2008-04-29 Kevin P. Flemingfix this logic to actually be correct... the fd can...
2008-04-29 Mark MichelsonMake app_directory dependent on app_voicemail. This...
2008-04-29 Mark MichelsonSince there is now a globally available function for...
2008-04-29 Mark MichelsonFix a crash happening in app_directory. This crash...
2008-04-29 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 114829 via svnmerge from
2008-04-29 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 114823 via svnmerge from
2008-04-28 Mark MichelsonAdding a new option 'n' to app_chanspy. This option...
2008-04-28 Matthew FredricksonFix deadlock issue in chan_zap with libss7 due to chann...
2008-04-28 Tilghman LesherAdd incomplete matching to PBX code and app_dial
2008-04-28 Joshua ColpUpdate autoconf logic with latest API change for libss7.
2008-04-28 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114708 via svnmerge from
2008-04-28 Tilghman LesherFix breakage caused by #12028. (Closes issue #12535)
2008-04-27 Russell Bryants/chan_zap/chan_skinny/
2008-04-27 Michiel van... Make MWI in chan_skinny event based modeled after chan_...
2008-04-27 Sean BrightMerged revisions 114695 via svnmerge from
2008-04-26 Tilghman LesherUnleak reference
2008-04-26 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114689 via svnmerge from
2008-04-26 Tilghman LesherAdd 'sip qualify peer <peer>' command (with AMI SIPqual...
2008-04-25 Mark MichelsonAdding a new option, 'B' to app_chanspy. This option...
2008-04-25 Russell BryantLock the channel around datastore access
2008-04-25 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114673 via svnmerge from
2008-04-25 Tilghman LesherWhitespace changes only
2008-04-25 Tilghman LesherOops, this isn't necessarily AGI that is forking anymore
2008-04-25 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114662 via svnmerge from
2008-04-25 Jason ParkerMerge app_pickupchan with app_directed_pickup, for...
2008-04-25 Mark MichelsonThis patch allows for forwarding a message with a ...
2008-04-25 Russell BryantMerge code from team/russell/parking_updates
2008-04-25 Mark MichelsonFix a memory leak and protect against potential derefer...
2008-04-25 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 114649 via svnmerge
2008-04-25 Sean BrightSpeaking of building...
2008-04-24 Michiel van... Pass the hangup cause all the way to the calling app...
2008-04-24 Joshua ColpHey look, it builds.
2008-04-24 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114632 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114628 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114624 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114621 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Tilghman LesherFix DST calculation, and fix bug in calculation of...
2008-04-24 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 51989 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114608 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Olle JohanssonMerged revisions 114603 via svnmerge from
2008-04-24 Russell BryantChange a verbose message to debug.
2008-04-23 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114600 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114597 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Jason ParkerMerged revisions 114594 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114591 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114587 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Olle JohanssonMerged revisions 114584 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 114579 via svnmerge from
2008-04-23 Mark MichelsonRound 2 of IMAP_STORAGE app_voicemail.c fixes:
2008-04-23 Mark MichelsonRound 1 of IMAP_STORAGE-related app_voicemail changes
2008-04-22 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114571 via svnmerge from
2008-04-22 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114558 via svnmerge from
2008-04-22 Steve Murphy(closes issue #12469)
2008-04-22 Russell BryantBlocked revisions 114550 via svnmerge
2008-04-22 Russell Bryantre-add a fix that got lost with a recent change
2008-04-22 Russell BryantBlocked revisions 114545 via svnmerge
2008-04-22 Russell BryantBlocked revisions 114542 via svnmerge
2008-04-22 Jason ParkerAllow setqueuevar=yes (et al) to work, after changes...
2008-04-22 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114537 via svnmerge from
2008-04-22 Russell BryantAdd a c() option for the Jack() application and JACK_HO...
2008-04-22 Joshua ColpAdd support for authenticating on a NOTIFY request...
2008-04-22 Russell BryantCorrect action_ping() and action_events() with regards...
2008-04-22 Russell BryantBlocked revisions 114522 via svnmerge
2008-04-22 Steve MurphyHopefully, this will resolve the issues that russellb...
2008-04-21 Jeff Peeler(closes issue #6113)
2008-04-21 Doug BaileyChange the time zone offset from a hard code to use...
2008-04-21 Steve Murphy(closes issue #12467)
2008-04-21 Matthew FredricksonAdd support for generic name transmission (#12484)...
2008-04-21 Jeff PeelerThis removes an invalid warning message for an incorrec...
2008-04-21 Russell BryantAdd a simple janitor project
2008-04-21 Joshua ColpMerged revisions 114322 via svnmerge from
2008-04-21 Joshua ColpOnly print out the error message if ldap_modify_ext_s...
2008-04-20 Sean BrightMinor logging cleanups
2008-04-19 Matthew FredricksonSS7:Added - Generic Name / Access Transport / Redirecti...
2008-04-19 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 114299 via svnmerge
2008-04-19 Tilghman LesherBlocked revisions 114297 via svnmerge
2008-04-19 Sean BrightIgnore refcounter
2008-04-18 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114284 via svnmerge from
2008-04-18 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114278 via svnmerge from
2008-04-18 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114275 via svnmerge from
2008-04-18 Joshua ColpMake sure ADSI is marked as unavailable on Unistim...
2008-04-18 Joshua ColpAdd MEETME_INFO dialplan function that allows querying...
2008-04-18 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114257 via svnmerge from
2008-04-18 Joshua ColpIf the parsing of the config file fails make sure we...
2008-04-18 Doug BaileyAdd g__object_unref to clean up gmime message object
2008-04-18 Russell BryantBlocked revisions 114248 via svnmerge
2008-04-18 Sean BrightMerged revisions 114245 via svnmerge from
2008-04-18 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114242 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114230 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Russell BryantMake this file compile. The variable str is never...
2008-04-17 Jeff Peeleradded info describing DNS manager
2008-04-17 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114226 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Mark MichelsonBlocked revisions 114211 via svnmerge
2008-04-17 Mark MichelsonMerged revisions 114207 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Russell BryantMerged revisions 114204 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Tilghman Lesherfileio.h does not exist; io.h does, though.
2008-04-17 Steve MurphyThanks to snuff for finding these omissions
2008-04-17 Philippe SultanMerged revisions 114198 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 114195 via svnmerge from
2008-04-17 Sean BrightUpdate the CHANGES file with yesterday's ChanSpy change...