2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd alarm/alarm clear events (bug #125)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerUh, don't lock
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd same magic to remove from queue
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd "Logoff" before logging in (bug #119)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd pound/star (bug #113)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerDon't complain on G.723 packets RTP
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerIf we can't transfer, be sure we hangup
2003-08-17 Mark SpencerEscape fields going into MySQL CDR's
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerStrip out quotes (and leading/trailing spaces) in calle...
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerShave off a smaller amount of time (bug #79)
2003-08-16 Jeremy McNamaraAdd H323 to normal build process
2003-08-16 Jeremy McNamaraHopefuly kram fixed my lame build
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerCommit RTP fixes this time
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerTrim post dash portion of name if unspecified
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerFix bug #111
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerVerify extension is correct
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerNew "show codecs" option and mysql feature requests...
2003-08-16 Martin PyckoShow the names of the codecs instead of the numbers...
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerUpdate agent documentation
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerDon't lock when soft hanging up
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerFix dtmf buglet
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerOnly skip it for immediate mode
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerWait for first digit with FEATDMF too
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerDon't ignore return value
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerMake sure strncat is > 0
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerMake sure we copy the text file too
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerDon't double generate events
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerAsterisk:
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerSpecial NULL case for mysql (bug #49)
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerMerge DTMF fixes (bug #95)
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerMerge ENUM fixes (bug #99)
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerAllow AgentCallbackLogin to specify new location (bug...
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerLose the 1.4.1 diff, add a 1.4.3 diff
2003-08-14 Mark Spencerignore musicclass for music on hold (bug #62)
2003-08-14 Martin PyckoSave the dstchannel before the call gets answered so...
2003-08-14 Martin PyckoFix the potential segfault
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerSend callerid on callback agents (bug #103)
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerPreserve queued frames
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerDon't hold lock in indication longer than we need it
2003-08-14 Martin PyckoAdd flags column so that we can exclude some records...
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerMake default behavior be to *not* use jitter buffer
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerOops
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerFirst pass at restoring festival operation
2003-08-14 Martin PyckoMake the BUSYDETECT_MARTIN the default busydetect algorithm
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerMake check_bridge back off if it cant get all the locks...
2003-08-14 Jeremy McNamaraadd debug in hopes to figure out native bridging
2003-08-14 Jeremy McNamaraupdate mutex handling
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerMerge SRV record fix
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerAdd crash option
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerMake chan_zap compile for people without libpri again
2003-08-13 Martin PyckoInitial upgrade of the perl script that enables to...
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerDo the right thing with ringall queues with entries...
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerLock on indication, fix agent buglet
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerAdd any missing locking calls
2003-08-13 Martin PyckoAdd the flags column so that if it's set to '1' then...
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-08-13 Martin PyckoMake sure that we don't read too much from the data...
2003-08-13 Martin PyckoGet the printf of the value returned length out
2003-08-13 Martin PyckoAdd Norway tone zones to indications.conf
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerIn agent, forward codecs along
2003-08-12 Mark SpencerFix manager typo
2003-08-12 Mark SpencerFix strdupa references
2003-08-12 Jeremy McNamarasomething is crazy here
2003-08-12 Martin PyckoAlso NULL-ify the p->owner when the calls drop because...
2003-08-12 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-08-12 Martin PyckoClear the pri channels when alarm condition drops the...
2003-08-12 Mark SpencerTake out some debugging
2003-08-12 Mark SpencerAdd optional pedantic SIP checking
2003-08-12 Jeremy McNamaramake it blatently clear what I am saying
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerNever release lock when doing a hangup or bad things...
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerAdd debugging
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerMore debugging and fix it properly
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerBe fanatic about locking when calling check_hangup
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerLock everything that might need to be locked
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerLock masquerading into channel
2003-08-11 Martin PyckoFree the translators on the ast_closestream
2003-08-11 Mark SpencerUpdate mysql.conf sample
2003-08-10 Mark SpencerAdd sounds and update config files
2003-08-10 Mark SpencerHandle 501 right
2003-08-10 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate Makefile and Readme with warnings and current...
2003-08-10 Mark SpencerWait for mpg123 to die
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerSupport French Caller*ID
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerSmall fix
2003-08-09 Jeremy McNamaraupdate callerid handling on outbound calls
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerUse stored secret if available, properly
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerFix round robin scheduling
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerCDR Mysql fixes
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerFix local buglet
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerFix for when libpri is not installed
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerProperly defuse race in chan_local, fix extremely unlik...
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerDo progress detect on incoming too
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerFix wrong pointer
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoRevert the change in GotoIfTime
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoFix the GotoIfTime application
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerInitialize lock that wasn't
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerMake parking resume properly when in macro
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerAllow groups to be checked in reverse order, make music...
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoClean up around new hangup routines
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoAdd handling of PRI_EVENT_HANGUP_REQ
2003-08-06 Mark SpencerTry immediately logged in agents first, then callbacklo...