #2880, with mods)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerMore flag on dial tweaks (bug #3254, take two)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerIf pedantic mode enabled, look for media-level addresses
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMake cdr_odbc store disposition as string not integer...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerFix compliance of SIP presence (bug #3251)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMore flagification (bug #3254)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerUse ast_setcallerid instead of manual (bug #3115)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerStream courtesy tone if appropriate
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerCalculate tvdiff properly (avoid off-by-one)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMake sure time limit is the "backup" one when interpret...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerVarious/assundry cleanups
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerAdd beep error sound
2005-01-05 Anthony Minessale IIallow sounds to be configurable
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's attended # transfer with changes (bug...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerRevert Jim's earlier "fix" :)
2005-01-05 Anthony Minessale IIadd rawplayer applet to contrib/utils
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge OSP updates from matt nicholson (with changes)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerAllow post data, too (bug #3151)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerAllow connection notifications on manager interface...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge sip notify fixes (bug #3243)
2005-01-05 Ben Kramer/ fixed un-initilized variable
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerLoad formats first (bug #3242)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerOnly print message one time (bug #3240)
2005-01-04 Jim DixonFixed threeway calling disconnect wrong party bug
2005-01-04 Anthony Minessale IItweak to make music load classes more elegantly
2005-01-04 Anthony Minessale IIfix bug added to my code so I don
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerFix silly extra ! in app_queue (bug #3238)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerAllow generic sip notify (bug #3231)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerAllow early exit from traverse (bug #3221)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerDocument polycom example (bug #3129)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerMake features configurable and easier to implement
2005-01-04 Ben Kramer/ fixed bug when using AST caller ID functions, shouldn...
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerFix "0" auto deleting messages from voicemail (bug...
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerFix various formatting errors (bug #3226)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerFix formatting etc in queues (bug #3159)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerRename musiconhold option for consistency (bug #3163)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge twisted's dsp formatting fixes (bug #3218)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge josh's strlen fix (thanks!) (bug #2893)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge OEJ's print groups feature (bug #3228, with changes)
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge kpflemings moh_files fixes (bug #3224)
2005-01-02 Mark SpencerRemove silly break (bug #3217)
2005-01-02 Mark SpencerHandle group memberships better with masquerade (bug...
2005-01-02 Mark SpencerImprove check order
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerFix chan_phone for pre-gcc 3.0 (bug #3214)
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerList improvements from kpfleming (bugs #3166,#3140)
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerRemove DOS style newlines (bug #3213)
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerMake sure to wake up sleeper on sip transfer issue...
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerGrab lock in hangup earlier
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerAdd ability to remember agents
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerFix GCC 2.95 build (bug #3211)
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerDon't die when a file is missing (bug #3212)
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerFix example to reflect that "never" is the default...
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerFix astobj to compile against GCC 2.95