2005-01-20 Mark SpencerAdd extra variables to voicemail (bug #3382)
2005-01-19 Mark SpencerFix "send text" crash (bug #3378)
2005-01-19 Anthony Minessale IIModify code example suggestion
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerAdditional coding guidelines (bug #3374)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerAdd missing cvs ignore (bug #3373)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix agentcallback login (bug #3293)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix small app_dial issue (bug #3368)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerMake sure we ring queues properly and know busy vs...
2005-01-18 Jeremy McNamarause PROC instead of OSARCH
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerSend a few more rfc2833 events on hte "down" (bug ...
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix bindaddr on IAX (bug #3366)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix compiler warnings (bug #3367)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix recently introduced zap crash from HOLD/UNHOLD...
2005-01-18 Ben Kramer/ trimmed down caller ID collect time for vpb cid.
2005-01-18 Ben Kramer/ patched for bug 3350
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's RetryDial with changes (bug #3313)
2005-01-17 Josh RobersonMisc Grammer/formatting fixes - Thanks Corydon76! ...
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerMerge hold patch (bug #1840)
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerAllow me to force a "make clean ; make install" on...
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerRid us of a silly compiler warning
2005-01-17 Ben Kramer/ updated caller ID to use ast_set_callerid
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerOptimize module loading (bug #3356)
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerFix static db problem
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerFix ringback on outbound skinny calls (bug #3295)
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerDon't even attempt to masquerade a channel into itself...
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerGive outbound channels callerid of their extension...
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerAvoid duplicate 200 OK
2005-01-16 Mark Spencerconfig restructure, sip peer completion (bug #3352...
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerAdd missing sounds
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerRepair // comments to /* */ comments (bug #3347)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerFix agent deadlock (bug #3311)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerMinor doc fixes
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerMake groups be 64-bits (bug #3351, with mods)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerFix H.323 build on ppc (bug #3353)
2005-01-15 Mark Spencerixjuser is not needed as best as I can tell since it...
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerODBC CDR fixes for bizarre error conditions and small...
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerKeep dead console from killing asterisk (bu #3331)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerSimplify find_peer usage (bug #3341)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerHandle masq properly when clone channel has no vars...
2005-01-15 Jim DixonFixed another little bug.
2005-01-14 Jim DixonFixed some bugs; added re-connect mode
2005-01-14 Mark SpencerFix unused debug code (bug #3342)
2005-01-14 Mark SpencerGive us more wiggle room on incoming registrations
2005-01-14 Mark SpencerFix small issue with smsq and sub addresses (bug #3338)
2005-01-14 Mark SpencerChange option '6' back to more logical option '3' ...
2005-01-14 Ben Kramer/ added a ring timer so that an incoming call will...
2005-01-14 Josh Robersonoops.
2005-01-14 Josh RobersonAdd meetme option to kick last user (bug #2491 with...
2005-01-13 Mark SpencerFix realtime in SIP (bug #3332)
2005-01-13 Mark SpencerImplement eswitch for evalulating variables at runtime...
2005-01-13 Mark SpencerHandle syntax errors in group descriptions more gracefu...
2005-01-12 Mark SpencerSend 405 Method Not Allowed when message received outsi...
2005-01-12 Anthony Minessale IIfix bug 3329 (monitor flags)
2005-01-12 Mark SpencerFix to be sure we have a valid fd on a peer
2005-01-12 Mark SpencerRestore functionality of "show dialplan" with no arguments
2005-01-12 Mark SpencerAllow softhangup to work on partial matches if requeste...
2005-01-12 Mark SpencerDestroy sip channel when message is sent outside the...
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerFix types for character (bug #3255, take 3)
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerMake ODBC storage as int configurable to be string...
2005-01-11 Mark Spencershame on oej for submitting a patch which doesn't even...
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerMinor configuration fixes/standardizations (bug #3317)
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerFix one touch record (bug #3263, take two)
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerFix typo in tone detect (bug #3315)
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerRemove unused variable (bug #3318)
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerAllow multiple bindaddrs so asterisk uses the same...
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerAdd examples for extconfig with alt table
2005-01-11 Mark SpencerWhen moving PRI channel rename channel properly
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerRevert loader change now that we do it at runtime
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerCheck moh files at runtime (bug #3314)
2005-01-10 Ben Kramer/ checks to if owner is set before using it.
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerUpdate IAX readme (bug #3310)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerSend "not compatible here" instead of "unavailable...
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMore flagification, courtesy drumkilla (bug #3280)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerImprove object destruction (bug #3286)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerTruncate file as appropriate (bug #3304)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's monitor fixes (better default path, set...
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerHandle masq properly with music (bug #3235)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerFix voicemail symlinks (bug #3024)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's one touch record improvements (bug #3263)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerFix MGCP when running without verbose (bug #3260)
2005-01-09 Ben Kramer/ changed mkif to static function so as not to conflict...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerHandle speex subdirectories peroperly (bug #3283)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerImprove show dialplan support to support patterns and...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerImprove indications formatting (bug #3298)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerSet blind transfer variable (bug #3268)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerRemove unused channel fields (bug #3301)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerAllow sip show users/peers to filter on regexp (bug...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMerge regex for iax2 show peers (bug #3223)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerInclude utils.h
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix small sip conf issues (bug #3296)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix privacy manager to "do the right things" with blank...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMerge experimental codec preferences for IAX2 (bug...
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerDon't allow masquerading into oneself (bug #3040)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious small fixups
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerVarious moh fixes (bug #3291)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerFix Alert-Info for optipoint 400 (bug #3288)
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerMinor externip fixes (bug #3262)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerAGI formatting fixes (bug #3270)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerFix typo (bug #3271)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerWarn if flags is signed instead of unsigned (bug #3279)