2013-11-22 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Do not fail if pinned/assigned span... v2.8.0-rc2 v2.8.0-rc3 v2.8.0-rc4
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Teach tools about the wcte43x driver. v2.8.0-rc1
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Teach tools about the wcaxx driver.
2013-10-21 Tzafrir Cohenxpp_fxloader: support loading AB with ID > 201
2013-10-14 Oron Peledfix typos in man-page
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenMan pages for span_types and span_assignments
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenRemove dahdi_map, obsoleted by span_assignments
2013-10-13 Oron Peleddahdi_registration: adapt to pinned-spans
2013-10-13 Oron Peledspan_assignments: -k / --keys and more
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenDo the Right Thing when there's no config
2013-10-08 Oron Peleddahdi_cfg: can optionally read config from stdin
2013-10-01 Oron PeledAugment dahdi_genconf default generators list
2013-10-01 Oron Peledadd new dahdi_genconf generators
2013-10-01 Oron Peledremove unused dahdi_cfg_device_args
2013-10-01 Tzafrir Cohenhandle_device: don't fail if no config files
2013-10-01 Oron PeledNewer version of DAHDI hotplug scripts
2013-06-26 Shaun Ruffellbuild_tools/make_version: Teach version string about... v2.7.0.1 v2.7.0.2
2013-05-28 Russ MeyerriecksAdd support for Digium's new te13x line of cards v2.7.0 v2.7.0-rc1
2013-05-28 Shaun Ruffellfxotune: Use DAHDI_SPECIFY when opening by integer...
2013-05-28 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_cfg: Make -S option based on spannumber instead...
2013-05-28 Shaun Ruffellfxstest: Use DAHDI_SPECIFY when opening by integer...
2013-05-24 Tzafrir CohenUpdate the configure script as well.
2013-05-24 Tzafrir Cohenoptionally install pinned files: --enable-pinned
2013-05-24 Oron PeledMake udev run dahdi_cfg on each device:
2013-05-24 Oron Peledbasic user-space for pinned-spans
2013-05-23 Tzafrir CohenDon't fail init script if no modules
2013-05-23 Tzafrir CohenIgnore generated files
2013-04-17 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_scan: Support gaps in channel numbering.
2013-03-13 Russ Meyerriecksxpp: Fix compile error with fedora 17
2012-09-21 Russ Meyerriecksmenuselect: Remove last bits completely from the repo
2012-09-21 Russ Meyerriecksdahdi-monitor: Fix broken control-C behavior and -F...
2012-09-20 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: add missing include
2012-09-20 Oron Peleddahdi-tools: xpp: cleanup dead code in xtalk
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: checkpatch clean (almost)
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: Demote one ERR() to DBG()
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: Caller passes xusb_spec to xusb_find_iface()
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: allow dump_packet() without debug flags
2012-07-29 Tzafrir CohenREADME.Astribank: load module => module load
2012-05-14 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_hardware: Detect the Digium TE820 card.
2012-03-28 Shaun Ruffellblacklist: Add hfcmulti, hfcpci, and netjet.
2012-03-22 Oron Peledxpp: astribank_hook: wait for udev to settle
2012-03-20 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: astribank_allow: useless debug on write
2012-03-19 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: fix build warnings
2012-03-19 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: oct612x: fix build warnings
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: add forgotten include
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Update product ID's in Dahdi::Hardware::USB
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: clobber fpga_load
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: fix manpage of astribank_hexload
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Customizable license markers
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Add info to astribank_tool -Q
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: echo_loader: whitespace cleanup
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: bugfix: handle echo_loader errors
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: echo_loader.c: add AB id to messages
2012-03-15 Oron Peledimprove build_tools/dump_sys_state
2012-03-15 Oron Pelednew build_tools/dahdi_sysfs_copy
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: xpp_fxloader: improve output
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: sysfs access cleanups
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: perl_modules: Remove /proc/xpp usage
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: clean 'Extrainfo' EEPROM field
2012-02-22 Oron Peledxpp: improved waitfor_xpds
2012-01-08 Tzafrir CohenDisable menuselect in dahdi-tools
2011-12-04 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: two extra product IDs: 1112, 1164 branched-2.6.y
2011-12-04 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: xpp_fxloader: regressions from r10348
2011-11-30 Tzafrir CohenDAHDI-perl: Fix PCI ID for Rhino R4T1 (0b0b:0305)
2011-11-29 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: recovery firmware in xpp_fxloader
2011-11-29 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: Serialized Parallel load; E-Main-3 firmware
2011-11-21 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: astribank_hexload: we need more lines
2011-11-02 Tzafrir CohenFix GCC 4.6 "set but not used" warnings
2011-11-02 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Allow it to recognize the TE8xx 8-port...
2011-11-02 Oron Peleddahdi_cfg: add '-S <spanno>' and '-C <chan-ranges>'
2011-11-01 Torrey Searledahdi_pcap: Imported user space utility for managing...
2011-10-23 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_perl: Use $Dahdi::sys_base for sysfs pathes
2011-10-23 Tzafrir Cohenxpp_order generator: ignore EC XPD
2011-10-23 Tzafrir Cohenchandahdi gen: extens can have any num of digits
2011-10-23 Tzafrir CohenTypos in man pages: toolyou
2011-09-29 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_test: Enforce range from 0.0% - 100.0% for accuracy.
2011-09-29 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_maint: Print 'unsupported' warning if framing...
2011-09-29 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Use 'dahdi_scan' to determine span_type...
2011-09-29 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Assume spans with unknown term types...
2011-09-09 Tzafrir CohenMan page for dahdi_maint
2011-09-09 Tzafrir CohenUpdate the dahdi-monitor man page
2011-09-09 Tzafrir Cohenfix typos in some xpp utils
2011-09-05 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: waitfor_xpds: higher and configurable timeout
2011-08-25 Oron Peleddahdi-perl: Also get USB loaded driver from usbfs
2011-08-18 Tzafrir Cohendahdi-perl: Freepbxdb config generator
2011-08-10 Tzafrir CohenREADME.Astribank: HWEC and build instructions
2011-08-09 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: pri_termtype: match complete SPAN patterns
2011-08-02 Tzafrir CohenExtra README fixes: 'th' and ztcfg
2011-08-02 Tzafrir Cohenspelling: ocnfig.status and such branched-2.5.y
2011-07-21 Russ Meyerrieckspatlooptest: Ignore the first buffered event
2011-07-21 Tzafrir Cohenastribank_hook: startup lock and more
2011-07-12 Shaun RuffellSpan.pm: Process the /proc/dahdi/<x> files atomically.
2011-07-11 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: astribank_hexload: yes, we HAVE_OCTASIC
2011-07-10 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: support loading Octasic EC firmware
2011-07-10 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: A copy of oct612x in dahdi-tools
2011-07-05 Shaun Ruffellsystem.conf.sample: Add note regarding cross connecting...
2011-06-23 Tzafrir Cohenfix registration order for more than 9 Astribanks
2011-06-16 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_genconf: apply termtype to Digium HA8 BRI
2011-06-07 Kinsey Mooretools: Allow pattern tools to access channels above...
2011-06-07 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: this is the right place for astribank_close()